What Pants Match My Red T-Shirt

If you love the color red, you may have a least one or two great T-shirts in the closet just begging to be worn. It’s hard to let those T-shirts stay there, waiting for the day when they can be part of an outfit. In order to get those T-shirts out the closet and into part of a well coordinated outfit, you’ll need to know what kind of pants will match a red T-shirt. If you have a bold red T-shirt that is a medium shade of red, just about anything will look great with it.  It’s pretty hard to go wrong with that color of red, luckily for you. Wear the shirt with jeans for a well-coordinated look. This is a classic look that everyone can enjoy and wear to a casual occasion or for their everyday activities. If the red color is a very dark shade such as a burgundy or maroon color, there are several options available. Unlike many dark T-shirt colors, this color looks great with light-colored pants.  A pair of tan or off-white pants looks great with deep red T-shirt. That is an outfit that will certainly draw compliments from onlookers.  Those deep red colors also look great with black pants as well as dark blue pants. A maroon shirt with a pair of navy blue pants is a great match that can be worn in business casual environments as well as social events. If the red is very light, and is almost a pink in color, it can still the worn with either light or dark pants. It might, however, look best with a pair of black pants. A light tan color goes well with a light red, but stay away from khaki. Khaki pants have a definite green undertone. Wearing green and red together is not generally advised unless it is Christmas time and you want a more festive look. For some people, a bright color can make them feel self-conscious about what the T-shirt will do to their figure. If you are worried about the way that a bright red T-shirt may make you look a little larger, you can build up a little self-confidence by wearing dark-colored pants. Black pants will make your legs look thinner as well as longer, and that can counteract some of the effects of the bright colored T-shirt. It also looks great together as a coordinated outfit. Besides pants with a green tone, there are very few colors that look bad with a red T-shirt. One of the exceptions is of course orange. Wearing red and orange together is generally not a good idea. There are no shades of orange that will look good with a red T-shirt, no matter what the shade of red. If you have a T-shirt that is a dull shade of red, you might break it up a bit by wearing a pair of white pants.  This is a good outfit choose if you want to minimize any figure flaws that you have around your stomach.  This outfit will draw the attention downward toward the lighter color.

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