Marilyn Monroe

How to Dress Like Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

In the middle of the last century there was no bigger star or sex symbol than Marylyn Monroe. She was so popular that she even got to sing Happy Birthday to then President of the United States, John F. Kennedy.  She was a brilliant actress that unfortunately couldn’t seem to shed her ‘dumb blonde’ look and so her roles were limited. What she did achieve in her short life though was the admiration of women everywhere. Still to this day over 40 years after her tragic passing she is loved and admired by women of all ages. For this reason many women want to emulate her and learn how to dress like her.

To capture the essence of Marilyn Monroe you have to go after the more simplistic look and have the ability to make it look amazing as Monroe did. Here are some tips to help you dress like Marilyn Monroe:

•    Go with dresses: Monroe often wore dresses and anyone who knows the famous seen of her white dress blowing up knows why. While there are some shots of her in pants and even jeans, for the most part she was a dress girl. When you choose your dresses go with the style of dress that is more form fitting on the top and flows out at the bottom. Don’t just go with just white either as Monroe wore a number of different colors. You can try all sorts of pastel colors here but stay away from dark as Monroe wasn’t a fan of it. Stick to pinks, yellows, and anything else that is bright and cheery.
•    Very high heels: Monroe had great legs and used a very high heel to accentuate this fact. Because she wore dresses all the time, she wore heels all the time, though it has been said that she always wore heels, even when she was being her most casual in jeans. Choose heels that have a closed toe for the most part and make sure that the color compliments the outfit you are wearing.
•    Accessories: Monroe was a simple girl here. She usually wore a simple string of pearls, some chandelier earrings and nothing else. Make sure that your earrings sport diamonds as Monroe’s always did and never forget what she said, ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.’
•    Hair and make-up: Cut your hair shoulder length and bleach it blonde. Give it some added style and flare by giving it loose or tight curls. Wearing your hair this way will give you that ‘blonde bombshell look.’ Wear plenty of make-up but always try to achieve a look of not having too much on with the exception of your lips. Here you will want to go with a bright red that draws attention to you. Monroe had wonderfully long eyelashes and if you don’t, you can always wear false ones.

Now simply add a little wiggle to your hips when you walk and make your voice as sultry as possible and your transformation into Marilyn Monroe will be complete.

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