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Top 10 Fashion Trends of 2009


Fashion trends for 2009 include a rainbow of delicious colors, exotic prints, interesting fabrics and bold accessories. With most buyers scaling down their clothing budgets due to a tightened economy, fashion is becoming very focused. Make the most of your wardrobe dollars by choosing a few quality garments and accessories that capture the essence of 2009 fashion.

1.    Vibrant colors. In an effort to cheer a somewhat gloomy outlook, vibrant, electric, delicious colors are pulsing through the fashion scene. Fuchsia, electric blue, bright lemon yellow, vivid citrus greens, and deep purples top the list of popular colors. Soft pastels are also making a showing, so if you aren’t quite ready for the neons, try a garment in lavender or dusty rose. Slate Grey is one of the few neutrals currently seen on the runways, and is elegant for daytime or evening wear.

2.    The dress. Dresses are everywhere, especially those with asymmetric looks. Designs tend to be more modest and offer greater coverage than the previous strapless trends. The one-shoulder dress is a top pick for evening wear, as worn by First Lady Michelle Obadiah at the Inaugural Ball. Other dress styles include those with draped Grecian designs, full-length maxi dresses and 60’s inspired A-lines.

3.    Exotic patterns and materials. This year exotic prints, animal prints and tribal-inspired designs are everywhere, giving fashion fans lots of variety to choose from. The tribal motif continues on shoes and accessories with accents such as bead work, lots of fringe, and Southwest color palettes.

4.    Sheer fabrics. Sheer fabrics have quickly risen to become a leading trend. Fortunately for the average wearer, this style isn’t about baring it all, but more about adding interest and elegance to a look. Sheers are draped, flowing and layered.

5.    Jumpsuits. Believe it or not, the Dynasty-era women’s jumpsuit is back in a big way. Current styles include both fitted and drape cuts in a huge variety of fabrics and prints. Add a wide belt for instant chic.

6.    Harem pants. MC Hammer would fit right in with the current harem pant craze. This super comfortable look features a very loose cut through the thigh and crotch area, then gradually tapers to the knee, ankle or leg. It can be paired with just about any shoe, from sandals to boots.

7.    Statement jewelry. Jewelry is big and bold, and includes everything you could find at a vintage shop: chunky necklaces, exotic bangles and bracelets, massive rings and costume brooches.

8.    Accents such as flowers and bows. Feminine touches include pretty 3D floral accents at the shoulder, waistline and hem. Ruffles and bows are another recurring theme, particularly along hemlines. These girl accents also adorn accessories.

9.    An emphasis on the shoulder and sleeve. Eye-catching accents are everywhere on clothing these days, especially at the shoulder. Shoulders are receiving a lot of attention from the fashion world as the one-shoulder design peaks in popularity. Puffed, leg of mutton, bating, cap and kimono … regardless of what they’re called, sleeves are also hot.

10.    Daring shoes. Mile-high heels in interesting colors and textures, along with the bold gladiator sandal, are back this season.

Men fashion

Attention Men: What Not to Wear

Men fashion

Unlike fashions for the ladies, men’s fashion is something that gets far less attention on the runways. As a result, fashion for guys changes much more slowly. The truth is most men don’t really care whether they’re in style. If it is comfortable and covers all the important areas of the body, they’re happy. Many don’t even shop for themselves, instead relying on the good taste and fashion sense of wives, girlfriends and daughters.

If you’re one of those guys who’s venturing into a store for the first time in years, looking for some new duds, don’t let confusion set it. Even worse, don’t try to singlehandedly carry on years-old styles that will result in ongoing fashion faux pas. If you haven’t been paying attention for the past decade, here are a few tips for styles that are dying or long dead.

Skinny jeans. We’re pretty sure this style was an idea generated by women and not a man. While skinny jeans occasionally look good on a woman, for a men’s jean the style is just wrong. If the design hugs from waist to ankle, it will look anything but flattering on the male silhouette. You might even get beat up, so stick with a classic, much more masculine bootcut.

Urban wear. This category includes a long list of tacky and ill-fitting items. If it could have been featured in a rap video from the past decade, don’t resurrect it. Jeans and shorts that are too loose and too wide at the leg, baggy pants that play boxer peekaboo, shirts that nearly reach the knees, oversized jewelry, and gaudy colors and patterns should be left to die quietly.

