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Support the Democrats with a T-Shirt

As the Presidential election draws near, the talk is turning more and more to who will get the Democratic Party nomination. Will it be Hillary or Obama? Do you know? Do you have an opinion? Share it with the world! Support your political party with a Democrat t-shirt and let everyone know exactly what you think of President Bush. You can do all of this right on your t-shirt!

One fun shirt you can try is a graphic of a donkey kicking an elephant in the rear. No need to explain that one.

Another shirt that is sure to be popular in the upcoming election goes something like,
“01-20-09…Bush’s last day” This is sure to let everyone know that you can’t wait for him to leave the Oval Office.

Another Bush basher tee shows his face in a circle, with these words around the outside: “Not Smarter than a Fifth Grader”. This one definitely reflects the opinion a lot of people have of him these days, and pretty much anything that’s anti-Bush can be said to support the Democrats. For those who feel very strongly that Bush is a complete idiot, try putting one of his many mispronunciations along with his picture on the t-shirt. Definitely a pro-Democrat, anti-Republican t-shirt if there ever was one.

Let’s say, however, that you are looking for a more positive way to show your support for the Democrat Party. If you love Hillary, try a shirt that shows her looking good, and says “Lookin’ Great for 2008!”. If Barack Obama is your man, why not a wear a tee with his winning smile and the words, “Oh Mama! Obama!”.

If you really want to influence others, you can try pointing out the good things that the Democratic Party stands for. They are coming in on a platform of change and reform; a t-shirt that says “It’s Broke, Let’s Fix It; Vote Democrat” is one way you might convince others to go Democrat. At the very least, you will inspire some discussion on the topic.

Other t-shirts are emblazoned with the projects that the democrats want to complete should they take over the White House in 2008. “Going Green” is one slogan that instantly brings to mind the quest to save the environment. Improvements across the nation for healthcare are also on the agenda. Put your support for this cause on your shirt, and get people thinking about it. You may not only spark some conversation about the issue, but you may also convince voters who are otherwise on the fence to go democrat at the polls.

While the Republicans seem to be saying that they are the only ones with moral values, as a Democrat you can refute this. “Democrats have Moral Values Too” or “We Are America” can convey to others that you are not only a Democrat, but are invested in the nation’s government and want to effect a change.

No matter where you stand in your political beliefs, you can share them with a great Democrat t-shirt.

Political T-Shirts as a Way to Support Your Favorite Candidate

Wear what you preach!
Want to show your support for your favorite candidate this election season? Wear it!

“You’re in for a Rudy Awakening”
“Democrats are sexy: whoever heard of a sexy piece of elephant?”

There’s a t-shirt for all national contenders in 2008 from the current front-runners to the far-fetched politicians that could use some more name recognition. Name recognition is the number one reason why people vote for a particular candidate. So, get out there and start sporting spreading the word by just walking around.

You can easily find political t-shirts online. Look for their name, your party or the issue that you wear on your sleeve. Check out these ideas: a picture of Mitt Romney with “Got Mitt.” Hillary Clinton’s face with “You Go Girl.”

Don’t see your candidate? Created your own cool slogan? Supporting a local candidate? It’s easy to design your own shirt from the comfort of your computer and place an order online. Scan in a picture of them. Use the creativity of your campaign staff. Have a contest to create the coolest t-shirt. In no time, you can create walking billboards.

You can wear the shirt to raise awareness, buzz and name recognition. You can also have them printed and sell your sloganized shirts to raise cash for your candidate. Sell them on your website or at area events.

Buying the shirts is easy online. You pick your t-shirt color, add text, pictures, and names. You can choose from ideas and ready-made art and slogans or use your own. You can also choose from different styles. Then, get a quote. In some cases there is a minimum order. But, usually, the more t-shirts you buy, the better the discount. It typically takes about two weeks for your shirts to arrive.

Once you’ve got your shirts, start wearing them! Get people talking about your candidate and issues.

Political T-Shirts–Tell Everyone Who You DON’T Want

Want to get your anti-message out? Use a t-shirt! Online you can find a shirt to be against any politician or issue you want.

