How to Dress Like Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung is a model turned TV personality who is a familiar figure in fashion. She is often on best dressed lists and is frequently in the front row of fashion shows when she is not onstage. She is an advocate for multiple charities and has even designed jewelry for a Fair Trade organization. Many of the pieces she designed are often seen with the outfits she wears.

Alexa’s style is often referred to as London street chic. She always looks trendy and well put together, but of course would look good in practically anything. Alexa often has a tousled, messy hairdo going on, but her outfits get all the attention. She has a knack for putting together things that look simply great. One of her signature looks is definitely the T-shirt dress, layered with a cardigan and black tights, boot shoes and a big bag to round it out.

Alexa definitely likes to try a variety of different things and can be seen sporting many varied looks. Sleeveless shirts, tank tops and tops with spaghetti straps are common features of Alexa Chung’s style. She often pairs these with sexy, tight jeans for a fresh, young look. While she will occasionally be seen in more lively colors, most of her wardrobe is made up of tones of black, gray, brown and blue.

Dressing up means mini skirts and dresses for Alexa. Short hemlines show off her great model’s legs. For a little warmth and to pull an outfit together she is often seen in black tights. She also favors layering such looks with cardigans, see-through tops and light jackets. For extra special occasion she often opts for short, strapless billowy dresses that are reminiscent of the prom seasons of the 1980s. Yet for Alexa, the look works.

Alexa Chung is not as obsessed with big bags as many other style mavens. While she does occasionally go for the big bag, she is also often seen with smaller bags and even clutches. Her taste in accessories tends to lean towards wide belts and long necklaces with large pendants. When it comes to shoes, Alexa gravitates towards shoe boots. If you are trying to emulate her look keep the jewelry toned down. More of her style comes from the clothing she wears.

Alexa Chung’s style is sometimes very casual. She can often be seen in T-shirts and jeans. Many of the T-shirts in her wardrobe are simple white tees with a fun design printed on them. If you are looking to emulate the exciting Alexa Chung style, a great place to start is with some skinny jeans and some fun, printed T-shirts. You can have a custom-printed T-shirt made easily by simply choosing the color you want and the design you would like on it. Practically anything you want can adorn a tee. Copy a fun style like Alexa’s, or create something completely unique to you.

Get started today by investing in the basics of an Alexa Chung wardrobe and before you know it, people will be mistaking you for her.

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