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What To Wear to a Wedding

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Going to a wedding is always an exciting event. There is almost nothing more special than being witness to two people committing to spending their life together as husband and wife. Weddings come in all different styles, sizes, themes and degrees of formality. What to wear for a wedding depends on a variety of things however it is typically fairly easy to decipher.

The bride and groom typically set a style for their wedding and it is usually obvious from some of the choices they make what tone they are striving for on their special day. A very formal invitation may be an indication of a formal wedding with formal wear anticipated. Some couples even specify on their invitations if they expect black tie or white tie formalwear. A very casual and simple invitation is often an indicator of a simpler wedding with a more casual look and feel to how people are dressed.

The location of a wedding is often a giveaway about the degree of formality required for wedding wear. Backyard weddings, beach weddings, courthouse weddings and other casual venue weddings give the impression that attendees should dress nicely but not formally. A sundress or skirt and top might be a good choice for a woman attending such a wedding. Dress pants and a short sleeved button down shirt are likely appropriate for the guys. If the wedding is to take place in a cathedral, a country club, an upscale hotel or other reception area, more formal wear is typically required. If a wedding takes place after dark, it is usually an indicator of formality.

The betrothed couple, themselves are a great indication of what to wear for their wedding. If they are the type of people who enjoy dressing up and attend fancy balls and events on a regular basis, chances are they will opt for a rather formal wedding. If the couple is very laid back, unsophisticated or have simple tastes, the wedding will likely be a more down-to-earth affair.

Themes will also dictate the way you should dress for a wedding. Some couples opt for a masquerade wedding or a theme like Hawaiian or Western. On occasion, some people request all guests to wear one color or color combination, especially for smaller weddings. This takes the guesswork out of what to wear to a wedding. However if you are truly stumped, talk with someone who is involved in the occasion like a bridesmaid or the bride’s or groom’s mother. She will likely be able to answer your question as to what is appropriate for the wedding you are attending.

What not to wear to a wedding is anything that will prove to be dressier than the bride and groom’s outfits. It is especially important that women attending weddings do not wear long white dresses, unless instructed otherwise. To do so risks upstaging the bride, which is always bad form for every wedding.

Get your wedding attendee ensemble today and enjoy sharing in the most important part of a couple’s life.

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