Curling T-shirts – Share the Love of this unique sport

Not everyone out there can appreciate such a sophisticated sport as curling. It takes concentration, determination, balance, and patience. Not minding the cold helps out, too. Curling isn’t a sport that gets much media in the south; not many folks in the southern parts of the US have even heard of it, much less follow the progress of its players and teams.

There are lots of you, though, who do. That’s where curling t-shirts come in. Maybe your children play on a curling team at high school. They’re actually pretty good, and are heading to the regional championships. The best way to show your support for the curling team is to wear a custom-designed tee. While it may be too cold to wear out on the ice, it definitely has a place at pre-game pep rallies and after-match celebrations.

Show team unity by getting matching tees for everyone on the team, including coaches, team parents and regular supporters or fans. Appearing, en masse, dressed in matching t-shirts, will sure to communicate unity and a winning attitude to the opposing teams.

When it’s time for training camp, ordering some matching tees will help new players feel more a part of the team they are working with. More experienced team members can gain benefit, too, they’ve got a tee just like the newbies, and they’re all in it together! If possible, having a different shirt for each day of camp will go a long way towards fostering team spirit and unity.

In addition, the shirts can be reused for public appearances when full curling uniforms aren’t required. (Golf tournaments, city tours in places you are competing, etc…) Try wearing your matching tees for website photos–they’ll give your publicity shots continuity and will draw the eye of the even casual surfer to look more closely at your site. Who knows? You may draw a brand-new curling fan to the ranks.

If curling is really big in your town, city, or even at your university or high school, selling matching tees is a great way to raise funds as needed. Fans want to show off who they love, and won’t hesitate to buy a tee that not only proclaims their passions for curling and the ice but which also shows which teams are the best.

For kids, getting matching tees for the whole family is a great way to show your support. Even if they act like they’re embarrassed, they’ll secretly be thrilled that everyone has turned out to watch them at their next match, and aren’t afraid to show their support by wearing matching, custom-designed tees.

So, whether you are a player, a fan, a family member, or anyone else involved in the sport of curling, a curling tee is right for you. You can wear it to a match, pep rally, after-match party, for publicity shots and just around the house. No matter what your level of involvement, a curling tee is the only thing you should wear.

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