Bra size

A, B, C, D – A Guide to Bra Cup Size

Bra size

Every woman wants it and few rarely achieve it; the perfect bra, with the perfect cup size that fits perfectly. The reason this is so hard to achieve is that there is no real standard for cup size between different manufacturers. They are the same for the most part, but can still vary somewhat. There is however a standard rule in not only determining for yourself what bra size you should buy, but also what cup size.

You first have to start out by determining what bra size you need. This is done by taking a measuring tape and measuring directly under the bust. Take that number and if it is an even number you add four inches to the total, if it is an odd number you add five inches to the total. For example, if the measurement shows you at 31 inches, then you add 5 inches to give you 36 inches. This is the size of the bra you will want to buy. Now that you have the first number, you can figure out your cup size.

Again you will need your trusty measuring tape. Take a measurement very gently across the fullest part of your breasts and make sure that the measuring tape is level in the back. Take that number and subtract the first measurement number from it and you will then be able to figure out what cup size you are. If your measurement comes out to be 38 inches, you then take the 36 inches you derived from the first measurement and subtract it from the 38 inches to give you positive 2 inches difference. In this example you would be a C cup size.

The following explains the cup size that is used by almost every bra manufacturer using this measurement method:

•    AA: Difference in the two measurements is negative one inch. Many manufacturers do not carry bras that are this small in cup size.
•    A: The two measurements are the same.
•    B: Difference in the two measurements is positive one inch.
•    C: Difference in the two measurements is positive two inches.
•    D: Difference in the two measurements is positive three inches.
•    DD: Difference in the two measurements is positive four inches.

While most women fall under the category of A, B, C, D, and DD, there are many other cup sizes that exist for those women who are especially endowed. Some of these cup sizes are:

•    E: Difference in the two measurements is positive five inches.
•    F: Difference in the two measurements is positive six inches.

Here is where it gets tricky. There are bigger cup sizes, but they vary in letter representation from one manufacturer to the next. One companies FF is another companies G. At this point you will have to consult with the sales person at the store to get a better understanding of the cup sizes per manufacturer.

Again, achieving a perfect fit may never happen, but if your bras are not fitting the way you would like them to, try the measurement method. Everyone’s body changes over time and maybe yours has changed as well. Obtaining the right cup size for maximum comfort is a little easier when you know how to measure for it.

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