How to Dress Like James Bond

James Bond is a character known as much for his impeccable style as he is for his stunts and secret agent activities. His style is always simple and classic, no matter what the occasion.

To dress like James Bond, it’s important to distinguish between the many incarnations of the character. The latest version of James Bond is Daniel Craig’s quiet portrayal of the secret agent. His modern look is an updated version of the classic looks sported by James Bond actors in the past.

Suites and Tuxes

The modern James Bond still sports suits and tuxedos during much of his movies. His secret agent suits are extremely pricy suits made by Brioni, but there are many suit makers who are now copying the style of James Bond and offering their items with far more affordable prices. Some companies have copied specific suits from modern James Bond movies, creating affordable versions that are very much in keeping with James Bond’s style. The Goldfinger Royale Suit is one such example.

When choosing a suit for your James Bond look, stick with dark gray or black. James Bond goes for understated looks that are classics. Navy blue or brown are not in keeping with that principle.

When opting for a tux, choose one with classic lines and little fuss. James Bond doesn’t need a lot of adornments to make his outfit look serious- he does that with his eyes. Choose a simple, black tux, single breasted. Pair it with a simple white tuxedo shirt and a small black bow tie. Never choose a red tie or a shirt with a lot of pleats if you want to look authentic.

When accessorizing your tuxedo, choose simple, dark cufflinks. His cufflinks are generally small and either black or metallic. Anything that is too large, sparkly or brightly colored is not a good choice for this look. Remember that when dressing like James Bond, your attitude is the biggest adornment. Anything too flashy or eye catching will take away from that look.


James Bond’s suit pants generally have inverted pleats and a traditional tab closure in the front. The pants can be bought from suit makers who make traditional suit pants using these construction methods. For an authentic, traditionally-British look, choose wool pants like these 007-inspired wool-blend pants.

Casual Wear

In keeping with his simple, elegant style, you won’t see James Bond wearing printed t-shirts. He does, however, wear plenty of plain ones. He wears both crew-neck and v-neck t-shirts that are in solid, neutral colors. A plain white v-neck t-shirt is one of his more casual looks, but he also wear gray t-shirts when dressed down.

When going for the James Bond casual look, wear a cotton t-shirt rather than a polyester or cotton-blend t-shirt. Cotton t-shirts have a stretchable shape that is perfect for showing off a James Bond physique. Cotton adjusts to fit the wearer well, making the t-shirt look like it was custom made for the person. And for James Bond, the fit is an important aspect of the style.

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