Even Edward Cullen Would Wear a Cool Custom Printed T-shirt

If you don’t know who Edward Cullen is, it could be that you’ve spent the last month on a safari in rural Africa. Or it could be that you’ve been on a research mission to outer space. Maybe you’ve been on a media boycott that involved a television-less, magazine-less refuge during which you never left the confines of your home. Short of any of these pastimes, you’ve probably heard of this cultural phenomenon.

Edward Cullen is a very unique celebrity in that he doesn’t actually exist. That’s right, Edward Cullen is merely a figment of one now legendary writer’s imagination. But you don’t need to have read Twilight to feel like you’re already best friends with this ultra cool fellow. He’s everywhere these days.

Not to spoil the fun, but not only does Edward not exist, but he’s also a vampire: another imaginary creature. However, Edward is the coolest thing ever to walk among the un-dead, according to teenage girls everywhere. In keeping with mythology, Edward is the modern reincarnation of the immortal species with devastating good looks and cutting edge fashion sense.

Since Edward isn’t actually real and girls all over the world are just ‘dying’ to get a date with him, it’s understandable that some guys might want to harness a little bit of his irresistible “vampiric” charm and style. However, the essence of that style is subject to anyone’s creative interpretation.
Dressing like Edward Cullen means being dressed to the nines no matter who you are or where you’re going. This guy knows that hiding his age means keeping up with the times. But exuding a little fashion prowess doesn’t mean you have to be a night dweller.

In fact, there’s a great way to dress like Edward yet still maintain your own sense of style. You can even create your own Edward-inspired wardrobe that will be completely unique to all of the other Edward look-alikes that are cropping up across the country. Custom-designed t-shirts are a great way to get Edward Cullen’s sense of style but with your own flair.

With the help of a top notch custom t-shirt printing company, you can design your very own Cullen clan-worthy t-shirts without having to search the malls and online stores for Edward gear that’s already been selected by other Twilight fans. Your wardrobe will be so unique that those around you will scratch their heads and wonder if you aren’t the real Edward Cullen. Well, maybe they’ll wonder if you aren’t the inspiration for the character.

The best thing about having a closet full of specially designed and custom printed t-shirts is that all of your fellow Edwardians will want to know where you found such unique apparel. Whether to come clean about the source of your finds is up to you. It’s hard enough being a regular guy in a world of Edward Cullen-obsessed ladies. It’s best to spread the wealth and let your fellow guys in on your handy new secret of custom printed t-shirts.

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