What to Wear to the Super Bowl


The Super Bowl is undeniably the most popular sporting event in the United States each year. It is certainly the most watched and has the highest advertising revenue of any televised sport. America is fascinated with football and every year in late January or early February, the whole country practically is glued to their television sets watching this exciting game to decide the top team of the season.

For most people the question of what to wear to the Super Bowl is more about what to wear to a Super Bowl party. The easy answer here is to try to get a feel for the type of party that is being held. If it is a cocktails and finger foods reception for charity while the Super Bowl plays in the background, you may need to dress up. However, for an everyday Super Bowl party, a casual look is sure to fit.

For a guy, jeans and a T-shirt are a safe bet. For women, the same outfit could work or you could opt for something a little dressier. Just remember to stay comfortable. Typical Super Bowl parties mean a lot of time curled up on the couch eating snack foods. Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest eating day in America, right behind Thanksgiving. Another fantastic choice of what to wear for a Super Bowl party is to wear a jersey or T-shirt that shows who you are supporting. This is especially true if you are a fan of one of the teams who made it to the big game.

If you are one of the lucky ones who actually gets to go to the real Super Bowl, then the question of what to wear to the Super Bowl takes on whole new meaning. First off ask yourself about the weather and temperature for the day. Be sure to dress for the weather and bring an extra shirt or jacket in case you get cold. Another thing to keep in mind is to dress comfortably, including your footwear. Attending the actual Super Bowl spans a much longer period of time than you see on television and you will likely need to walk quite a bit to get to your seats.

In addition you will of course want to wear clothing in support of the team you favor, if indeed you are rooting for one or the other. If you happen to be in premium seating or luxury boxes, you will also need to dress accordingly. Don’t go overboard, but dress chic with comfort and fun in mind.

No matter where you are watching it you can get a great custom-made T-shirt for the Super Bowl. It can be the shirt you wear for every future Super Bowl too. You can have fun party favors made up for a Super Bowl party by creating matching T-shirts for your guests. Choose a color and select what you want printed on your custom shirt and in no time you’ll have exactly what you need. Just remember that you can’t use the actual words Super Bowl because it will infringe on NFL trademarks. So use your imagination to find clever ways to print something recognizable on your shirt for the Big Game.  Get your custom tshirt today for the Superbowl to be ready for the game.

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  1. LalaNYC

    For the girls I totally love the idea of anything custom… Yet I do think you can add some personality to that look as well. From throwing on your fav button-down shirt over that sports-shirt to pairing your t-shirt with skinny jeans (love the new jeggings) and high boots! Regardless you will have fun, but you might as well look fun too.

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