Celebrities 2

Celebrities Wearing T-Shirts – Issue 4 (February 23-28 2009)

Celebrities 2

Miley Cyrus was seen shopping at Rite Aid wearing a black t-shirt over an undershirt with a white designt hat said I love you.  Visit Socialite Life to view the pictures of Miley wearing her I love you t-shirt.

Kate Winslet was spotted at L.A.X wearing  an army green t-shirt with a recycling symbol and the text “Change your Mind”. Visit Celebitchy to view the pictures of Kate wearing here change your mind t-shirt.

Dev Patel was wearing a dark grey t-shirt with some type of rodent with wings. Visit Just Jared to view pictures of Dev Patel wearing the t-shirt.

Orlando Bloom wore a black and white thin striped t-shirt with his friend Eric Bana who was wearing a white t-shirt the the word Globe in blue across the chest. Visit Socialite life to view Orlando and Eric wearing t-shirts.

Brekin Meyer wore a green Empire Strikes Back t-shirt while at the Coldwater Canyon in Beverly Hills. Visit Spash News to view Brekin in his Empire Strikes Back t-shirt.

Paris Hilton was spotted in the Narita International Airport wearing jeans and a t-shirt with black text that says something like Honey Bunch and giant red lips below. Visit Bricks and Stones Gossip to check out Paris’ Honey Bunches t-shirt.

Matthew McConaughey was seen wearing his brown J.K. livin brand t-shirt once again while on vacation at Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janerio. Visit Celebslam to check out the J.K. livin t-shirt.

Melanie Brown, the formed Spice Girl was seen in West Hollywood wearing a white tank top with a tatoo style heart and roses design. VIsit Just Jared to check out the tattoo style t-shirt.

Jack Black was wearing a white t-shirt with an artistic drawing of wolves while on Hollywood.tv.  Visit The Insider to view Jack in his old school wolves t-shirt.

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