Fashionable V Necks Don’t Have To Be Undershirts

Traditionally V-neck T-shirts for men have long been used as undershirts only. One of the great features of the V neck undershirt is that you can wear it below an open button down shirt,  sweater or other type of shirt and not have to worry about the collar of the undershirt showing. This made V-necks a preferred choice for many men. Another thing that makes V-necks a popular choice is that they fit much more comfortably for men with larger than average necks. Luckily fashionable V-necks don’t have to be just used as undershirts anymore. They look great on their own as a regular T-shirt.

For women V-necks have long been a favorite and very popular option in T-shirts. They have been worn under other clothes and alone as a regular T-shirt too. However, for men, V-neck T-shirts have been worn only under other clothing items and not as a stand-alone T-shirt. However that has now all changed. Men’s V-neck T-shirts are now available in fashionable colors and are very popular. They look great on most all men. In fact they are much sexier than the regular crewneck tee that has long been a T-shirt staple.

A great outfit to throw together using a V-neck T-shirt is a simple T-shirt and jeans look. V-necks look great tucked in or not. They dress up a simple pair of jeans for a modern, trendy look. Opting for different color T-shirts will add to the allure of the V-neck tee too. V-neck shirts also still a good choice for layering and can be worn nicely under an open button down shirt, cardigan or blazer.

When you are ready to diversify your wardrobe with the addition of some fashionable V-necks, the best way to get them is by having them custom-made. You will be able to choose the fit of the shirt, the color, the fabric weight and the design, as well as the neckline. You can opt for a variety of different V-necks customized with anything you want on them. Many people opt to create popular design based tees that say things like Eat, Sleep, Play Golf or I heart golf.

You can also use customize a V-neck T-shirt in any number of ways. It can be for a special event. It can be a pride shirt stating that you are proud of a particular person or of belonging to a particular group. It can be to flaunt your accomplishments or favorite hobbies. It can even be a provocative T-shirt or a downright funny one. You can put a picture, image or graphic on it. People also use customized T-shirts as a way to campaign, educate others, celebrate, stand up for something, state their beliefs, ignite controversy, start discussions and say what they really feel. Let your imagination run wild and have a T-shirt created that is uniquely you.

Get your fashionable V-neck T-shirt and break out of the pattern of V-necks as undershirts only.

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  1. AlanP

    personally I don’t think v-necks can go with any kinds of shorts for men. I’m guessing that must be because most people wear crews for day it might change

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