Jury duty

What to Wear for Jury Duty

Jury duty

When you are picked for jury duty, there is no one specific dress code. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you are supposed to be dressed conservatively and in a way that shows that you respect the court. If you dress disrespectfully, you may actually be guilty of contempt of court. There should be no T-shirts, jeans, flip-flops or other very casual clothing worn during jury duty.

The standard type of outfit worn by most people for jury duty is business casual. This means that you are dressed in a conservative manner but that you are not necessarily wearing a full suit. A nice pair of pants, a button up shirt and a blazer for man is a good,9 comfortable business casual outfit for jury duty.

If you are a woman, you might wear the same outfit, or it may be a nice blouse with a dressy skirt. You can choose high heels, or flats, but do not wear sandals to court.

Make sure that whatever you wear is neat and in good condition. Tuck in your shirt and wear a belt if you need one. You may need to take a sweater or jacket with you in case the courtroom is chilly. You’ll end up sitting almost all the time, so make sure you’re wearing something that doesn’t have a tight waistband. That could result in discomfort that will distract you from listening to the testimony. Wear something that fits well, is not tight, but it’s not loose enough to look very casual.

The main idea of dressing for jury duty is that you are not supposed to call a lot of attention to yourself. The judge is the center of attention. The lawyers are also there to command attention. One jurist trying to get the attention of the courtroom is considered disrespectful. Dress to blend in, not stand out. If you wear dark colors or neutral colors, this will be much easier. Choose a black or navy jacket and pair it with pants that are either a dark color or are khaki. A good pair of khaki pants will not call attention to you and will go with just about anything.

It is not necessary in most cases to wear a tie. And for women, you don’t necessarily have to wear very trendy, uncomfortable high heels. Just make sure that your accessories and shoes go well with her outfit and don’t distract other jurists who need to be listening to the testimony. For this reason, never show up to jury duty with something very low-cut. For many people, this would be the ultimate distraction. Choose a modest neckline that makes you tlook conservative instead.

Leave the trendy clothes at home and don’t wear anything that is sparkly or very eye-catching. Don’t wear bright colors and don’t pair bright or glittery accessories with your outfit. Choose classic pieces instead that will not be noticed. This will keep the judge happy and keep the other jurists from any unnecessary distractions.

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  1. Victoria

    ty. this article on what to wear for Jury Duty is very helpful, and I am very thankful to have found the site. Thanks a BUNCH!

  2. Mary

    Why should I trust advice from someone who uses words that s/he obviously does not understand? This author uses the word “jurist” several times to mean “a member of the jury”. The word “jurist” means “one having a thorough knowledge of law” (from Merriam-Webster online). A judge could be called a jurist. Most members of juries are far from being jurists.

  3. sara

    No one should buy into the materialists. Shallow assholes should not be catered too especially when they are cruel and callous. My mom went to jury duty and a lady there was in constant tears because her son had just died. Instead of dealing with the funeral and grieving the bastard asshole judge made her stay and be a juror. Who would even want someone that unstable as a juror?? They are all assholes and should not be respected. I would wear a swastika just to get out of it and show my hatred towards these assholes. I have known judges and lawyers my whole life and they are a bunch of drunks and druggies. HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!!

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