Political T-Shirts as a Way to Support Your Favorite Candidate

Wear what you preach!
Want to show your support for your favorite candidate this election season? Wear it!

“You’re in for a Rudy Awakening”
“Democrats are sexy: whoever heard of a sexy piece of elephant?”

There’s a t-shirt for all national contenders in 2008 from the current front-runners to the far-fetched politicians that could use some more name recognition. Name recognition is the number one reason why people vote for a particular candidate. So, get out there and start sporting spreading the word by just walking around.

You can easily find political t-shirts online. Look for their name, your party or the issue that you wear on your sleeve. Check out these ideas: a picture of Mitt Romney with “Got Mitt.” Hillary Clinton’s face with “You Go Girl.”

Don’t see your candidate? Created your own cool slogan? Supporting a local candidate? It’s easy to design your own shirt from the comfort of your computer and place an order online. Scan in a picture of them. Use the creativity of your campaign staff. Have a contest to create the coolest t-shirt. In no time, you can create walking billboards.

You can wear the shirt to raise awareness, buzz and name recognition. You can also have them printed and sell your sloganized shirts to raise cash for your candidate. Sell them on your website or at area events.

Buying the shirts is easy online. You pick your t-shirt color, add text, pictures, and names. You can choose from ideas and ready-made art and slogans or use your own. You can also choose from different styles. Then, get a quote. In some cases there is a minimum order. But, usually, the more t-shirts you buy, the better the discount. It typically takes about two weeks for your shirts to arrive.

Once you’ve got your shirts, start wearing them! Get people talking about your candidate and issues.

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