Check out these ideas.

“Nancy Pelosi’s to do list: Raise taxes. Amnesty for illegal aliens. Civil War for Iraq. Lose the war on terror.”

“Evil Conservative.”

Be a billboard for change and bring attention to your viewpoint or just poke some fun and get people talking.

Try some of these edgy slogans on a shirt.

“Hey ACLU, Merry Christmas.”


Imagine the opportunity you get to start a debate when people come up to ask you about your shirt. For many, the most exciting part of buying custom t-shirts is the actual design process. You will not only have the ability to choose from a wide variety of shirt and ink colors, but you can also upload your own image. This allows you to get the exact t-shirt you want. And of course, the end result is quite professional, and will be something that you are proud to wear day in and day out.

Take a current design online and add contact information about your local group or cause like a website or phone number. Or design your own shirt with your own catchy slogan.

It’s easy. On most sites, you pick the artwork, graphics or photos then add text and names. Pick colors and styles. You can actually see a mock-up of the shirt while you design it. That makes it simple to see what you like and make changes before you order the shirts.

Get started with a t-shirt and get your message out there!

Custom T-Shirts – Wearing Politics, Elections, Current Events

You make a political statement; chances are it may not be heard. But, wear it on your chest and you’ll stand out like a sore thumb or a messiah depending on which side of the public opinion you stand. Take the case of President George Bush. He seems the most hated man, but he’s adored too. An Afro-beat band called Mifuné, wearing custom t-shirts with a picture of George Bush with a line through it, was silenced in mid-performance at Tower City because the mall’s management felt the band’s attire was inappropriate.

Custom t-shirt–a political medium

It’s true since the time people started sporting t-shirts with their political views printed on them, it’s given them a new voice. It became that much easy to go with the mood of the nation or spark a controversy by wearing your political beliefs emblazoned on the fronts and backs of this apparel. Gone are the days when dress-code disputes limited themselves to gangsta gear or showing too much skin, politics has now become the new fashion mantra that’s giving sleepless nights to the administration. And the disputes arising out of it are making their way into the courts. Listen to this…a student gets reprimanded for wearing a t-shirt shouting ‘International Terrorist’ with a picture of President Bush. He’s told to remove it or face the consequences. He contacts the ACLU. The group files a lawsuit and wins!

But why this sudden revival of playing politics with tees? Well, the times they’re a changin’…people’s lives today are more and more affected by such issues as Iraq war, terrorism and the talk of bringing back the draft. And this is adding to the frustration of otherwise God fearing and hard working individuals. Instead of taking up the arms, people are literally wearing their protests on their arms!

The t-shirt, of course, has long been a political tool. Starting out as part of a military uniform, it has ended up as a banner of political dissent. It was just half-a-century ago that the t-shirt was declared an official part of the US Marine Corp uniform. But, forty years later someone came up with the idea of using the blank space on the chest and back as a walking billboard. If you got a surface to write your views, can politics be far away! So, it’s no surprise that this casual wear started saying things with telling effect. Vietnam ‘Hell No, We Won’t Go’ defined the role of the t-shirt as a canvas for activism, advertising, ‘subvertising’ and politics of all persuasions. Since then, the variety in political messages is only limited by the imagination of the slogan and graphic creators, as there’s no dearth of political causes.

Creating your political custom t-shirts

Today, if you want to have your political say on your custom t-shirt, you don’t have to go looking for a plain tee and try your hand at designing. There are apparel companies who’d help you out with that. And rightly so, with t-shirt being the billboard of today’s movement, why should you sacrifice quality and style with your amateur attempts. By using hi-tech machinery that allows innovative colours, embroidery and appliqué, these companies can help you in not only reproducing your idea, but evolving it too with the kind details you couldn’t even dream of. They’re aware that a simple t-shirt can be a vote for change.

So, if you want to highlight a political theme in humorous or satirical way on your tee, go for the established people in custom t-shirt printing business. They’ll design your political t-shirt in a way that’d get the message across in split seconds to make an instant impression.