Camouflage. At the height of its recent popularity, camouflage could be seen on everything from cargo pants to shirts to bags. Now it’s best left to those hunting for the 30-point buck and others who need the print for function and not fashion.

White socks with anything but athletic shoes. They might be the first thing you pull out of the sock drawer, but they make you look like a dork. An old dork. Save the white socks for the gym or to hide under jeans. If you’re wearing loafers or dress shoes, choose socks that match the color of your pants.

Socks with sandals. No, no, no. The whole point of wearing sandals is to let your feet run free. Leave the socks at home.
Sweats. So everyone wants to be comfortable on their days off, but there’s a right way and a wrong way. Faded, stretched out sweatpants will do nothing for your image but hurt it. Instead, go for nice athletic wear in neutral colors that fits your body, instead of making you look like an Oompa-Loompa.

Clunky shoes. There was a day when shoes that could conquer Mount Everest were the norm. Today, shoe styles are much more streamlined and easier to wear. It’s a good thing.

Combovers. This probably wasn’t ever a style, so we’re not sure why so many men do it. Those few long strands of hair aren’t going to fool anyone. If you’re balding, embrace it and move on. Your kids will thank you.

How to Be Fashionable With Vintage Fashion

Vintage fashion is all about individuality in style. There is no one vintage look, and that’s the beauty of wearing vintage items. Dressing in vintage items is often an inexpensive way to create a new look that expresses your personal style without being led by the current fashions. They transcend the current looks with their classic shapes and styles.

One popular vintage looks are 50s-style dresses, suits and button-up shirts for men. These have classic styling and can be found in vintage shops, thrift stores and online. Often, people who wear vintage clothes from the 50s admire other things from the era, such as the music or movies, and they want to make a statement about their own personal tastes. To bridge the gap between 50s fashion and current fashion, choose vintage items that are have classic 50s lines, such as a full skirt and a tight sweater, but that reflect the most fashionable colors from today. This makes your vintage outfit as fashionable in this decade as it was in the 50s.

Many people with free spirits find themselves drawn to the anything-goes world of late-60s fashion. This can be a fun way to dress from head to toe, or you can choose a few fun pieces from the 60s and pair them with modern pieces. A colorful, psychedelic scarf paired with a modern solid-colored outfit makes an interesting contrast. For those who want to take their 60s look to the next level, choose brightly-colored patterns, short skirts or white turtleneck shirts with gray pants to pull off the 60s look.

Because the 70s are very much in style today, it’s easy to look fashionable when wearing a vintage 70s outfit or individual pieces from the 70s. Flared pants have made a comeback over the last few years, and they can be worn with anything at all for a fashionable look. Tops with spaghetti straps and anything with sequins is just as fashionable now as it was during the decade of disco. Vintage earrings and necklaces from the 70s, especially large hoop earrings and chain necklaces, are particularly in style right now.

The return of 80s style is just on the horizon, and 80s colors and accessories are very fashionable. When wearing retro 80s style, look for neon colors, asymmetrical styles such as one-sleeve shirts and bright patterns. Neon and black were particularly big in the 80s, and vintage outfits that feature patterns in these colors make a great vintage look. Leg warmers and other 80s accessories can be worn with anything at all and will look kitschy and in style.

Any decade had great elements to it, and any decade can spawn vintage outfits that still look great. To keep it fashionable, mix vintage nostalgic pieces with modern ones. The key is to make your outfit evoke an image of another time without having it look like a costume. Accessories are the perfect way to do this. To keep your look fashionable, don’t mix vintage decades together. This can result in a confusing array of styles that is never fashionable.

How To Hide My Bra Line Under My T-Shirt?

Supportive undergarments, like a good bra, are necessary for anyone who enjoys wearing T-shirts. Without a great looking bra, we sag and don’t look nearly as good as we can. Support means a great figure, even if it is only with the help of a little boost. Many people however, are not crazy about others being able to see their bra line under their shirt. So how do you go about hiding a bra line?

The first and most obvious solution is to layer. If your bra line is visible through a T-shirt, put another top or jacket over it in order to cover up a little better and hide the bra line from plain view.

