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Should I Wear A V-Neck OR Crew Neck Undershirt?


Men often wear an undershirt as a part of their everyday outfits. Some of them opt for undershirts for comfort, warmth or to hide a hairy chest. Others simply like the look and feel of a tee under a button down shirt or a sweater. However, the question of whether or not to wear a V-neck or a crew neck undershirt is a common concern.

The standard undershirt is a crew neck and is the first choice for most men. It provides a classic look that is unmistakable. The hunks throughout history that made undershirts cool did not do it with a V-neck but with a simple white crew neck tee. The look of the crew neck collar under a sweater or button down shirt makes for a wholesome touch.

On the other hand, a V-neck undershirt adds a touch of style. It is a little something out of the ordinary for an otherwise very ordinary piece of clothing. As long as the V-neck depth is very shallow and only a touch or less of chest hair peeks out, a V-neck undershirt is a decent option for most men. Typically however, V-necks tend to be worn more by men who are on the cutting edge of fashion than the regular everyday guy.

Another reason to wear a V-neck undershirt is if you want to avoid showing an undershirt collar beneath your button down or sweater. The V-neck works with the neckline of many other shirts in order to allow you to make it less obvious that you are wearing an undershirt. If you have a tendency to leave your button down open at the neck, a V-neck is a good choice.

For women, an undershirt is more often a more delicate garment termed a camisole. However, there are many ensembles that women wear using T-shirts as undershirts also. Again the choice of crew neck or V-neck depends on the top being worn over it. If you are wearing an undershirt with a suit or jacket, a V-neck tee gives a more stylish look to the outfit. A crew neck undershirt is a more conservative look for a woman.

If you are wearing an undershirt simply for layering purposes, it doesn’t matter whether you opt for a V-neck or a crew neck. However, matching necks tend to look a little better when layered over each other.


How to Keep Your Undershirt From Showing


An undershirt is a great, versatile item to wear with just about anything. There are many people, however, who don’t wish for their undershirt to show. Having an undershirt that shows is a matter of personal preference, but if you don’t want to show it, there are many ways to avoid it.

Choosing Your Colors

If you want to make sure that your undershirt doesn’t show through your over shirt, make sure your undershirt is not a darker color than what you wear over it. When the color is darker, it will generally show through even if you have a thick over shirt. Believing that their over shirt is thick enough that the undershirt won’t show through it is a mistake that people often make. Colors do make a big difference in what is visible.

Another way to do this is to choose to shirts that are roughly the same color. If you only have a dark colored shirt that can be worn as an undershirt, wearing a matching shirt as an over shirt will ensure that the undershirt doesn’t get noticed. Even if the color of your undershirt is visible for a moment above your outer shirt, the matching colors mean that it will not be noticed.

Choosing Your Shape

Another way to make sure that your undershirt is hidden is to wear the right shape. A V-neck undershirt has a lower-cut front than a standard crew neck undershirt. This makes it possible to have a looser neck line with your over shirt and to still keep your undershirt from showing. The V-neck undershirt means you can even keep your collar unbuttoned a little and you will still have an undershirt that is out of sight. If you wear a crew neck T-shirt as an undershirt, make sure you keep your over shirt buttoned up all the way to avoid revealing the undershirt.

Choosing Your Layers

If you choose an extra layer, you can be sure that your undershirt will be far harder to see. A popular look is to wear an undershirt with a T-shirt over it and then to wear a button-up shirt over that. The button-up shirt can be left unbuttoned for a casual look that keeps your undershirt well out of sight. For people who are hiding figure flaws, this is a great bit of layering that gives the body a leaner look. It also provides extra warmth as well as hiding the undershirt.

Choosing Your Fabrics

If you want to make sure that your undershirt doesn’t show, choose the thinnest undershirt that you can. This still provides you with some coverage while making it harder to see the undershirt. T-shirts come in a variety of weights, and a thinner weight shirt worn as an undershirt will be easier to hide with an over shirt. Choosing a thicker weight button-up shirt to wear over a thinner weight undershirt is a great way to hide it. Button up shirts tend to be thicker than jersey knit shirts overall, and are great for covering an undershirt of any kind.


How Many Undershirts do I Need and How Often Should I Launder Them?


Undershirts are worn for a number of reasons these days. Most men wear them under their regular shirts for hygiene purposes or comfort. Still some like to wear them as an accessory and make sure that the undershirt can be seen. There are even some men that will wear an undershirt as their main shirt because of their style. When it comes to the number of undershirts you should own and how often you launder them really depend on your usage.

