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Tuxedo undershirt

Is it Appropriate to see the Undershirt Under a Tuxedo Shirt?

Tuxedo undershirt

Men wear undershirts for a number of reasons including warmth, comfort, and hygiene. Some men treat an undershirt like they treat their underwear and do not want it to be seen. Still others don’t care if it shows and some even go out of their way to make sure that it does show. But is it appropriate to see the undershirt –outline of undershirt- under a tuxedo shirt?

First of all if you are wearing a tuxedo shirt chances are you are wearing the whole tuxedo and attending some type of event that is special in nature. Maybe you are the best man in your buddy’s wedding or maybe you’re the groom in your own wedding. In either case you want to look your best. Knowing how hot a tuxedo can be, of course you are going to want to wear an undershirt. The last thing you want to see happen is your sweat soaking through your tuxedo shirt. Needless to say, that would not be you looking at your best. Along with being hot, a tuxedo, which is usually rented, tends to be starched to the max and an undershirt will keep you comfortable and stop you from itching yourself throughout the ceremony –also not a good look.-

Now that you know you want to wear an undershirt, is it appropriate for others to see the undershirt –outline of undershirt- through the tuxedo shirt. The short answer is no it is not. Remember this is a special occasion and you want people to notice your style and flair, not your undergarments. Seeing an undershirt through a tuxedo shirt is no classier than not wearing a belt with the pants so that you can pull them down to expose your boxer shorts. If that is your style, a special occasion that calls for a tuxedo is not the place to showcase it.

Equally as important is making sure that you are wearing the right style of undershirt. There is the A-shirt –AKA wife beater-, the crew neck –regular looking t-shirt-, and the V-neck t-shirt. While you should pick the style you feel the most comfortable in you should also chose the style that is going to look best –or rather not be seen at all- under your tuxedo shirt. It also depends on how much sweat your body produces. If you are a heavy sweater and you know it, don’t wear an A-shirt because you will have no protection from your wetness in the underarm region. Also make sure that the undershirt you choose is made of a lighter, breathable fabric like cotton which will make for less sweat production. If you sweat profusely, bring a couple of extra undershirts with you just in case a quick change is in order later in the day.

Above all else remember that you are going to be attending a special occasion. Get off your wallet and buy new undershirts for yourself. They are not that expensive and a dingy or stained undershirt will show up like black pepper on white rice. Make sure that at your next special occasion they remember you for being well dressed and eloquent, not sloppy with your undershirt showing through your tuxedo shirt.