Hunting for Easter T-Shirts

Spring is many people’s favorite times of the year. Birds are chirping, bees are buzzing, and flowers are blooming. And nothing says springtime better than Easter!

If you are like most people, Easter is one of the two times you go to church each year. And what do churches have at this time? EGG HUNTS! All kids love to hunt for Easter Eggs, and some adults do, too. When organizing an egg hunt, volunteers are needed to dye eggs (or stuff them if plastic eggs are being used), assemble baskets, donate prizes, and hide eggs. Ordering matching t-shirts for the Egg Hunt volunteers is a great way to foster a sense of unity for the team. Buying custom-made Easter tees and handing them out to church members to wear a few weeks prior to the big Egg Hunt is another great reason to wear the Easter T-shirt. A cute graphic of Easter Eggs or the Easter Bunny can be used, along with the time, date, and location of the church’s Easter Egg Hunt. In addition, Easter Egg Hunt prizes can be commemorative shirts of the event; these prizes can be awarded for the most number of eggs found, the least number found, or for finding the golden egg. Some churches place tokens inside their plastic eggs, for which the kids can then trade in for small toys and games. Why not a shirt thrown in?

Of course, not everyone goes off to church for their Easter celebration. Lots of people simply get together with their families or friends (or both) to have a nice meal and their own Egg Hunt. Shirts can be ordered for the same reasons listed above, or they can get more creative and be individualized for each person. Some ideas include
– two brightly decorated Easter Eggs with “Check Out These Eggs” around them
– a picture of a candy rabbit that says “Chocolate Easter Bunny…Bite Me”
– a number of Easter eggs arranged in a wreath, with each family member or friend’s name on an egg
– a bunny juggling eggs and saying “Did you just say you forgot to boil these?”
There are lots and lots of ideas to add to the fun of this great holiday.

There are lots of people who have religious reasons for celebrating Easter. Traditionally believed as the day Jesus rose from the grave, it is one of the most important holidays for Christians. Wearing a t-shirt to spread the good news of the resurrection is a great way for believers to share the miracle. Examples of these types are:
– A graphic of Jesus with his arms open wide with “He Is Risen” below him
– A cross with an Easter lily
– A crown of thorns, 4 nails, and “Jesus is Risen”

These are all examples of different types of custom t-shirts that you can get made for Easter. While some people might think of this holiday of a serious occasion, there are others who look at it as a time for fun. If you are one of the latter, then one of these t-shirt ideas may be for you.

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