Surprise! T-shirts for Your Big Birthday Party

Whether it’s your day or you’re the party planner, custom t-shirts are a great way to celebrate.

Start with your little guy or girl’s first party. Customize a shirt with their picture and a cartoon bubble that says, “I’m 1!” Be sure to get extras for mom, dad, and grandparents. The cartoon bubble could say, “Where’s my cake?”

Customized t-shirts are a great way to celebrate any age. Start now and you and your family can have a collection by the time you turn 80! Use the birthday boy or girl’s photo and then find the perfect slogan to mark their age.

When they turn 16, try, “It’s my Sweet 16, Where’s my car?”
And just a few years later, “It’s my 21st birthday, buy me a drink!”
There are thousands of clever ideas online that you can use as inspiration and add your own unique touch to.

Use a picture of your birthday girl in a car with “1981 Classic”
“I demand a recount” with the birthday boy’s face.
On the front: “It took me 40 years to look this good”. On the back: “Marie’s Big 4-0. Gullifty’s Bar.”

Here are a few more ideas to run with.
“Fabulously 70.”
“I’m 50 and still accepting presents”
“How the f*%$ did I get to be 60”
“I’m the birthday boy”

Customized t-shirts also make festive party favors for everyone. Try “I’m with the old fart,” “I’m with the birthday girl,” or “Grandma of the bday boy.”

Does the birthday boy or girl have a favorite character? You can make a t-shirt with everyone from Sponge Bob to Austin Powers to Elvis. Maybe you have a favorite song, theme or phrase your group has been saying for ages. Use it to create a one of a kind t-shirt for your birthday celebration.

Everyone knew about Rose’s love for Frank Sinatra. When she walked into her surprise 50th birthday party, “My Way” was playing and she was handed a t-shirt. Under her picture, it said, “Doing it my way for 50 years!”

It’s easy to order your custom t-shirts online. Pick some artwork designed by the pros online or add your own pictures. Then, pick the text and add special touches like names and dates. Pick sizes, shirt styles and colors and get a quote. You can even see proofs so you can make changes online before you place your order. Plan ahead a bit. Customized t-shirts typically take about two weeks to arrive. Sometimes there is a minimum order, so be sure to get enough for the whole party.

One mom started customized bday shirts for her son at his first birthday. Now, that he’s
10, she’s making the old shirts into a quilt. It’s a time capsule of trends from the last 10 years!

When feisty Kate turned 90, her family ordered t-shirts for the whole retirement community when the time came for her birthday celebration. “Getting better with age. Kate’s 90th bday bash.” Residents wear their shirts with pride.

Make a birthday celebration your whole family will remember with unique customized t-shirts.

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