Using Bleach on T-Shirts

Everyone has T-shirts in their wardrobe and some of us have numerous T-shirts. Taking good care of them is important to making sure they look good, so that you will want to continue to wear them. For the most part, T-shirts are easy to care for, because they are simply wash and wear type garments. Simply toss them into the washing machine and dryer, or hang them to dry, and they are ready to wear. Ironing is usually a personal choice when it comes to T-shirts, especially if you use a dryer, because they usually come out wrinkle-free.

However, from time to time your T-shirts start to look grungy or have stains from who knows where. You can either toss them out, use them for cleaning rags or make an attempt at cleaning them up so you can continue enjoying them. Sometimes we get so attached to our T-shirts that we want to keep enjoying them as long as possible. The key to cleaning them up when they get to that sorry state is usually bleach. The first thing to do is check the care label inside the shirt to see what its recommendations on bleach are. If there is nothing warning against it, then go ahead and use bleach in your washer to clean those nasty T-shirts.

Chlorine bleach can be used on white T-shirts that have no warnings against it. It is the most powerful and effective type of bleach available. A little will definitely go a long way in cleaning a T-shirt. In fact to do it properly, you should pour a measured amount of bleach into your washer with your laundry detergent, and then fill the washer with water. Only after the bleach has been diluted should you add your clothing. Run the washer as usual. Just running one cycle with bleach added may be enough to clean your T-shirt properly. If not, try the same process again, but after your T-shirt agitates in the bleach water, turn it off and let it soak. Then let it finish the cycle. Your shirt should be super clean. Be careful not to let a T-shirt sit in bleach for too long and do not pour bleach directly onto it. Doing so may result in the bleach eating up the fabric and you will have defeated the whole purpose.

If you have a colored T-shirt or a white T-shirt that says not to use chlorine bleach on the label, you can opt for color-safe bleach. Use it in the same way you would regular bleach and you clothes will definitely come cleaner than with detergent alone. Do not expect the dramatic results that chlorine bleach can provide however, because it is just not as strong. There is now a special bleach on the market for dark clothes to guard against color fading.

Another thing to keep in mind when using any kind of bleach is to test it first on a hidden part of the garment. Doing so may help you avoid ruining an item of clothing that you like. Sometimes, even if the label does not warn against bleach, it can still harm certain things.

Get a custom-made T-shirt today to replace the ones that time or bleach have worn out on you. With the endless possibilities of things to print on one, you can have fun creating a personalized, totally unique new favorite T-shirt.

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