What Stripes On T-Shirts Do To Your Look

T-shirts come in a variety of styles, colors, designs and patterns. In fact, you can even customize any mode of T-shirt you can dream up. You can recreate a favorite T-shirt that is worn out, make one that brings back memories of childhood or special events or have one made that is completely your own design. A custom T-shirt can be perfectly made to fit who you are and what shape you are. If patterns are your thing in your choice of clothing, then you will want to keep in mind certain rules of how they appear to others. This is especially true of striped patterns. Stripes on a T-shirt will make you look very different, depending on the direction they run.

Vertical stripes on your T-shirt can give the appearance of height. They also tend to have a slimming effect. If you are top heavy, wearing a vertically striped T-shirt with solid colored bottoms will balance out your silhouette. This is a time-honored tip from fashion experts.

Horizontal stripes have the opposite effect of vertical stripes. They tend to make the wearer look heavier and even slightly shorter. This is great for anyone who is tall and slender, but for many people who battle a little extra weight, it is a look to be avoided. If you do opt for horizontal stripes, thin ones are slightly more forgiving than wide ones. If you are bottom heavy, a good technique to balance the look of your shape is to wear dark pants and a horizontally striped T-shirt. In addition, for those who need a little extra help up top and want to give the appearance of being bustier, horizontal stripes will help you achieve your goal.

Diagonal stripes are the magic stripe. They cover many sins. If you are looking to make yourself appear more curvy up top, diagonally striped tees are the way to go. This is a great trick for women with a boyish figure or men who want their shoulders to appear broader. The effect of diagonal stripes on the bottom is often very similar to that of vertical stripes. They tend to have a slimming effect.

Keep in mind that color is a huge factor in how much of a visual impact the stripes make. If you are wearing a T-shirt with bright colors striped with white, the impact of the stripes will be more obvious than if you go with a T-shirt that is striped with more closely matched colors or even two shades of the same color.

Keep in mind that any bold patterns like stripes can easily be overdone. If you choose a striped T-shirt, do not pair it with striped pants or a striped skirt, unless you like the jailbird look.

When you have the ideal striped T-shirt in mind, you can have it custom-made. In fact a custom-made striped tee will let you play up the areas you want to stand out and play down those problem areas of your body. Custom T-shirts are a fashion dream come true.

Order your custom-made striped T-shirt today and make a fashion statement that is perfect for you.

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