Wash and Wear or Not to Wash and Wear T-Shirts? – That is the Question

Do you need to wash your T-shirt before you wear it for the very first time? That is very much a debatable question. Ask a group of people and you will get some who say yes and others who say no and many who will say does it even matter. In reality, washing your new T-shirt before you wear it for the first time is a good idea for several reasons.

Often there is excess dye in T-shirts and other clothing items. By washing them before wearing them for the first time, you will remove the most of the extra dye and will not have the problem of the dye rubbing onto other clothes and your skin. Just be careful to wash the shirt by itself for the first wash, especially if it is a vivid or unusual color. If you want to set the color and make sure it does not run or lose its vividness, many people suggest adding a cup of vinegar to the water during the first wash.

Most T-shirts now come preshrunk, however there is still some room for additional shrinkage, which needs to be taken into account when you purchase a tee. Washing it before you wear it ensures that the T-shirt is at the right size you want it to be, since often we buy them a little large. This is particularly true if the T-shirt is 100% cotton. Another tip to keep in mind is in order to keep your T-shirt looking its best, reduce visible wear and protect anything that is printed on it, T-shirts should be turned inside out for washing and drying.

Another reason to wash T-shirts or any clothing before wearing it is because it has been manipulated in a variety of places from manufacturing to packaging to the retail store. It may have come into contact with all types of germs or unhygienic conditions. If you have allergies like one to dust mites, it is even more important to wash your T-shirts before wearing them. There may even be chemicals on the shirt that may cause sensitivities. Pay particular attention to washing clothes before wearing them if you tend to have skin conditions like eczema, any contact allergies and skin sensitivities.

Many people suggest that you should wash a T-shirt, or any item of clothes before you wear it simply because you don’t know who tried it on before you. (This may also be a good reason not to try on clothes at all before buying, but we all do that.) By buying custom-made T-shirts from a company that produces them just for you and sends them directly to your home, you don’t have to worry about that. They haven’t been hanging around in a store and no one has tried them on before you.

Get yourself a custom-made T-shirt today, made exactly how you want it to be. Just don’t forget to wash it before you wear it!

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