Paula Deen

How to Dress Like Paula Deen

Paula Deen

Paula Deen is a cook from Georgia who specializes in traditional southern cooking. She learned how to cook from her grandmother, which would lead to her successful career. Paula started in the food business with her own catering company which quickly grew to successful restaurant in downtown Savannah. In 2002 her Food Network show Paula’s Home Cooking premiered which brought her national and international fame and popularity. She has also published a number of successful cookbooks and has appeared on numerous TV talk shows including The Today Show and Oprah.

Paula is a simple and traditional southern woman who dresses the part. She wears clothing that’s comfortable and classic and easy to move around in so as not to hamper her movement in the kitchen. Dressing like Paula Deen, with a few simple tips, can be easy ya’ll!

The first thing you notice about Paula Deen is her glowing silver hair. It has that special Paula flip and lots and lots of volume! To emulate Paula Deen you don’t need to have the same hair, but it would help. You can always opt for a gray wig to help you get the look if you don’t naturally have silver locks. Just style it big and layered with a flip toward the back, away from the face, and soft bangs on the forehead.

Beyond her hair, Paula’s tops and blouses are the next things you notice. To get her look opt for solid colors in pinks and corrals and light greenish-blues. The best style is button down with long sleeves and notched collar. These simple tops can be found in most department stores. To emulate Paula make sure you unbutton the cuffs and roll up the sleeves up to about midway up your forearm. Be sure to leave your top untucked as Paula never tucks her shirt in.

The next item of clothing is pants. Find simple cotton pants that are comfortable and washable. A cook shouldn’t be wearing dry cleanables! Paula tends to wear black or khaki pants. Make sure to pair those with sensible, comfortable shoes.

Another item that’s great to have when dressing like Paula Deen is an apron. Try to find one that is a bib style apron so it will cover the front of your shirt as well as protect your pants. Paula doesn’t always wear an apron but when she does it’s bib style. You can find a huge variety of aprons for sale online as well as at cook and kitchen supply stores.

Another must have when dressing like Paula Deen is a visor. When Paula cooks outside or grills, she often wears a visor. She can protect her hairdo that way as well as shade her eyes.

Paula Deen is a staple among foodies and appreciators of classic southern cooking. She has a sensibility and style all her own, but dressing like her is a snap with just a few articles of clothing that match her style.

3 thoughts on “How to Dress Like Paula Deen

  1. Lonnie

    I love Paula’s look! I picked up a bunch of Aida shirts from so I can pretend I’m her when I’m in the kitchen. I don’t think my kids think I’m there when it comes to cooking.

  2. Ann Egan

    Where can Paula Deen’s clothing line be found. (really liked the top she wore on Jay Leno 10/24/11). She didn’t get enough time to plug her clothing line.

  3. Nanny

    You forgot the jewelry honey. Big rings and longish chain statement pieces. And her makeup is southern refined.

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