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What Makes Some Cotton T-Shirts Softer Than Others?

The search for the absolutely perfect cotton T-shirt continues. T-shirt wearers around the world seem to be endlessly searching for that ideal T-shirt that is so soft and comfortable that you never want to take it off. They want a cotton T-shirt that also fits perfectly, never fades, looks great on everyone and never shrinks. Some things are practically impossible to find in a T-shirt while others are quite possible. The super soft cotton T-shirt definitely does exist and is surprisingly easy to find.

While almost all T-shirts are made of cotton, what makes some of them much softer than others? You can pick up 2 almost identical T-shirts and they can feel very different to the touch. The difference can be attributed to a variety of factors. Quality of course makes a huge difference. You must also pay a premium for quality. Therefore expect more expensive T-shirts to be softer, while cheaper ones will be less so.

One of the main factors is the type of cotton your T-shirt is made of. Cotton grown in certain areas of the world such as Egypt, Arizona and other places is softer than that of other areas, because the cotton fiber can grow longer than usual under ideal conditions. These long fibers that result from a longer growing season can then be made into very fine yarn which produces the softest of fabrics. These extra long fiber cottons are amongst the highest quality cotton on the market. Soft cotton shirts are typically a sign of high quality.

Another thing to look at in terms of the quality and softness of a T-shirt is the thread count. If the tee is made of high quality fabric, it is likely to be 200 plus count, referring to the how many threads make up an inch of the material. The higher the thread count, the better in terms of quality and softness, however you can also have high thread counts without the quality. So beware, finding high thread counts may not mean that you have a soft T-shirt on hand. However, a general rule of thumb is that fine thread means a soft fabric.

Special techniques also ensure extremely soft cotton fabrics. Combed cotton helps to remove any remaining tough fibers before cotton is spun into thread. This is typically a more expensive type of cotton, though it is definitely softer than the average. It is well-known that T-shirts made of combed cotton are softer and more luxurious than many other T-shirts on the market.

If you are ready to find a perfectly soft T-shirt, try ordering a custom-made T-shirt. You can choose the color, style, quality, cut and design that you want. You not only get a great shirt that is soft and comfortable, but you can have it say anything you want it to. You can customize a great shirt for every occasion you can think of. You can show pride, beliefs, passions and more with a custom-made tee.

Get your perfect T-shirt custom-made today for the ultimate in luxury and comfort.

How to Make Your T-Shirt Soft

T-shirts are so popular because they are comfortable, easy to wear and are likely one of the softest items of clothing you own. The soft, combed cotton that is used for t-shirt has a feel that is unlike any other. There are some types of clothing care, however, that can take away some of that softness. If your t-shirts are starting to feel a little stiff or if you just want to make sure that they never end up feeling that way, there are several ways to take care of it and ensure a softer t-shirt.

Fabric Softener

Using a fabric softener may seem like a simple thing, but there are an enormous number of ways to use it. There are the well-known dryer sheets that can be added to the dryer along with the wet clothes, but there are a number of other types. There are fabric softener balls that are added to the washer. These balls add a liquid fabric softener into the wash at the right time. Another way to use fabric softener is to pour in a liquid type that is poured in during the rinse cycle.


The key to the softness of any item of clothing is usually the way it has been dried. Line drying a t-shirt will leave it far stiffer than putting it through a dryer cycle. Many people choose to use line drying anyway because of the energy savings or the cost of a dryer. Some simply prefer the way clothing smells after it has been line dried. If you like line-drying your t-shirts, try using a quick 5-minute drying cycle after the t-shirts are mostly dry. This will result in a t-shirt that has still saved energy and still has the smell of line-dried clothing, but it will have the soft feel of t-shirts that have been dried in a dryer.

Softening the Water

If your clothes aren’t getting softener, it may the water itself that needs softened. If you have hard water, it can take a serious toll on your clothing every time it’s washed. To soften the water, add a little bit of vinegar into the washer during the rinse cycle. Some people also use two rinse cycles when washing their clothes to ensure that all of the soap has been removed and to make sure that the vinegar is having an impact on the t-shirts.

To make sure that any t-shirt doesn’t get hard again, also make an effort to keep it clean. Some t-shirts may harden when they are left dirty for long periods of time. Sweat, body oils, dirt, deodorant and other substances can harden the fabric if they are left on it for too long. Wash t-shirts as they become dirty and then make sure to take a step or two to ensure that the wash will lead to softer t-shirts. This will ensure that the comfort of a brand-new t-shirt goes on and on, even when the t-shirt has been worn and washed many times.