Anne Hathaway

How to Dress Like Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is known or her simple, elegant style. To get her look, it’s important to use a number of classic pieces for your everyday style and to choose the latest dress styles for your nighttime look.


Anne Hathaway’s red carpet look is all about simple glamour. She loves to wear bright colors in simple lines that flatter her figure. The dresses that she likes best when she’s out in front of the photographers are short dresses that are about knee length or slightly shorter. The dresses are usually either strapless or they have thin straps.

She has been photographed in bright red and yellow dresses as well as deep purple, burgundy and black Her favorite colors for her glamorous occasions tend to be red and black monochromatic dresses. Most of her dresses have full skirts of plenty of draping around the skirt to create a tailored waistline that looks smaller. This is flattering to many figure types and can be done with some dresses by adding a slim belt.

One of her classic looks is a dress in black and white. If you want this look, find a dress that is mostly done in simple black but that has some white embellishments. This may be a white collar, a white printed design or white at the hem or cuffs. Some of her dresses have a small white jacket, white shrug or other white accessory that sets off he black of the dress. Make sure the dress has an interesting neckline and you have a dress that Anne Hathaway would love to wear.

Anne Hathaway loves pieces that look retro and have a simple 50s feminine silhouette. Her favorite fashion label is Channel because of their classic shapes and styles. To get her look, go for Channel pieces, especially vintage Channel.


When Anne Hathaway is dressed up, her shoes are always impeccable. She wears Mac Jacobs, Manolo Blahnik and Prada shoes to just about every occasion. And, don’t be too ashamed to recycle shoes for different outfits if you want to dress like Anne Hathaway. She once admitted to owning only three pairs of high heels and rotating those three for five years. To get her shoe look, go for high-quality high heels that are strappy and solid colored. Get opened-toes shoes to get the complete look. Choose red, black or gold for your heels and pair them with coordinating dresses.


When dressing like Anne Hathaway, keep the accessories small. While she does wear some jewelry, it is never the focal point of her outfit. She sometimes wears a small necklace or pair of earrings that are tasteful and sparkly. A simple pair of diamond studs and a necklace with a small diamond pendant would be perfect ways to complement an Anne Hathaway outfit.

When you choose a purse for your outfit, think small. Just like Anne Hathaway’s jewelry, her purses are tiny and not the focal point of her outfits. Choose a tiny cultch purse that will hold just the basics in order to get her handbag look.

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