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Fitting t-shirt

How To Determine A Properly Fitting T-Shirt

Fitting t-shirt

There is no greater treasure than a properly fitting T-shirt that you are completely comfortable in and know that you look your absolute best wearing. Finding that T-shirt however is not always the easiest thing to do. It often takes a lot of time and hits and misses with T-shirt shopping before you happen upon the absolute perfectly fitted one for you.

When you are trying to figure out whether a T-shirt fits you properly or not, here are some things to check.

•    If the T-shirt rises up and shows your back or stomach when you life your arms, then it is too short. Unless you are in the market for a crop T-shirt, you should be able to raise your arms without those around you getting a glimpse of skin.
•    The shoulder seams (those that attach sleeves to a T-shirt) should sit exactly at the edge of your shoulder. If they are on your shoulder, the shirt is too small. If they are on your arm, it is too big.
•    If the T-shirt moves loosely about, flowing as you move or you can lift the shoulders and easily reposition it, it is not properly fitting.
•    If a T-shirt is so tight that you are left with indentations in your skin from the seams after wearing it, it is definitely ill fitting.
•    If the sleeves of the T-shirt are too tight on your arms, it is not a good fit.
•    If your T-shirt does not comfortably cover your hips and it is long enough to do so but is too tight, you should try a different style tee.
•    If you are feel that your T-shirt is too small, it probably is.
•    If you question whether your T-shirt is too big, it probably is.
•    Sleeves on a regular T-shirt should hit about the mid part of your upper arm.
•    The hem of a T-shirt should arrive around mid-buttocks.

The ideal fit for a T-shirt is one that is neither too tight nor too loose on any parts of your body. It should also skim your shape, not showing every detail, but not hanging so loosely that one wonders if you have a figure or not. Men can indeed wear T-shirts that are looser and they don’t look quite as bad. Women, of course, depending on their body type can wear more form fitting tees to show it off. That is if they are comfortable in T-shirts that fit that way.

T-shirts are all about comfort. Finding a properly fitting T-shirt means you are even more comfortable. The ideal way to find the best tees ever for you is by having them custom-made. You can choose the quality you desire, the weight of the fabric, the size, style and color. Then you get to personalize your new T-shirts by having anything you like printed on them. You can go with a design-based T-shirt like the popular “I heart something” or “Eat, Sleep, Whatever” shirts. You can also use a T-shirt to make a statement, show off or make a joke. Practically anything can be printed on a custom tee.

How To Choose The Best Bra For Your T-Shirt

T-shirts are one of the easiest and most fun things to wear. They are versatile enough to take you from very casual situations to more dressy occasions when a part of the right outfit. It may seem that wearing a T-shirt is as simple as pulling it over your head and going. However, there is one thing for women to think about before they put on a tee, and that is the type of bra to wear under your shirt.

There are several important factors to keep in mind when choosing the best bra to wear with your T-shirt.

•    Cup Texture: It is very important to choose a bra with a smooth cup in order to create a sleek, elegant line. This means no bras made of lace, which can be bumpy and create unusual looking ridges under your T-shirt. You should also avoid bras that have seams running across the front as they interrupt a T-shirt’s ideally smooth appearance. A smooth natural looking cup emphasizes your breasts, while bumps from a bra distract.

•    Support: This would seem to be an obvious point for choosing a bra, however it still needs to be reiterated, because there are lots of people out there who simply do not get the support they need. A bra that has insufficient support will not produce the sexy silhouette you are looking for in a T-shirt. Therefore when you go bra shopping, wear a T-shirt. With every bra you try on, pull your tee back on and turn sideways to look in the mirror. If you are not as perky as you want to be, that one will go in the reject pile. Continue trying bras till you find one with the desired effect.

•    Color of the Bra: It is important to choose a bra in an appropriate color for the T-shirt. One that matches the T-shirt in color is always a safe bet. Choosing a skin color bra is also a good option. This works particularly well for thinner T-shirts and ones that are somewhat transparent. If you have a T-shirt that shows off a great amount of décolletage and occasionally a bra strap, opt for a bra that matches the tee.

How to Choose a T-Shirt to Show off Your Breasts

When you want to show off your breasts, there are few things that are better to wear then a T-shirt. The nature of cotton means that the material will hug the shape and will mold itself to the woman’s figure. Cotton T-shirts will develop a memory after being worn several times, and their shape will conform to your shape. If you want to make your breasts as noticeable as possible, wearing a cotton T-shirt that is tight around the breasts means that the T-shirt will stretch itself to accommodate your shape. That means a well fitting T-shirt and one that will not hide the breasts away from public notice.

If you want them to get the maximum attention, you might even try to wear a T-shirt that is a size too small. This will force the eye to notice your curves. The first time you wear a T-shirt that is a little too tight; the shirt may act in a slightly concealing way. It might push down on your curves and make them less noticeable. However, wear the T-shirt several times and you will soon see that it has stretched and its new shape is a powerful way to enhance your breasts.