Another option is to choose large accessories like flowing scarves to drape over the front of your T-shirt. Such scarves will provide you with enough coverage to be able to comfortably not need to worry about things like bra lines.

You can, of course, choose to not wear a bra so no one will see a bra line. This may be an okay option for a young girl, but one with a rather developed figure typically would not have this luxury.

Choose to put a tight-fitting one-piece undergarment under your T-shirt instead of a regular bra. It will eliminate the bra line and will look more like a camisole if that is okay.

You may also want to look at opting for T-shirts with textured fabrics. Rib knits and other fabrics that have interesting textures will completely hide the appearance of bra lines. This is a great way to eliminate the problem without having to give up a bra.

Get a bra that is strapless or one that has the clear straps. Such new improvements will considerably help you to eliminate the look of straps.

Choose to wear T-shirts that are looser than you typically wear. This will take attention away from your bra line. In fact, with a loose shirt a bra line may be completely not noticeable.

Perfect wardrobe

Six Tips on How To Achieve The Perfect Wardrobe

Perfect wardrobe

Achieving the perfect wardrobe takes time, patience, research and knowledge. It means something very different for every person. For some it would mean a perfectly matched and coordinated outfit for every type of occasion that might possibly arise. For others it could mean a great selection of jeans and T-shirts. Some people believe the perfect wardrobe is all about the accessories or the shoes. Others believe it is about the perfect pieces of clothing. No matter what you feel constitutes a perfect wardrobe, you can be on the road to achieving one, by following these steps.

1.    You need to know your own tastes, what looks good on you and what doesn’t. If you are not armed with this type of knowledge you won’t know where to start. So look around, do some research and ask yourself, exactly what a perfect wardrobe would look like for you.

2.    Inventory the clothes, accessories and shoes that you already have on hand.
If there are any that you feel do not belong in your perfect wardrobe, purge them. You will need the space for other items.

3.    Create outfits using the clothes you have on hand, making notes of anything you need to purchase in order to complete the outfits.

4. Figure out if you have enough outfits. When you have put together as many outfits as you can, ask yourself if this is enough. If it is not, you will need to get more clothes in order to give yourself more to work with. You should also go out and get the things that you need to complete the outfits you have already worked on putting together.

5.    Consider budget options options to finish off your wardrobe. Your budget might hold you back from going out and buying all new items to round out your wardrobe. You don’t need to do it right away, but you should keep your list of needed items on you at all times so if you are shopping, you can take a look at the list and be reminded of those things you are really looking for. Check out vintage stores, consignment stores and other places where second hand clothes are sold. It is a great way to fill that perfect wardrobe without spending too much money.

6.   Buy clothes that are versatile. If you are in the market for lots of new clothes, remember to select things that can be used in a variety of outfits, so you will get the most use out of them and they will fit best into your perfect wardrobe.

How to Dress Like Ashley Tisdale

Whether she’s in a movie or walking down the street, Ashley Tisdale has her own unique style. She loves wearing very casual outfits like jeans and t-shirts and track suits. She is often seen in pink and in outfits that are feminine and casual.

Casual Wear

Many times, she’s photographed wearing simple track suits that are all in one color. She has been photographed in this outfit in bubblegum pink, which shows off her casual style as well as her love for the color pink. Ashley wears a lot of jeans and t-shirts for casual occasions. Sometimes she will pair high heels with a pair of jeans and a pink or patterned t-shirt. She likes to wear t-shirts paired with long jeans that emphasize her height.

Sometimes her t-shirts have bright patterns on them or print pictures on the front. She occasionally wears halter tops that are printed with patterns as well. This shirt is one that she was photographed in while out shopping. She paired up with a pair of very dark blue jeans and a pair of flats.


Ashley Tisdale often wears sweaters when she’s out shopping or having lunch. Her sweaters are usually long and neutral colored to go with whatever outfit she’s wearing. Sometimes she wears baby doll dresses and wears a sweater over them. If you can find a baby doll dress that is in a bright color or has a bright pattern of colors on it, that is the perfect outfit to pair with a cream or pastel colored sweater.


Ashley Tisdale loves the color gold. Any accessories, jewelry or clothing you can find in the color gold will be perfect for creating an Ashley Tisdale ensemble. She particularly loves to wear gold shoes and carry gold handbags. She wears these often with jeans or with black pants. She has been spotted many times carrying a gold Louis Vuitton handbag over one arm. She loves to wear gold jewelry as well. Any outfit you have that can be paired with gold accessories is one that can be made to look like an Ashley Tisdale outfit.


