Does My T-shirt Make Me Look Fat?

Does my T-shirt make me look fat? This is a common question from T-shirt wearers of many different sizes, both genders and a variety of different ages. No matter what we wear, many of us tend to ask this question automatically because we are concerned with how our clothes make us appear. Some people ask these questions out loud to their spouse, parent, close friend or sibling. Others will ask it to salespeople or even anyone who is nearby. Still others tend to ask such questions to themselves and silently wonder without actually coming out and saying the words to another person.

When you are shopping for a T-shirt or putting on a shirt you haven’t worn in a while there are some guidelines to keep in mind to be sure that you have a good fit and the right style. Following these guidelines will ensure that you are confident that your T-shirt does not make you look fat.

One thing to be careful of when choosing a T-shirt is the style. If you are concerned about looking fat, be sure to avoid horizontal stripes on a T-shirt. You may also want to steer away from shirts that have bright colors or designs. Darker shirts or something that draws the eye vertically instead of horizontally will make you appear thinner. For women, it is important to choose feminine styled T-shirts. The length will be more flattering. The sleeves will arrive mid-arm or above, as they should. The necklines are more versatile. You can choose a V-neck or scoop necked shirt to create a sleeker look. You can also find fitted T-shirts that will follow a woman’s lines that are much more attractive than unisex styled tees.

Sizing is incredibly important to take into consideration when trying to decide if a T-shirt makes you look fat. If you are wearing something that is too big for you, thinking that the excess material will cover up any body flaws you may have, you are wrong. Oversized T-shirts make it appear that you are oversized too. They make you look larger and are sloppy, especially if the arms are too long or the neckline too large. Leave oversized T-shirts for sleeping in.

Similarly, shirts that are too fitted are not better than the oversized ones. If your shirt is too tight you will have the look of a stuffed sausage, which is definitely not attractive. Shirts that are too small definitely make both men and women look fat. The key is to find T-shirts that are not too big nor too small. Bear in mind when you are purchasing T-shirts to expect a little shrinkage, even from pre-shrunk T-shirts, therefore do not buy a shirt that fits perfectly. Go for something a little larger, so it can shrink to the perfect size. Remember, when T-shirts start to stretch out or look misshapen, it’s time to replace them with a new higher-quality one to look your best.

Get your perfect style and ideal size T-shirt today and ensure that the answer is always no when you ask, “Does my T-shirt make me look fat?”

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