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How to Dress Like Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has a fresh, young style that makes her a favorite among girls who love music, fashion and style. Demi wears a lot of different types of outfits, depending on whether she is performing, hanging out with friends or taking in a day of shopping. Most of her looks are inexpensive to achieve and can be customized to work with a few pieces that you probably already have in your wardrobe.


Demi Lovato loves to wear dresses. Her style of dresses is an eclectic mixture of different styles. She has been seen many times in simple black dresses.  The dress may be simple, but don’t let that fool you. She tends to choose very simple dresses and then accessorize them with extra layers, jewelry, eye-catching tights and interesting shoes. She might start with a short, black dress and put a bright belt with it, bright tights, a leather jacket and a pair of biker boots. This might sound like a jumble of styles, but it all works together well for the singer.

She also wears dresses by themselves or with a large belt when she is making public appearances. The dresses are usually solid-colored dresses with buttons, pleats or some other type of detailing. She tends to choose very low-cut dresses and ones that have either spaghetti straps or that are strapless. Often, she pairs a dress with a black, shiny belt. In some cases, she has paired a black dress with many necklaces and a short, bright sweater. One public appearance saw her in a black mini-dress covered in ruffles that was worn with three gold necklaces and a gold sweater over it all.


Like many girls her age, Demi Lovato knows the worth of a great jacket. She wears jackets over many of her pants outfits and occasionally over other garments. She often wears black or very dark blue skinny jeans that are paired with a black jacket. Sometimes she pairs a black or white jacket over a black dress. She has been seen several times in a cream-colored blazer that was worn over both pants and dresses.


One of the things that brings fun into Demi’s wardrobe is her playful use of color in her choice of tights. Sometimes she wears tights that feature a different color on each leg. Paired with a black dress, these tights make a bold statement about her sense of style. Demi was once seen wearing these tights with a black dress and a jacket.


Demi Lovato loves wearing t-shirt when she isn’t performing or attending a premiere. Her t-shirts are often printed with words or with pictures. She has been photographed in several white  t-shirts that have cute sayings on them. Her t-shirts are often paired with tight-fitting jeans and a pair of either tennis shoes or boots. Her t-shirts are sometimes crew-neck shirts and sometimes v-neck style t-shirts. She rarely pairs jewelry with her t-shirts, but saves the necklaces and bracelets for her dressier outfits.

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  1. AMY!!! · May 7, 2009

    i love you demi lovato!! you are the best

  2. Dianne · June 4, 2010

    Demi lovato is awesome.
    She has the most beautiful voice.
    She has a gift of singing.
    Demi Lovato plays a great role on Sonny with a chance.
    She has a wonderful friend named Selena Gomez.
    They are best friends, and mostly get along with each other.
    -Dianne Taked

  3. Cindy · August 12, 2010

    I love Demi Lovato, I wish I was more like her. I just love her style! Plus she’s a great idol too! She has a great voice, plus I love her in her show ‘Sonny with a chance’! She’s so mature!!

  4. Cindy · August 12, 2010

    Demi Lovato is my no.1 idol! She is a great singer and actor, plus she has a brilliant fashion sense! I really wish I could be more like her!

  5. janine · September 8, 2010

    your the best!!!i ? u demi lovato!!!:)

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