Ashley Tisdale often wears pants when dressing casually. She tends to wear pants that are long enough to cover much of her shoes. This can elongate the frame and make a person look taller. Her pants generally come in dark blue, black or white. Often she wears Capri pants that are cut just below the knees. She loves to pair her Capri pants with high heel shoes. She has worn these shoes in beige with several outfits. While she loves to wear high heels, she also wears moccasins of flats with pants. To find shoes that are in a typically Ashley Tisdale style, look for ones with fringe, bows, beads or any other details that make the shoes more eye-catching. The more details they have, the better. She also loves cutout shapes and peep-toe shoes. Look for neutral colors or pastels when shopping for Tisdale-style shoes to pair with your Tisdale-style outfit.

Skinny man

Fashion Tips for Skinny Men

Skinny man

Just because you are skinny man doesn’t mean that you can’t have a sense of fashion. Instead of throwing on anything you find in your closet take some time to coordinate an outfit that will not only be comfortable but will look great as well.

Start with the shirts you wear. When you are a skinny man you will have a skinny or “boney” upper body. It is important to be careful when choosing a t-shirt size. If you pick a t-shirt size that is too tight you are only accentuating the obvious; that you are skinny. On the other hand if you choose a t-shirt that is too big it will hang loosely off your body and will tend to billow and puff up around you. This can make you look like a kid wearing his dad’s t-shirt and again is pointing out your skinniness. Instead try to get a t-shirt that is fitted to your body type. Most skinny men are too small for the large and extra large but fit nicely into a medium or even a small at times. Don’t get caught being too macho when choosing your t-shirt size. Just because you can’t fit into a large t-shirt doesn’t mean you are any less of a man.

The same basic rules apply for dress shirts as well. If you wear a dress shirt that is too big the sleeves will bunch up towards the cuffs and you will successfully gain the look of a pirate. You must also be sure that your neck/collar size is not too tight, but defiantly not too big. If it is too tight, it will obviously be uncomfortable but if it is too big you will give the appearance that you might slip out of the shirt at any moment.

Move next to the jeans you wear. Just because you are a skinny man doesn’t mean you should buy skinny jeans. In fact, avoid them like the plague. Again, you don’t want to draw extra attention to the fact that you are skinny. Also avoid loose fit jeans. Baggy jeans on a skinny man look too baggy and will not allow any shape whatsoever to show. A good regular cut jean will compliment your shape and will not sacrifice comfort while doing so.

Finally if you are getting dressed up in a suite or are going to wear a sport jacket or blazer there are some rules that apply. First of all it is true what they say that vertical stripes are slimming. Since you are already slim, skip the pinstriped suites all together. When it comes to your jacket, avoid shoulder pads. Wearing shoulder pads when you are a skinny man will make you look like a big lollypop. Even worse if you are skinny and tall and you wear shoulder pads in your suite jacket you will look like Herman Munster.

Remember, being a skinny man doesn’t mean doesn’t have to be a fashion nightmare. With a little planning on your part you can leave the house with an air of confidence knowing you are dressed for success.


How to Dress for College – Fashion Tips


When dressing for college, there are many factors to consider. The main factor for many college students is staying comfortable while still expressing their own personal style. The comfort factor leads most college campuses to be populated mainly by students who dress very casually.


Because another main point of dressing for a college campus is to express your own individuality, there are no rules at all about what type of jeans to wear. Some students love the punk or grunge look of torn-up jeans. Others want a more put-together look with pressed jeans or dark jeans that are in excellent condition. Still others prefer a retro look to go with their retro style. Retro jeans are often stonewashed or a very light blue color.


At college, most students do wear t-shirts regularly. T-shirts are very versatile and they can give students very different looks depending on the type of t-shirts they are and how they are worn. Someone very fashion conscious can choose a patterned t-shirt or a solid color shirt that goes well with the rest of their outfit. Someone who wants to express distaste for fashion may choose a torn up t-shirt or a vintage t-shirt that is not currently in style. T-shirts can be dressed up for preppy students and dressed down for students with other clothing styles.


