How to Be Fashionable With Vintage Fashion

Vintage fashion is all about individuality in style. There is no one vintage look, and that’s the beauty of wearing vintage items. Dressing in vintage items is often an inexpensive way to create a new look that expresses your personal style without being led by the current fashions. They transcend the current looks with their classic shapes and styles.

One popular vintage looks are 50s-style dresses, suits and button-up shirts for men. These have classic styling and can be found in vintage shops, thrift stores and online. Often, people who wear vintage clothes from the 50s admire other things from the era, such as the music or movies, and they want to make a statement about their own personal tastes. To bridge the gap between 50s fashion and current fashion, choose vintage items that are have classic 50s lines, such as a full skirt and a tight sweater, but that reflect the most fashionable colors from today. This makes your vintage outfit as fashionable in this decade as it was in the 50s.

Many people with free spirits find themselves drawn to the anything-goes world of late-60s fashion. This can be a fun way to dress from head to toe, or you can choose a few fun pieces from the 60s and pair them with modern pieces. A colorful, psychedelic scarf paired with a modern solid-colored outfit makes an interesting contrast. For those who want to take their 60s look to the next level, choose brightly-colored patterns, short skirts or white turtleneck shirts with gray pants to pull off the 60s look.

Because the 70s are very much in style today, it’s easy to look fashionable when wearing a vintage 70s outfit or individual pieces from the 70s. Flared pants have made a comeback over the last few years, and they can be worn with anything at all for a fashionable look. Tops with spaghetti straps and anything with sequins is just as fashionable now as it was during the decade of disco. Vintage earrings and necklaces from the 70s, especially large hoop earrings and chain necklaces, are particularly in style right now.

The return of 80s style is just on the horizon, and 80s colors and accessories are very fashionable. When wearing retro 80s style, look for neon colors, asymmetrical styles such as one-sleeve shirts and bright patterns. Neon and black were particularly big in the 80s, and vintage outfits that feature patterns in these colors make a great vintage look. Leg warmers and other 80s accessories can be worn with anything at all and will look kitschy and in style.

Any decade had great elements to it, and any decade can spawn vintage outfits that still look great. To keep it fashionable, mix vintage nostalgic pieces with modern ones. The key is to make your outfit evoke an image of another time without having it look like a costume. Accessories are the perfect way to do this. To keep your look fashionable, don’t mix vintage decades together. This can result in a confusing array of styles that is never fashionable.

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