Women Wearing Men’s T-Shirts – Is it Okay?

Fashion is such a variable and ever-changing thing. However there are some things that never completely change. Quite often men’s fashions tend to overflow into women’s fashions, and often it is just not the designers who are responsible. Women love wearing men’s clothes and masculine style clothing. For many women, it makes them feel closer to their men when they wear their guy’s shirts. It also shows a certain air of belonging when you see a woman wearing a man’s shirt. You just know there’s a special guy in her life.

Men’s T-shirts are not always a special category of their own. They may be the only T-shirts available in many cases. Many T-shirts nowadays are unisex; therefore the question of whether or not to wear a man’s T-shirt is irrelevant. There often is no other choice. When you take part in events where custom-made T-shirts are given away or sold, more often than not, those T-shirts are men’s styles. When certain types of special holiday shirts or sports T-shirts are printed, often they are only available in men’s style or unisex T-shirts.

However, there are typically big differences between T-shirts specifically designed for men and those specifically designed for women. Quite often, women will opt for the same T-shirt design as a man, but in a more feminine style. The things that make a T-shirt more feminine are shorter sleeves than on a man’s shirt, softer and usually lower necklines, a more fitted style and shorter torso length. Some women do indeed prefer to buy and wear men’s T-shirts because they like the extra coverage and style, but many prefer the feminine ones.

Wearing men’s T-shirts definitely has its place in the lives of most women. Many women borrow a T-shirt from their husband’s wardrobe for sleeping in. The extra length in many men’s shirts provides just the perfect coverage to use as a nightshirt. When your guy is not around, wearing his shirt keeps him close at heart and mind. T-shirts that boast of special accomplishments your man has achieved are even better to wear. It may be a college shirt, championship shirt or registration shirt from a charity event or race. Often it is those custom-made T-shirts that women enjoy borrowing most. Wearing them also show that they are proud of their significant other.

If you are ordering custom-made T-shirts for a group of people and do not have specific genders and sizes for each person, your best choice is to go with a unisex style, which will be appealing to both men and women. It is much easier for a woman to accept and wear a more masculine style than for a man to wear a feminine style. You don’t have to worry about running out of T-shirts for one gender or the other.

Get yourself a custom-made T-shirt today, telling that you love to wear men’s T-shirts. A shirt that says “This is my man’s shirt” or “I wear guys’ T-shirts” will bring smiles to many faces. We have all done it and will continue to do so for so many reasons.

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