Many students wear skirts to show off a fun and flirty look. Skirts are a great way to stay comfortable and cool while running from class to class. There are very few times when a skirt would not be practical, though a shorter skirt may be less practical. Longer skirts are often favored by students because they are more comfortable when sitting on the floor or when running to a class. Skirts in any color and any style are great to wear on a college campus.

Preppy Style

Some college students have a preppy style that leads them to classic clothing in neutral colors. Preppy style is generally expressed through navy blue, black, white and tan. These colors can be worn together in classic pieces to create outfits that never go out of style and always look well put together. A pair of tan pants worn with a navy blue sweater is a classic preppy look, as is a pair of navy blue pants paired with a white shirt.

College girls who love preppy style often wear plaid skirts with white or navy blue shirts or sweaters. One classic collegiate look is a white button-up shirt with a navy blue sweater worn over it paired with a navy blue and white plaid skirt. These looks can be paired with a pair of dark, beige or white shoes. A pair of black or navy blue Mary Jane shoes look great with a plaid skirt is part of an overall preppy college look. For college men, a pair of loafers always looks great with a preppy outfit. A pair of black or navy blue shoes is also perfect to wear.


How to Dress Emo – Fashion Tips


Emo is more than a music style it is also a fashion style for a those with lot of emotions that need expressing. Emo is short for emotional, and people who dress this way want people to know how deep their emotions run. For this reason, dressing emo generally means creating a somber look that communicates that depth.


The number one color for dressing emo is black. Other dark colors, such as navy blue, dark gray and dark jewel tones will also create the needed somber look. No matter what articles of clothing you choose and what accessories you pair them with, always make sure to keep the colors dark. Sometimes, black and white will do if the predominant color is black. A black shirt with thin white stripes can look very emo.


Emo guys and girls tend to wear dark pants in a few different styles. The jeans are usually dark blue, black or a very deep gray. The pants are generally straight leg style rather than flaired or tapered. Sometimes these jeans are called “skinny jeans“. Some emo dressers wear dark brown or black corduroy pants.


The tops worn by emo dressers are often either track jackets or vintage-style t-shirts. Many people who dress emo actually do find vintage t-shirts in thrift stores or in vintage clothing stores, but vintage-style shirts that are pre-faded are now readily available online and in many clothing stores. The vintage t-shirt may be worn under a vintage track suit or under an unbuttoned button-up shirt in a dark color. Whatever type of top you choose, make sure it fits tightly. A loose fitting t-shirt does not fit into the emo style.

New t-shirts that are not vintage style can also fit into the emo look. The t-shirts should have some type of printing on them, from nonsensical words to popular sayings to pictures of animals. Some emo dressers like checkered shirts or striped shirts, but those are usually are worn over a t-shirt with printing on it.


In keeping with the dark color scheme, many emo dressers wear a belt with metal studs on it. Emo girls sometimes wear a white belt for a contrasting color, though emo guys usually wear a black one.

Socks and Shoes

Argyle socks are favored by emo dressers, and they can be in any color at all. Even white socks with light-colored patterns on them are ok in the emo world. If you want to keep everything dark, look for black argyle socks with deep red or green patterns on them. Also consider black and white striped or checkered socks instead of argyles.

Shoes are usually tennis shoes like Vans or Converse. These are shoes with a simple construction with a lot of different patterns available. Shoes that tie are preferable to any other kind when dressing emo. Dark-colored tennis shoes with dark-colored laces are the best choice when dressing emo. You may need to replace your white laces with black ones to achieve this look, but it does add to the overall somber appearance.

Image  Credit: restlessglobetrotter


How To Dress Like A Rich Person


Rich people have no clue how a normal, everyday person dresses or even where they get their clothes. Normal people don’t have personal shoppers or even much help at the store when buying their clothes. If you want to dress like a rich person, here are some tips and advice to help make everyone think you’ve got money coming out of your, well, ears.

Before we get into that, one thing you must understand, rich people do not, in any way, consider the full life value of a piece of clothing. While you and I may look at a pair of jeans we’ve had for 5 or 6 years and think, “Yay comfy.” A rich person looks at an article of clothing that is 2 weeks old and says, “Eww, that old thing?”