If you wear undershirts under your regular shirts because of hygiene then you will want to own at least ten. This will get you through more than one week even if you don’t decide to launder them on a frequent basis. This way you won’t get caught off guard without a fresh undershirt to wear. But if you are wearing them for hygiene purposes, then you should never wear them more than one time before they get washed. Nothing says funky smell like an undershirt that has been worn more than once and sweated in. Frequent wearing and not frequent washing will also lead to your undershirts turning dingy and the armpit portions of the shirts often turn yellow.

If you wear an undershirt for comfort then you should own at least five. Chances are that you will not be wearing one every day, just when you are wearing an outer shirt that is maybe extra starchy for example. As far as how often to launder them that is up to you. Most men treat an undershirt like underwear and thus wash after each use. But if you are not a sweat producing individual you could probably get away with wearing your undershirt at least two times before you definitely need to wash it.

For those that wear only an undershirt –A-shirt or crewneck with jeans- for fashion then again five should suffice. Unless undershirts are all you want to wear then you should do fine with a few. Again the laundering depends on your sweat output.

Since most undershirts are white then they should be washed every now and again with some bleach in the wash cycle to keep them as white looking as possible. You don’t want to be going around in a dingy grey looking shirt whether it is worn under another shirt or worn alone. Don’t assume that because it is under your regular shirt that no one can see the stains that are on it.

Once an undershirt has seen its better days, trash it and replace it with a fresh one. Undershirts are not that expensive and just like underwear, nothing beats a fresh one. If you are emotionally attached to your undershirts you can always save them and wear them to bed or around the house if that is your desire.

Undershirts are an essential piece of clothing for many men. But remember that when it comes to how many you should have and how often you launder them; it all depends on the usage. If you don’t think that you own enough to get you by, then by all means go out and buy a few more. In this case too much is better than too little.

Tuxedo undershirt

Is it Appropriate to see the Undershirt Under a Tuxedo Shirt?

Tuxedo undershirt

Men wear undershirts for a number of reasons including warmth, comfort, and hygiene. Some men treat an undershirt like they treat their underwear and do not want it to be seen. Still others don’t care if it shows and some even go out of their way to make sure that it does show. But is it appropriate to see the undershirt –outline of undershirt- under a tuxedo shirt?

First of all if you are wearing a tuxedo shirt chances are you are wearing the whole tuxedo and attending some type of event that is special in nature. Maybe you are the best man in your buddy’s wedding or maybe you’re the groom in your own wedding. In either case you want to look your best. Knowing how hot a tuxedo can be, of course you are going to want to wear an undershirt. The last thing you want to see happen is your sweat soaking through your tuxedo shirt. Needless to say, that would not be you looking at your best. Along with being hot, a tuxedo, which is usually rented, tends to be starched to the max and an undershirt will keep you comfortable and stop you from itching yourself throughout the ceremony –also not a good look.-

Now that you know you want to wear an undershirt, is it appropriate for others to see the undershirt –outline of undershirt- through the tuxedo shirt. The short answer is no it is not. Remember this is a special occasion and you want people to notice your style and flair, not your undergarments. Seeing an undershirt through a tuxedo shirt is no classier than not wearing a belt with the pants so that you can pull them down to expose your boxer shorts. If that is your style, a special occasion that calls for a tuxedo is not the place to showcase it.

Equally as important is making sure that you are wearing the right style of undershirt. There is the A-shirt –AKA wife beater-, the crew neck –regular looking t-shirt-, and the V-neck t-shirt. While you should pick the style you feel the most comfortable in you should also chose the style that is going to look best –or rather not be seen at all- under your tuxedo shirt. It also depends on how much sweat your body produces. If you are a heavy sweater and you know it, don’t wear an A-shirt because you will have no protection from your wetness in the underarm region. Also make sure that the undershirt you choose is made of a lighter, breathable fabric like cotton which will make for less sweat production. If you sweat profusely, bring a couple of extra undershirts with you just in case a quick change is in order later in the day.

Above all else remember that you are going to be attending a special occasion. Get off your wallet and buy new undershirts for yourself. They are not that expensive and a dingy or stained undershirt will show up like black pepper on white rice. Make sure that at your next special occasion they remember you for being well dressed and eloquent, not sloppy with your undershirt showing through your tuxedo shirt.

