The Top 10 Best Places to Wear A T-Shirt

T-shirts are a common clothing staple. They are comfortable, often stylish, relatively cheap, and easy to care for. They’re so great, you may wonder why you can’t wear a t-shirt for every occasion. While wearing a t-shirt to many events or locations may get you strange looks or even stares, below are the ten best places to wear a t-shirt and be perfectly dressed.

1.    A concert
2.    A theme park
3.    A college or professional sporting event
4.    A workout
5.    A protest rally
6.    A casual date
7.    A home improvement store
8.    A pre-school art class
9.    A do-it yourself car wash
10.    A lazy day around the house

What about these places makes them perfect for wearing a t-shirt? The first five best places to wear a t-shirt provide you the chance to make a statement about yourself and your interests. T-shirts in these situations serve to show that you part of a larger group. Without a 10 year old concert t-shirt, how does anyone know how far back your love of the singer goes? Or, at a sporting event, how to do you who is your enemy to razz if they don’t display their team colors? At a theme park, your family may want a convenient way to account of your group traveling in masse. T-shirts are a lot less embarrassing way of keeping track of your family than making everyone hold a rope as they travel from ride to ride!

Graphics are common on t-shirts. We choose these shirts because of their message. They state our view to others everywhere we go. A rally is a perfect use for this. Whether you want to save a beach, raise money for a children’s hospital, or show you’re pissed off at your employer, where better to show it than on your body!

If you’ve ever participated in a competitive sporting event or were even part of a school sports team, you have them. T-shirts to show you were part of that group or event. These shirts are perfect to wear for workouts. Without saying a word, you can show you’ve got athletic ability. They also are perfect conversation starters for those who use the gym to find their next dates.

The sixth and seventh best places to wear a t-shirt are for those situations in which you want to fit in with your surroundings. You’re on a casual date, maybe even a first date. You have plenty to be nervous about. Stick with your tired and true perfect fitting t-shirt. Or, if you’re a woman and have ever gone to a home improvement store alone, you know that you stick out like a sore thumb if you’re not in boots, jeans, and a t-shirt. Join the men on this one and wear the standard issue gear which includes a t-shirt during your next trip. It’s a when in Rome do like the Romans do thing. You won’t be self-conscious as wander the aisle looking for a tool you’ve never heard of and whose name you can’t pronounce.

A t-shirt is just practical for the remaining three best places to wear a t-shirt. Comfort and not style are what matter. This is especially true in the case of the old t-shirt turned painting smock in your child’s art class. These t-shirt opportunities allow you to show your green side by reusing that favorite old t-shirt instead of throwing it out.

Whether showing your dedication to your sports team, fitting in, or just being comfortable, a t-shirt always makes the right statement!

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