This means you have to think expensive looking, brand new looking, never been worn before looking or you won’t pull it off at all. With that said, here’s how you do it:

1)    You need a few pieces of high quality clothing that looks brand new. To do this, go to department store and look for sales, clearance items and surplus clothing stores. You’ll need at least 2 or 3 shirts or blouses, 2 pairs of pants and a couple pairs of shoes.
2)    When buying your clothing avoid polyester like it’s got the plague! Look for silk, cotton, wool, linen, angora and cashmere.
3)    Accessorize like there’s no tomorrow. You can take the same two outfits and with proper accessories make a lot more looks that work. Some things to get are sunglasses, rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, watches and handbags, for the lady that is. Gents, you need watches, rings, sunglasses and cuffs. Look for stylish but be less concerned about materials. A fake pearl necklace in darker light looks just as good as a real one.
4)    They say shoes make the man, or woman and in this case it is so very true. The shoes you choose much be quality footwear and made from either leather or something of equal quality, Women, when choosing your shoes think of your outfit, they must go together.
5)    Your appearance hinges not only on your clothing but also on your personal grooming habits. For the men you have to keep your hair cut and styled and if you choose to grow facial hair, it must be neat, groomed and have clean lines to it. For the women, your hairstyle has to compliment your facial features. A manicure, white even teeth and good skin care is a must as well for men and women.

Lastly, to really complete that rich person look, you need to be in shape. Rich people have personal trainers, who drive them to work out and eat healthy, well most of them do. Whether you think is politically correct or not, the healthier you look the richer you look especially once you get all the clothing and grooming completed. Stick with those tips and you’ll have everyone thinking you got money coming out of your ears, too.

How Do I Keep My Shirt Tucked In?

Wearing a T-shirt tucked in makes it look much neater than when it is hanging loose, especially for T-shirts that are loose fitting. A shirt that is not tucked in does not give the impression of a pulled together look. In fact, if you are planning to wear one as a part of a dressy outfit, you will want to start by tucking in your T-shirt and putting a jacket over it. However, the problem remains of how to keep a shirt tucked in.

When tucking in a shirt the first thing to check is to make sure the T-shirt is long enough to tuck in properly. If you are trying to tuck in a shorter tee, you will find that it does not stay tucked in as you move about and you will look sloppy as the hem slips out from you pants or skirt.

Another thing to remember is to tuck your shirt in using the right technique. The best way to properly tuck in a shirt is to start with your pants or bottoms undone. Pull the T-shirt on and straight down into your bottoms. Adjust your bottoms and do them up with the T-shirt tightly tucked in. Now the important part is to adjust the amount tucked in by lifting your arms straight over your head to gently pull out an even amount of the T-shirt around your waist. This will give you the neat look of a tucked in shirt with the perfect amount of looseness so you can move around comfortably without worrying about pulling your shirt tail out.

Another thing to keep in mind is the type of movements you will be doing while wearing a T-shirt. You may not want to bother tucking it in if you plan to do gymnastics or moving furniture or any activity that demands a lot of range of movement. If you are dressed up and want to remain looking neat with your T-shirt tucked in, limit the extreme movements that you make and your shirt will stay in place.

If you love the look of a tucked in T-shirt, make sure you have the ideal ones for tucking in. You will need ones that are not too short, but also not too long because they will bunch up and create unwanted bulk. You will also want to choose T-shirts that fit properly. Oversized T-shirts will look definitely oversized when tucked in. You also want to make sure that any design you have printed on your T-shirt is not covered up by tucking it in.


How to Dress Goth – More Than Just Black Clothes


If you want to dress goth, it’s important to understand the symbolism behind it all. Dressing goth is a way of expressing romanticism as well as darkness. For this reason, goth clothing is often a combination of casual black clothing and more formal attire. Some goth dressers wear evening wear regularly and dress shoes with every outfit to portray this romanticism. This isn’t the only way to dress goth however. As long as the right elements are there, the outfit will look goth.


The most common color to wear in goth dressing is black. Many goths wear black from head to toe and even dye their hair black to match. However, it isn’t necessary to always wear all black. Other colors are perfectly acceptable in the goth world as well. Deep wine reds, dark purple, dark green and even white are also worn along with black. When wearing these colors, black is still usually the predominant color. A wine red skirt may be paired with a black shirt and black jacket to create the goth look.

