Support the Democrats with a T-Shirt

As the Presidential election draws near, the talk is turning more and more to who will get the Democratic Party nomination. Will it be Hillary or Obama? Do you know? Do you have an opinion? Share it with the world! Support your political party with a Democrat t-shirt and let everyone know exactly what you think of President Bush. You can do all of this right on your t-shirt!

One fun shirt you can try is a graphic of a donkey kicking an elephant in the rear. No need to explain that one.

Another shirt that is sure to be popular in the upcoming election goes something like,
“01-20-09…Bush’s last day” This is sure to let everyone know that you can’t wait for him to leave the Oval Office.

Another Bush basher tee shows his face in a circle, with these words around the outside: “Not Smarter than a Fifth Grader”. This one definitely reflects the opinion a lot of people have of him these days, and pretty much anything that’s anti-Bush can be said to support the Democrats. For those who feel very strongly that Bush is a complete idiot, try putting one of his many mispronunciations along with his picture on the t-shirt. Definitely a pro-Democrat, anti-Republican t-shirt if there ever was one.

Let’s say, however, that you are looking for a more positive way to show your support for the Democrat Party. If you love Hillary, try a shirt that shows her looking good, and says “Lookin’ Great for 2008!”. If Barack Obama is your man, why not a wear a tee with his winning smile and the words, “Oh Mama! Obama!”.

If you really want to influence others, you can try pointing out the good things that the Democratic Party stands for. They are coming in on a platform of change and reform; a t-shirt that says “It’s Broke, Let’s Fix It; Vote Democrat” is one way you might convince others to go Democrat. At the very least, you will inspire some discussion on the topic.

Other t-shirts are emblazoned with the projects that the democrats want to complete should they take over the White House in 2008. “Going Green” is one slogan that instantly brings to mind the quest to save the environment. Improvements across the nation for healthcare are also on the agenda. Put your support for this cause on your shirt, and get people thinking about it. You may not only spark some conversation about the issue, but you may also convince voters who are otherwise on the fence to go democrat at the polls.

While the Republicans seem to be saying that they are the only ones with moral values, as a Democrat you can refute this. “Democrats have Moral Values Too” or “We Are America” can convey to others that you are not only a Democrat, but are invested in the nation’s government and want to effect a change.

No matter where you stand in your political beliefs, you can share them with a great Democrat t-shirt.

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