The Difference Between a T-Shirt and an Undershirt

Many people wear undershirts on a regular basis, and they may notice that their undershirts look much like the T-shirts that they wear as outerwear. They might even wear an undershirt under their T-shirt, and wonder what the difference is. In some cases, the difference is very minimal. As a matter of fact, is perfectly acceptable to wear a regular, outerwear T-shirt as an undershirt. Some people wear their older T-shirts or T-shirts that have been stained or that have holes in them as undershirts. This is an inexpensive source of undershirts, and it provides some coverage that many people prefer to have.

There are some differences however, with some types of undershirts. T-shirts that are marketed as undershirts are often crew neck T-shirts that are made from a thinner material then many outerwear T-shirts. This provides you with a little extra coverage without adding too much bulk to your frame or making you feel overheated. In colder climates however, a regular T-shirt may be preferred as an undershirt. Or, a thick, ribbed shirt can be worn as an undershirt for extra warmth. Some people choose to wear a thick, long sleeve shirt under their over shirt. This type of undershirt is easy to tell from the typical T-shirt.

Some people choose undershirts that are shaped differently from most crew neck T-shirts. A V-neck T-shirt is a popular item to wear as an undershirt because the lower front means that it will not be visible under the over shirt. Many people like to leave a button unfastened to make their collar looser, and a V-neck undershirt means that they can do this and still keep their undershirt out of sight. It can also keep them a little cooler if they are worried about their undershirt making them too warm when paired with their over shirt.

A sleeveless shirt that is worn as an undershirt is often called an A-shirt. This shirt style is popular to wear under other shirts because it has no sleeves and often has a scoop neck to keep it out of sight. This means that it covers only the areas that the wearer wants extra coverage for and doesn’t add extra fabric in the form of sleeves. These look much different than the typical T-shirt and may be ribbed or have other texture to them that further makes them look different from a T-shirt. The thickness of A-shirts varies quite a bit along with the style of the shirt. Some are made from very thin fabric like other undershirts, and others are thicker and can help the wearer to stay warm.

An undershirt is generally not a shirt that most people would wear by themselves when going out in public. If you have a T-shirt that you wouldn’t consider wearing out in public, either because the shirt is in bad condition or because it is very thin, or perhaps because it has a sleeveless cut, that shirt is a good candidate to wear as an undershirt.

The Basics of Undershirts

Undershirts are an extremely versatile garment that comes with its own set of rules. There are several different kinds of undershirts, each with its own use and its own reputation. Everyone has their own favorite style of undershirt for their own fashion and comfort reasons.


The A-shirt is one that has fallen out of favor recently because of the “wife beater” nickname commonly used in the press and among young people. The A-shirt is a thin undershirt that is vertically ribbed. Some people wear these undershirts under their t-shirts in order to keep their sweat from soaking through to their outer t-shirt.

V-Neck Shirt

A V-neck shirt is an undershirt that has a V-shaped neckline in the front. These are useful to wear if you like to keep a button or two undone on your outer shirt and don’t want your undershirt showing. V-necks are very popular garments because the wearer doesn’t have to worry about how high their over-shirt is in the front and their undershirt peeking out above it.

Crewneck Shirt

A crewneck shirt is one that has a rounded collar. It is popular as both an undershirt and an over-shirt. These provide the maximum coverage for those who want to keep their sweat from soaking through their t-shirt, want to cover up their chest hair or want to hide figure flaws. Other people choose it simply because this style is widely available, classic and comfortable.

Ways to Wear an Undershirt

For some people, they don’t wish their undershirt to be seen at all by others. For them, it is an undergarment like any other and should be kept from sight. There are some people, however, who choose to wear an undershirt with an open over-shirt so that the undershirt is seen plainly. You can wear a crewneck t-shirt with a button-up shirt over it, leaving in a few buttons undone. If you are in a dressy situation however, allowing your undershirt to show is generally considered unacceptable.

When you wear an undershirt, the generally accepted practice is to wear a clean, fresh undershirt each day. Never wear an undershirt again without washing it first. Undershirts can soak up odors and two wears between washes is far too many. When you wash your undershirts, be sure to brighten them by occasionally using bleach or baking soda to keep them white. If you wear an undershirt that will be visible to others, make sure it’s not dingy or stained.

When you choose your undershirts, make sure you pick the best size for your needs. If you choose an undershirt size that is to large to be worn as an undershirt, it will be bulky and will bunch up under your over-shirt. If you choose one that is too small, it will not be comfortable. Once you choose the right size, it will not bunch up or ride up in the back and will hug your body with out being uncomfortably tight. Once you find this perfect size, buy a lot of them to ensure that you always have clean undershirts.