Casual Wear

Shirts or jackets that resemble corsets are often desired in goth outfits. These are then worn with jeans or black pants. Many goths wear ripped up jeans in deep blue colors. T-shirts can be worn by goths, as long as the t-shirts are either plain black or have a black background with dark-colored printing on them.

For guys, the look is often expressed with black jeans and worn black t-shirts and jackets. For girls, black velvet usually plays a part somewhere in the look. A black velvet skirt can be paired with worn tennis shoes and dark t-shirts. When choosing a t-shirt, look for ones that have goth bands printed on them. Goth band shirts are an immediate sign that a person is into goth culture.

Anything with a skull on it is also a big of being goth. Skulls are popular right now and can be found printed on t-shirts, handbags, ties and even shoes. In particular, look for black items that have white printed skulls on them for the maximum contrast.


Black tennis shoes are popular with goth dressers, but boots may be a more classic goth look. Black combat boots are a common sight among goth dressers. Any type of black leather boots from ankle boots to thigh-high boots will work with the goth look. Along with your black shoes, be sure to wear black socks. A contrasting sock color will stick out and not look the way a goth outfit should.


Any accessories should be black or silver. Gold jewelry of any kind is not a part of the goth look. Silver reminds goths of the moonlight, and it’s an important part of goth culture. Goths love to wear plenty of jewelry, including lots of silver bracelets and necklaces with meaningful pendants on them. Goths sometimes wear black studded collars on their necks or black studded bracelets. Plenty of silver rings are also important to the goth look. Any piercings should be outfitted with silver jewelry.

How to Dress at 30 – Fashion Advice

Up until they hit 30, many people dress in a very youthful style. The 30s are when many people start to see themselves as grown ups for the first time. Or, if they already saw themselves that way, they start to realize that their style has to evolve from the way they dressed in their teens or early 20s to a new, more sophisticated clothing style.


Miniskirts are generally not considered something appropriate for the wardrobe of someone in their 30s. The exact age that this is true varies, but many believe that by 30 to 35 they should no longer be worn. Skirt should go to the knee or below it and not too much thigh should be shown if the woman is sitting down. To get a flirtier look out of a longer skirt, many women wear skirts with a long slit instead of a short hemline.


For anyone who is 30, man or woman, the time for the torn-up jeans is over. Ripped jeans worn on a 20-something can make them look like a rebel. Ripped jeans worn on a 30-something person can make them looks homeless. Clothing should generally be in good condition and a more coordinated, sophisticated look is generally called for. The jeans should be more classic and less trendy. Instead of wearing the latest fad jeans, invest in a few jeans that have a more classic style.

Getting a few pairs of khaki pants will mean that you always have a nice, casual pair of pants when you need them. If you like to wear skirts, have a few pairs that are pencil-skirt style because of their classic shape. A maxi skirt looks good on some people, but it may be considered too trendy for 30-somethings.


The message t-shirts and casual, old vintage t-shirts are no longer appropriate for those in their 30s. Like ripped pants, they have a much different statement when worn by someone in their 20s than by someone in their 30s. A vintage t-shirt on a college student looks like an ironic statement about their own unique style. On a 30-something person, it looks like an ancient t-shirt that you’ve kept around in your wardrobe for far too long. T-shirts are great for any age group, but they should be in good condition and not too trendy in your 30s. They should fit together with your other classic pieces in order to form a more cohesive wardrobe.

While most trendy clothing may be a little too youthful for those in their 30s, the key to a great outfit at this age is wearing great accessories. The accessories you wear can generally be as trendy as you like in order to make your classic wardrobe look more individualized and stylish. Many 30-somethings like to express themselves through their sunglasses and their jewelry. Handbags are another big style point for women in their

How to Dress Like Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez loves wearing young, flirty clothing in which each piece has a little bit of flair. The type of clothing she prefers tends to be colored away from the neutral spectrum. She enjoys color and plenty of it. Selena has several different kinds of clothing choices, including dresses for appearances and photo shoots and her more casual clothing for every day wear and daytime appearances.

