How to Create a Novelty Maternity T-shirt

Novelty maternity

Novelty Maternity T-Shirts Ideas

Pregnancy is such a fun and exciting time in a woman’s life. It is no surprise that so many ideas for novelty maternity t-shirts have cropped up in recent years. One of the fun parts of having a baby is celebrating the unique qualities this child will posses. As the new parents work to individualize their child by decorating the nursery and picking out baby names, they can also express their excitement by wearing novelty maternity t-shirts.

– How to Create a Novelty Maternity T-shirt

There are a few different ways to go with novelty maternity t-shirts. You can focus on the specifics of the family and due date, funny sayings and quotes, or make a statement. The most personal idea for a novelty maternity t-shirt is to incorporate the family’s name or child’s due date on the item. For instance, “Baby Ramsey – Due in June” or “Rick and Robin’s Work in Progress”. Even the due date “12/11/07 – Give or Take 2 weeks!” can be a fun way to inform people of the impending event. This will also serve as a lasting keepsake of the pregnancy.

There are so many funny sayings for novelty maternity t-shirts, you will have fun just browsing through them all. “Oops!” is hilarious on a 9-month bulging belly! “Start me with Seconds – I’m Eating for Two!” and “When Momma’s Happy…” are both fun sayings for a t-shirt. “Who’s the Daddy?” can be funny, if it’s not too true, and doesn’t offend Dad!

In fact, there are even novelty maternity t-shirts intended for Dad to wear. “Baby Daddy” and “Sympathy Belly” are both fun ideas for novelty maternity t-shirts, and a great way to draw Dad into the excitement.

– Got Something to Say?

Of course a pregnant woman is bound to attract attention. The question is –what do you want to do with it? Your novelty t-shirt can act as a warning to others, “Hands Off the Belly!” It can send a message, “We Like Surprises” or “Two for One!” You may choose religious sentiments like “Miracle in Progress” or “God at Work.” Some people choose political statements like “One More for the Red/Blue States!” Or it can be sports related “Future Jaguars Fan.”

Of course, you may just want to keep in sweet and simple. There are many ideas for novelty maternity t-shirts that are cute and to the point. “Baby Bump” or, “Yo Mama” or, “Mom in Training” would all be fun.

– Coming Up With Your Own Ideas for Novelty Maternity T-Shirts

While there are literally hundreds of great ideas for novelty maternity t-shirts around, you may have your own.  And it’s easy to have this put onto a custom made shirt. “Enjoying Sleep for the Last Time” may strike a chord. If this is your sentiment, find a shirt and create your own unique novelty maternity t-shirt.  You can also add images or picture to make it even more personal.

Whether for yourself or a gift for someone who is having a baby, the ideas for novelty maternity t-shirts are many. They are only limited to your imagination and the many choices that abound on the Internet, stores and catalogs. Happy Shopping!

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