Another quick way to get plenty of attention for your breasts is to wear a bright color that will command everyone’s attention to them. That attention might be attracted by the bright color, but that attention will stay because of the shape that you are showing off. A great bright color to wear is a bright yellow. Bright yellow is one of the most eye-catching of all the available colors. Wearing something that is bright yellow never fails to get attention. And if you’re ready to show off your breasts, you will first need to gain attention.

If you further want plenty of attention to your bust line, you may also want to design something with shapes, colors, or other designs that will enhance that area. Bright colors attract the eye and make things seem larger. Dark colors make things seem smaller than they are. So, the T-shirt that is darker on the bottom and lighter at the top will bring the eye up to the area that is lightest. If the bust area is light and the rest of the T-shirt is a very dark color, all the attention that comes to you will be focused on your breasts.

There are other ways that people design T-shirts in order to get the most attention they can for their breasts. This can include placing two large symbols or pictures at the bust line. Some people choose bunches of grapes, and there also T-shirts that feature fried eggs or other round items in order to get the most attention possible on that area. If that doesn’t seem entirely up your alley, you might try a few words printed across the chest.  If the words are small, people will have to get close and look at your chest in order to be able to read them.

How To Tell If A Shirt Is Too Big

T-shirt sizing is very important in pulling together a sharp looking outfit. It is easily as important as matching, ironing and dressing for the occasion. For most people it is very easy to tell if a shirt is too small, but it is more difficult to determine if it is too big. Therefore, using certain easy-to-follow guidelines will help you make that determination very easily.

When you try on a T-shirt look in the mirror and check where the shoulder seams lay. The sewn line where the sleeve meets the body of the T-shirt should be sitting at the edge of your shoulder, if it fits properly. If that seam is resting on your upper arm, the T-shirt you are wearing is too big for you. Shoulder fit is one of the most well-known and easiest determinants of whether or not a T-shirt actually fits.

Another aspect of the T-shirt to look at when determining if it is too big for you is the length of it. If the T-shirt completely covers your behind, it is too big. In fact, at that length it is almost a dress. It should cover about half of your backside. Such T-shirts are fine to keep in your closet and use them at certain times.

If you tuck in a T-shirt and it bunches and creates noticeable bumps under your clothing, chances are the tee is too big for you. A well-fitting T-shirt should be able to be tucked into a pair of pants or a skirt smoothly without bunching. In addition, if you can adjust the T-shirt easily by a quick tug here or there, it must also be too big. A T-shirt that fits well is never that easy to adjust.

The good news is that even T-shirts that are too big are useful. They are great to sleep in. They make wonderful smocks for crafts or while painting. They can be your official cleaning the house T-shirts. They make good cover-ups for swimming or while at the beach.

There are many looks that even require oversized T-shirts. Skate boarders usually wear big tees. For those into hip hop, the culture dictates oversized T-shirts. An urban look or a gangster look are often characterized by oversized T-shirts also. However, by no means does wearing a large T-shirt mean that you belong to one of these groups. Some people simply feel more comfortable wearing a roomier T-shirt instead of one that is too revealing.

When you are ready to find a perfect size T-shirt, replace one that is too big or deliberately get an over-sized tee, the best place to get one is from a company that specializes in custom-made T-shirts. With custom tees, you choose the color, brand, weight, style and design of the shirt. You will have the perfect tee for you in no time. In fact, you can even turn a custom-made T-shirt into a shirt about finding the right size T-shirt.

Get your custom-made T-shirt today for the perfect fit you are looking for.

Is There A Size Between Medium And Large? Sizing Strategies

In regards to T-shirts, generally sizing runs small, medium, large and extra-large. Therefore, there is typically no size between medium and large. However, if you find that you do not perfectly fit into one or the other, you do have a number of other options to consider.

In general a medium from one manufacturer should be the same size as a medium from another manufacturer. However, in reality sizing really is different from one company to another. Some brands tend to run a little larger or a little smaller than others. So if you find that medium is too small and large is too big, you may want to try on T-shirts made by different companies. You may come across a brand which has the perfect size for you.

Another point to remember when T-shirt shopping, is that pretty much all cotton T-shirts will shrink a little with the first wash, even those that say pre-shrunk. Therefore if you find that the large is just a little too big, you may want to choose it regardless, as it will probably fit perfectly after it has been washed. This is especially true if you do not want a form-fitting shirt. In fact, if you are really want a loose-fitting T-shirt and find that medium is just perfect when you try it on, you are likely to be unhappy with the T-shirt size after it has been washed. So it may be in your best interest to purchase the next size up or look for a different brand that fits differently.

How your T-shirt fits is a very personal choice. Some people like T-shirts that are like a second skin. Others like a totally baggy look. Most people are somewhere in between and like a shirt that fits without being too tight or too loose. The way to make sure you have that perfect T-shirt is to buy one slightly larger than ideal, allowing for that expected shrinkage. Opt for a shirt that is a little longer than you’d like and shoulder seams that are just off the edge of your shoulder. By keeping these things in mind, you are sure to pick a tee that will be simply perfect for you after that first wash.

