What Makes Me Look Skinnier – A Black T-Shirt Or A White One?

What makes me look skinnier – a black T-shirt or a white one? This is a very typical question of many people, especially those in the quest to look skinny or even those rare ones who want to avoid looking skinny. We can stand in front of a mirror trying on T-shirt after T-shirt. However, often we find that it is only by getting someone else’s opinion that we really feel confident as to which one really does make us look skinnier.

In general, black T-shirts make you look skinnier. Black, for some unknown, but wonderful reason, has a slimming effect. The fact that it goes well with practically everything and can be dressed up or dressed down, makes black T-shirts a hot item. Black is the color of choice for many people for the simple reason that it does have that magical slimming effect. Often people will go for an entire head to toe black outfit to maximize the effect and create a seamless line, another trick of the eye from fashionistas.

However, the color is not the only thing that will make you look skinnier. Having the right cut and the right size will make a huge difference to how you look in terms of size. If you are choosing between a black T-shirt that is too small, a black T-shirt that is too big or a white T-shirt that fits properly, the white one is definitely going to make you look skinnier. When your T-shirt is too small, it emphasizes your size and makes you appear heavier than you may be. If your T-shirt is too large and is hanging off you, it will make you look bigger and as if you are trying to disguise your size. Therefore, the right shirt that fits properly is very important to that slim look.

In regards to style, choosing a black T-shirt that has the right style for you is important in maintaining that skinnier look, especially for women. Wear T-shirts that are cut and made for women whenever possible. They will look infinitely better than unisex tees. If you have a great figure, choose a fitted T-shirt, but not too tight. Even if you are lacking curves, you can give the illusion of having them by choosing a loose-cut fitted black shirt. If you have a short neck or are top heavy, a plunging neckline on your black tee will not only give you a skinnier look, it will elongate the look of your torso and neck.

So now that you have confidence in the fact that properly fitting black T-shirts are the way to go to achieve that much-sought-after look of skinniness, it is time to update your T-shirt wardrobe. There are so many fun custom-made black T-shirts to have made that you can wear a different one every day if you’d like. Tell what you love, speak out about things you are passionate about and boast of anything you are proud of on a custom-made T-shirt.

Order your custom-made black T-shirts today and start that new, skinnier look now.

One thought on “What Makes Me Look Skinnier – A Black T-Shirt Or A White One?

  1. Kelly

    Well Its basically a white one but to make you look more skinny you’d use a black one because its dark and if you’re tan it would go with your tan and if not tan then I would use the white one but for my advice go for the black T-shirt

    And Also that would make you look skinny also I’d go with as black tank top!!!!

    Your welcome:)

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