Equestrians Are Born to Ride! (and wear t-shirts)

I’ve never been very good on a horse. I love them, don’t get me wrong. “Pony” was definitely on my Christmas list for several years when I was growing up. A “townie”, I didn’t have many opportunities to go horseback riding, although a few friends had horses.

I can remember one such visit where I got to ride my friend’s sweet pony. She saddled him for me, and, mounting up on her daddy’s horse, we headed off into the woods. Sometime later, the horse started to canter. My pony wanted to keep up, so he started off. That’s when we discovered that my friend hadn’t tightened the saddle quite enough; suddenly I was riding sideways; parallel to the dirt road racing by way too close to my face. Somehow, I managed NOT to fall off, and we adjusted the saddle and rode on. Soon, we stopped at a nearby pond to water the horses, only to discover that 10 year olds with weak hands should NOT be relied upon to adequately tighten saddles. Let’s just say that I slid right down that pony’s neck into the water.

While I can’t really recall any close encounters with a horse going terribly well, I do still have a fondness for the beasts, and greatly admire anyone who can successfully ride. For those of us who choose not to indulge in this extremely popular pastime, we can still be involved in the lifestyle. Whether by attending horse shows, rodeos, exhibitions, or just helping out at a friend’s stable, we can share our love.

There’s another way we can share our feelings, and that’s by wearing equestrian tees! You can get any number of designs printed on your t-shirt; from art to comedy, there’s something out there for everyone.

Perhaps you most admire the beauty of a horse’s physique. Who would blame you? They’re muscular, powerful, beautiful and serene. A healthy horse is indeed a work of art in and of himself. Why not have a beautiful portrait of a horse on your tee? It shows everyone how much you love these graceful animals and is also a good conversation starter, say at a company picnic or your spouse’s family reunion.

Maybe you’re more into to funny side of life. There are any number of amusing sayings, cartoons and so on that you can have put on your shirt to proclaim to the world your passion for all things equestrian.

If attending horse events such as rodeos or shows is more your style, you can go with event tees; these babies have the event time, date, location, etc.¦ printed right on them, usually with the slogan of the event. “Rodeo 2008” and “Lafayette Invitational Ride” are some examples. Maybe you follow certain barrel-racing stars, wear a tee with your favorite rider or favorite horse on it and you’ll be sure to let everyone know what matters most to you.

If you belong to an equestrian club that participates in community functions such as parades, ordering some custom-designed equestrian tees for your group is an easy and inexpensive way to identify yourselves. You can go as simple or as elaborate as you wish–the only limit is your own imagination.

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