Zombie school girl

How to Dress Like a Zombie School Girl

Zombie school girl

Dressing like a zombie school girl is an interesting variation of the original school girl costume that so many women love to do. Countless women dress as a Catholic school girl every year for Halloween, so why not give your costume a scary twist this year and ensure that you will not be one of dozens with the same costume? By adding an undead aspect, you will create a unique outfit that turns heads and stands out at the parties. This is Halloween after all – the purpose is to be as frightening as possible!
Zombie school girl costume items are the same as a regular school girl outfit. Everything you need is listed below.

•    short plaid, pleated skirt
•    white knee-high hosiery
•    Mary Jane shoes with heels
•    tight white button down shirt (short sleeved)
•    zombie makeup kit
•    scissors
•    hairspray

The key to pulling together the zombie school girl costume is combining sexiness with death. Be sure that your skirt is very short, and your white shirt is very tight. Wear a push up bra and unbutton the shirt to show off your sexy cleavage. Pair the knee-high hosiery with the Mary Janes, and the sexy part of your costume is complete. Now time to be undead.

To pull off the zombie look, you must shred your clothes. This shows that you really were attacked by hungry zombies wanting to eat your brain. Use the scissors to create gashes and fringes on your clothing. You can rip off pieces as well so it won’t look so clean cut. You will also need to be dirty, so the best way to do this is to roll around a patch of dirt in your front lawn.

No zombie would be complete without that ghostly pallor. Find a zombie makeup kit at any costume shop to create the look you need. First, cover your face and neck with white face paint so that you look drained of color. Next, wear black or greenish eye shadow and extend the color underneath your eyes to intensify that bruised and shadowy look.

Fake wounds are zombie necessities. You can buy fake skin at costume shops and apply it to your arms and neck to look like deep gashes. You will also need to buy fake blood. The best way to wear this is to apply around your mouth then allow it to drip down to your neck. As soon as it dries, it won’t budge all night, even after all of your feedings. Be sure to smear some blood on various areas of your clothing too. This is a violent and bloody lifestyle after all. Makeup is a really fun way to really bring this outfit to life – or death, if you will.

To polish off the look, you will need zombie hair. To achieve this style, simply tease endlessly until you have a stringy and messy pouf and hairspray to hold. Throw a few twigs and leaves in for good measure and extra authenticity. Now you are ready for the night!
Being a zombie school girl allows you to step out of your personality and become something else for an evening. When you let your imagination take over, you have the ability to create an original and terrifying costume.

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