Are Iron-On T-Shirt Transfers Trying to Make a Comeback in Fashion?

Apparently iron-on t-shirt transfers are not just a thing of the past. There is a growing demand for old school iron-on t-shirt transfers. While I have no idea why, people would want the old Mork and Mindy iron-on t-shirt transfer peeling off at the corner or a My Little Pony picture-T crinkled and cracking from the dryer but they do.

In years past, countless youngsters have come home with an iron-on decals or stickers and begged their mothers to help them transfer the image to one of their t-shirts. Such t-shirt transfers were readily available and could be purchased in a variety of locations.

The iron-on t-shirt transfers gave people the opportunity to customize their t-shirts with characters and logos. One advantage to these iron-on t-shirt transfers was they were fairly easy to apply and were often much less expensive than purchasing a t-shirt with the design already in place on the t-shirt. However, although simple, the application process was not completely foolproof. There were many possible mistakes to be made, and there was a significant possibility that the t-shirt would end up ruined by the peeling, wrinkling or poor placement of the transfer.

I have been wondering recently if people want t-shirt transfers because they are just unaware how far we have come in Direct-to-garment printing technology. It used to be that T-shirt transfers were the only way to create your own t-shirt but now you can use a variety of tools to design your own shirt. If it is the peeling, wrinkling and misplacement of your graphic then you might want to stick with the iron-on transfers but if its just the ability to create your own custom t-shirt there are much easier ways and we can help.

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