Tips for Creating and Caring for Custom Black T-Shirts

Once upon a time T-shirts mostly came in one color–white. Not anymore. Brown, red, navy blue–they’re all mainstream choices today. White is still the first choice for a lot of T-shirt wearers, but black is a fast-becoming a close second.

Why? Black T-shirts are a change from the usual choice, hide stains better, matches just about everything in your closet, and are hugely forgiving if your figure is less than flawless. Some people prefer to stock up on black T-shirts just to simplify their lives. A closet full of one color of clothes means a lot less time fretting about what to wear.

Black T-shirts are also timeless. From the 1950’s to today, black T-shirts are still considered fashionable. Some fashion experts even go so far as to classify them as a “wardrobe staple.”

Plus, “black” could mean all sorts of shades, ranging from the darkest of jet, slate and onyx to lighter colors with names such as “outer space” “dark night” and “rainstorm.”

While black is a good choice for men, since it can be dressed up or down, women have more style options. Ladies T-shirts are offered in scoop neck, V-neck, ballet neck, square neck, sweetheart neck–the list goes on.

Then there are the different fabrics. A couture-level, black, long-sleeved T-shirt could set you back $88 bucks, whereas the same cut and color of shirt costs a measly $15 at the mall. The difference? The designer T-shirt is made from 100% silk, while the mall-bought shirt is made from a cotton/polyester blend. One will look and fit better than the other, but, you get what you pay for, right?

Drawers full of stacks of black T-shirts might be fine for some people, such as Angelina Jolie (who seems like she hasn’t worn a color in two years), but others of us could use a little color to break up the monotony.

Black is the best background to make vibrant colors pop and slogans stick out. The color is also an effective canvas to showcase studs, rhinestones and other faux gems.

The downside to owning and wearing black custom T-shirts is they are prone to fading. And when they do, it’s noticeable.

Here are some tips to keep your black T-shirt black.

* Always wash them in cold water
* Add a little bit of white vinegar the water/detergent mix when you launder it the first time
* Use color-safe detergent
* If you have hard water, add water softener to the mix
* Buy tailor-made products–Woolite has a product specifically for black clothes, for example.
* Don’t dry your T-shirt in the dryer. Instead, hang it outside to dry, but NOT in direct sunlight.
* Be sure to turn your T-shirt inside out before adding it to the wash. (This is a good tip for all of your clothes, actually.)
* To freshen the color, buy black dye tablets and add one during the wash cycle

Custom black T-shirts are a must for any wardrobe. They’re easy to find, comfortable to wear, and can be dressed up or down, winter or summer. Plus, they last a long time–that is, when you take the time to launder them correctly.

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