SPF t-shirt

Does your t-shirt protect you from UVB rays? New SPF 30+ Protection T-Shirts

SPF t-shirt

The Solar Protective Factory announced today that they have created the first all cotton t-shirt that has received a seal of recommendation for its UPF rating from the Skin Cancer Foundation. The t-shirt has a UPF 50+ rating and is said to maintain this for quality of protection for over two years. The shirts were tested by laundering them forty times and exposing it to 100 hours of ultraviolet exposure. The Solar Protective Factory archived the high UPF rating through “innovations in fabric construction including thread type and loft, the warp and fil weave and knitting and pharmacologically inert dyes and chemical treatments.”

According to the company the American Cancer Society recommends that a t-shirt should provide at least the equivalent of SPF 15 but the average 100% cotton t-shirt has equivalent of 4-10 SPF. The new t-shirts from the Solar Protective Factory are said to have way more protection up to 30 SPF. The SPF t-shirts are priced from $11.95 to $17.95 and are available at the SPF Store.

For more information check out the SPF press release, the more information on the products, or buy an SPF shirt.

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