Evening Wear

When posing for the camera for evening events, Selena Gomez loves to wear frilly, feminine dresses with high heels. These outfits are always show stoppers with bright colors and large prints. Her dresses are often short or long enough to just cover the knee. The dresses are sometimes sleeveless, sometimes strapless and sometimes they have only one strap for an asymmetrical look. This dress was a big hit for the Teen Choice Awards. She paired silver high-heeled pumps with the dress for a bright look that was age appropriate and hard to forget.

Many of her patterned dresses are either plaid or polka dotted. The black, polka-doted mini-dress that she wore to the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party was in perfect signature Selena Gomez style. It used the large, bold pattern to attract attention and showed off her feminine style with the large bow and the ruffles. The front, like many of her dresses and outfits, was cut low.

Casual Wear

Selena Gomez prefers a low-maintenance casual style for daytime events that still manages to look feminine. She wears t-shirts that have ruffles and other feminine details to keep her style consistent even during the most casual events. She wore a WWF t-shirt to an event, but paired it with a thick belt to emphasize her waist.

Sometimes she wears striped hose or tights along with color-coordinated shorts and a ruffled top or t-shirt. This t-shirt is similar to one worn to a daytime premiere with its scooped neck and its feminine, lacy details on the front.

Selena wears skinny jeans when she chooses denim. These jeans have a highly-tapered leg and are tight at the knee. She often wears dark gray and dark blue jeans. Sometimes, she rolls up the ends into short cuffs. If you roll up your jeans, be sure to leave enough length so that there is some wrinkling of the pants if you want to play up the real Selena look.

Shorts and Hose

Along with t-shirts ands other casual shirts, she often wears shorts and pantyhose. These are often black for more formal occasions. Plain black shorts, that are worn very short, are paired with sheer black hose in several occasions. The hose sometimes have vertical black stripes that make her legs look longer. Anyone can have the same results by wearing striped tights and a pair of ultra-short shorts in a dark color. These can be paired with a pair of black high heels, as Selena Gomes often does. Or, they can be paired with a pair of dark Converse low-tops, as Selena occasionally does.

How to Dress Like Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is the girl that every tween girl wants to dress like. In her onscreen incarnation, Hannah Montana, she wears a blond wig and dresses in flashy stage wear that fits her rock-star persona on the show. But in real life, Miley Cyrus has a hip style all her own. Her unique outfits and trendsetting outfits have made her the ultimate fashion icon for the under-18 set.


If you want to dress like Miley, you have to start wearing boots. Miley Cyrus is rarely seen without a pair of large, fashionable boots. Sometimes she wears Ugg boots or other types of fuzzy, furry boots. At other times, she wears sleek leather boots in brown or black. And occasionally, she is seen in brown leather cowboy boots that are a tribute to her Southern roots and her father who is a country singer.

Miley also wear flats occasionally. Her flats are usually bright and sparkly with plenty of eye-catching detail. Sometimes she wears Converse All-Star flats in either black or a bright color. She has been photographed in red, blue and gray Converse flats

Pants and Shorts

For shopping, going to events and spending time with her boyfriend and family, Miley prefers to wear pants and shorts. Her pants and shorts are usually in a neutral color like white, black or beige. When she wears pants, they may be paired with a pair of boots or with flats. For photo shoots, she sometimes wears high-heeled pumps with her pants.


Miley wears a lot of dresses for photo shoots to publicize her show and her music. She generally favors dresses for these shoots. The dresses are almost always short and feminine looking. The dresses she favors usually have a low-cut front and have lace, ruffles or some other type of girlie embellishment. She loves wearing white and often pairs a white or light-colored dress with a pair of dark boots.

Casual Attire

When dressed casually, Miley often wears printed t-shirts with a scooped neck along with jeans or shorts. She loves wearing yellows and oranges, and these are often worn with jeans, denim shorts or white pants. When she wears shorts, she likes wearing them with torn up tights that are ‘80s retro style. These are usually black tights that are either opaque or sheer. The holes and runs in the tights make the outfit look casual and chic in the boho style.

One of the popular causal looks that Miley has popularized is a scoop-neck t-shirt, denim shorts, torn up tights and a pair of furry Ugg boots. She has worn this outfit many times, varying the color of the shirt, the kind of tights worn and the color and style of the boots. This has become one of her signature styles, and one that can be copied easily at home. To copy the look of the tights, simply buy a regular pair and make random tears in them. They will son begin to run on their own and will look like a pair of Miley’s tights.