Custom T-Shirt Ideas for The Price is Right

As long as the Price as Right has been on TV, most people have dreamed at one time or another of going on the show. They might have a specific game in mind that they want to play, or they may want the chance to win a brand new car. Some people just want a chance to meet the host. If you’ve decided to go ahead and try to get to contestant’s row, you’ll need the perfect t-shirt to get there.

Choosing a t-shirt design to wear on The Price is Right is something that has become a tradition among contestant hopefuls. Will the right t-shirt get a person on the show? Who knows. It might not be the only reason that someone gets on, but it may end up being one deciding factor. What most people want to do is to get noticed and to be remembered by the staff of the show. This may make it more likely that the person is chosen to go on down and become the latest contestant.

The show does not allow people to wear business names across their shirt. They don’t want any copyright infringements or commercial names to be on the show for legal reasons. This leaves it up to the imagination of each person as to what will get attention and look great on a t-shirt. Some people choose to draw caricatures of the host, the models or all of them. This is a cute way to get attention from the show’s staff. It gives the host an opportunity to comment on the shirt if you are chosen.

Some people pick their favorite Price is Right game and illustrate that on their t-shirt. Or, they may simply name the game in big, bold letters to get a little attention. The t-shirt can also feature a drawing of a car to show everyone what it is they hope to win. A design that shows cash or another coveted prize may also do the trick.

A catchphrase from the show can also make a very memorable t-shirt. If you can’t think of one besides “come on down,” and you don’t want to use that one, watch the show a few times and notice the phrases that the host uses over and over. You may discover something that will make every bit as good a t-shirt as the more familiar catchphrase, but it will stand out more from the t-shirts that do use that saying.

The key to any Price is Right t-shirt is to make it brightly-colored and noticeable. The shirt’s design should be large so that it can be seen by the cameras. The host should be able to see it and read it from the stage. Use bright colors as well as large letters to make the design clear. Using a colored background with darker letters or lines may also make it more noticeable. With a bright, noticeable shirt that makes people smile, how can the staff resist putting you right up there in the game?

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