Should I Wear a T-Shirt Under My Basketball Jersey?

You may have seen people wearing t-shirts under their basketball jerseys and wondered whether this is a good idea. There are a number of reasons why people wear this look. For many people, there is a matter of personal comfort, a matter of the way the basketball jersey fits as well as a matter of their own personal style.

Basketball jerseys tend to be very thin, flimsy garments. For this reason, it can be extremely cold when a person is wearing a basketball jersey. One way to combat the cold is to wear a t-shirt under the basketball jersey. Because basketball jerseys usually fit very loosely, wearing a t-shirt under one is never a problem. A t-shirt under the jersey will keep a person insulated until it is time for the game. Other than players, many people wear their basketball jerseys to school or when going to a game to watch as a spectator. During this time, wearing a t-shirt under the jersey can make it far more comfortable to keep the jersey on for a long period of time.

In addition to the temperature factor, there is also a matter of style. Many people wear a t-shirt under their basketball jersey because they want to make a casual style statement. Wearing their favorite color under it is a way to demonstrate their own personality and style while still wearing the team’s jersey. If you want to show off your own personal style as well as your love for the team, wear a t-shirt that corresponds to one of the colors on the jersey. That makes for a completed look and one that has a lot of visual impact.

And for some people, wearing a basketball jersey simply feels too revealing. Basketball jerseys generally have perforations to allow an athlete some air circulation. This can help when a person is sweating and needs air flowing through their jersey to cool them down. However, wearing a basketball jersey off the basketball court can make some people feel too self-conscious. The perforations make the garment extremely revealing, particularly for girls. To keep this from occurring, wearing a t-shirt under a basketball jersey can give a person the coverage that they need to feel confident.

For some people, disguising their figure flaws is the idea behind wearing the t-shirt. Because basketball jerseys tend to be so thin, a t-shirt can make it more difficult to see any flaws that the person doesn’t want to reveal. A loose t-shirt under the jersey can make the person’s figure completely unrecognizable in the outfit. A tighter t-shirt can simply add a little more coverage without adding bulk to the person’s figure.

For people who sweat a lot, they may feel less self-conscious about it if they are wearing a t-shirt under the jersey. This will allow the cotton t-shirt to soak up some of the sweat and to make them a little more comfortable. It will also keep them from worrying about how they will look when they start to sweat.

Why Do People Wear T-Shirt Undershirts?

You find out rather young why people wear t-shirt undershirts. You learn why the first time you wear a nice white dress shirt without an undershirt a few times. Soon, that same beloved white dress shirt is white everywhere except two places. One place is under your right arm and the other is under your left. Now, it might be worse under you right arm than your left. In fact if you are a righty it usually will be. If you are a lefty, it will be worse under your left. But, make no mistake about it. Soon your white dress shirt will have two yellowish, brownish stains under them. This is not a very pleasant sight to most people and is it professional looking? Forget it.

Now you can go ahead and launder that shirt with the very best of detergents. I mean, go ahead, and add bleach. Do whatever you want to do. Take your shirts to be dry-cleaned if you want. But, in the end, you will still have a shirt with two stains. This happens, unless of course, you wear a t-shirt undershirt. See the difference as the stain eventually effects your undershirts but not your dress shirts so much. You remain looking great in your white dress shirt because, yes, it actually remains a white dress shirt everywhere. You even look professional again.

T-shirt undershirts even make you smell better. That’s right. They make you smell better. No matter how much underarm deodorant you wear, you will still smell at least a little as the day moves on. For some, it is not just a little smell, but a lot. Your t-shirt, while not a deodorant in and of itself, keeps your smell from heading out to the world where it can do damage. That is, where it can do damage to others. We are usually blissfully unaware of our own stink. So, there is all the more reason to be careful and wear an undershirt.

T-shirt undershirts have many other great uses too. For one, they simply look good and give you a polished look even in more casual outfits. Seeing that undershirt at your opened color tells others that you care about your appearance. It does make you look good. What’s more it’s not a parka, but a t-shirt undershirt also gives you just a little more warmth on brisk days. The undershirt, usually made out of 100% cotton is also usually more comfortable against your skin then whatever shirt you are wearing on the outside.

So, in many ways, the undershirt is a big part of the overall wardrobe. There are usually many in all of our drawers. Tough is the day when the drawer is empty because they are all in the wash. That’s when we know we let the laundry go too long. That’s when we know we need to have more on hand. Those undershirts are just too important.