What Is The Difference Between Heavyweight And Lightweight T-Shirts?

T-shirts come in a wide variety of different forms. They are available in all different colors, quality, sizes, styles, fabric and designs. There are even differences in the weight of T-shirts. T-shirts that are over 6 ounces are referred to as heavyweight. Lightweight ones weigh less than 6 ounces. There are a variety of reasons to choose one over the other, but for most people it is simply a personal preference.

Heavyweight T-shirts are not only meant for colder weather. Typically heavyweight T-shirts are of better quality than lightweight ones. For most people, especially those in professional jobs, heavyweight shirts are ideal for work, because the cover up chest hair, tattoos and the like. Such shirts also tend to look nicer and hold their shape better, so they are even appropriate for workplaces that stress business casual as the dress code. They are also the best choice in T-shirts for dressier occasions. Heavyweight T-shirts are also perfect for use as work uniforms because they hold up better to constant washing and wearing than do lightweight ones. You can also get away with wearing heavyweight T-shirts in larger sizes than lightweight ones, therefore you can cover up body flaws a little more easily.

Lightweight T-shirts are great for warmer weather. They are thin enough to help you to stay cool. For working out or playing sports, lightweight tees are the choice of many. They work great as cover-ups for the beach or as nightshirts also. They are also great under other layers of clothing as an undershirt, as they do not add bulk. If you happen to like the layered look of one T-shirt on top of another, lightweight tees are definitely the way to go. These T-shirts typically have a softer look than their heavyweight counterparts. They also drape the body in a more flattering and alluring way. However, if you wear a lightweight T-shirt that is too big for you it will not look attractive at all.

Lightweight T-shirts also tend to be less expensive than heavyweight ones. As such they are a great choice if your group is choosing to do a T-shirt giveaway for a special event, especially a one-time occasion. T-shirts that are seasonal like Halloween tees or Independence Day tees do well in lightweight cotton as they have a limited period of time in which they will be worn.

You can have both lightweight and heavyweight T-shirts customized anyway you wish. You can have a design-based t-shirt made up like the very popular “I heart something” tees or “Eat, Sleep, Whatever”. You can also choose to put a picture or a design that you like on a custom shirt. T-shirts are a great way to show pride, what you enjoy doing, the causes you believe in, the groups you belong to, special events you attend and much more. The list of things you can put on a T-shirt of either weight is endless.

Get your custom-made heavyweight and lightweight T-shirts today so you are covered in any situation.

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