The great thing about buying T-shirts from an online retailer who specializes in custom shirts is that you can choose the brand of shirt you want that fits you exactly the way you want. If you like fitted tees you can opt for those. If you like looser fitting shirts you can order those also. You can even choose lightweight or heavyweight T-shirts, the color you want and other details. When you have picked out the tee you want you can customize it in any way you want. You no longer have to settle for a T-shirt that doesn’t say what you want because the one you really wanted wasn’t available in your size.

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How Can I Tell If My T-Shirt Is Too Big Or Small Based On The Shoulder Position?

Having clothes fit right is the key to dressing successfully. If you wear things that are too small, it gives the image of not caring how you look or that you are trying to dress provocatively. If you wear things that are too large, it looks sloppy or like you are trying to hide under oversized clothing. It may even look like you are wearing someone else’s clothes. Wearing properly fitting clothes is essential to a neat, pulled-together look.

Luckily it is very easy to tell if your T-shirt fits properly or not. You simply need to look at how your T-shirt falls on your shoulder. The seams of the tee where the sleeve meets the body of the shirt should be at the edge of your shoulder if it is the correct size for you. If that seam is closer to your neck, then the T-shirt is too small and you should choose the next size up. If the shoulder seam is on your upper arm, the shirt is definitely too large for you. You can still wear it and it will make for a great beach cover-up or T-shirt to sleep in. However, for everyday wear, you may want to opt for a smaller shirt that fits right.

When you are trying T-shirts on for size, remember the shoulder seam rule. You also need to keep in mind the fact that T-shirts always shrink a little with washing and you should account for that in terms of sizing. If you are choosing between 2 shirts and one is almost too small and the other almost too big, based on the shoulder seam rule, you should go with the bigger one. Inevitably, shrinkage will make the smaller one too small and the bigger one just perfect.

When shopping for T-shirts, do not assume that all brands will fit the same in the same size. One brand may be larger or smaller than another. Some brands tend to be more fitted or longer or shorter than others. That is why it is important to try them on for size or if you are buying online, check the dimensions and compare them to a shirt you own that fits well. Once you know that a certain brand fits you perfectly, it will make T-shirt buying much easier and quicker.

If you take a good look at your T-shirt wardrobe and realize that you have a bunch of tees that simply don’t follow the shoulder seam rule, it may be time to buy new ones. In order to look your best, get new properly fitted tees to replace those that are too big or too small. If some of those that don’t fit right are your favorites, you can get them replicated easily by ordering custom-made T-shirts in the right size. The great thing about custom-made tees is that you can choose any color, style or design that you want and have a variety of perfect tees made to fill up your wardrobe.

Order your custom-made T-shirt today in the perfect size for you.

What is the Difference between Men’s and Women’s T-Shirts in the Fitting?

Women and men each wear t-shirts that look similar, with the familiar T-shape that makes t-shirt so simple and comfortable. However, there are several differences in fitting that makes them comfortable to their intended gender. There are a few key areas where the changes in the tailoring can lead to both a more comfortable fit and to a look that will flatter each gender in their own way.

Men’s t-shirts are cut in a shape that is mainly straight up and down. The shoulders slope down slightly from the collar and the sleeves slope down at an angle. The main goal of a men’s t-shirt is to fit comfortably in the neck, shoulders and around the sleeves. The straightness of the torso of the t-shirt should hang down comfortably. It does not need tailoring in this area because the male body has a straight torso without much definition. If the wearer needs a larger size to be comfortable, a larger men’s size is cut in much the same way but is larger all over.

Women’s t-shirts have several points at which they are tailored differently from a man’s shirt. The most noticeable point is that the waist on a woman’s t-shirt fits very differently. The waist is narrower on a women’s t-shirt than the rest of the shirt. This fits better with a woman’s natural shape. It makes it more comfortable for the woman to wear as she will not have a lot of loose fabric that bunches at the waist. The more tailored fit makes the t-shirt lighter and easier to wear for any woman.

Another key difference is the length of the sleeves. With shorter sleeves, the t-shirt will look different on the arms than a man’s t-shirt looks on a man. The sleeves of a man’s short-sleeve t-shirt are made to fit longer on his arm than a woman’s t-shirt. A short sleeve men’s t-shirt may have sleeves that go most of the way down to the man’s elbows. Most women’s short-sleeved t-shirts, however, fit closer to the shoulder. There is also a third sleeve length for women that generally aren’t available for men’s t-shirts. The ¾ length sleeve is a flattering length for women because it displays the slimmest part of the arm while covering up the larger parts.

While there is no change in tailoring for a man’s hips, a woman’s t-shirt has a slight flaring at the hips that better accommodates a woman’s natural form. The hip flare means that the hip area will not be too tight and will be more comfortable. The flare is present in all women’s t-shirts though it is often more pronounced in a plus-size t-shirt.

Another difference is a slight flaring at the top to allow for the difference in chest size. A woman’s t-shirt is tailored to flatter and be comfortable for several areas, while a men’s t-shirt is tailored to fit, and look, straight. This allows each gender a better ease of movement and will not result in bunches or loose fabric that will be unflattering.