Pete Wentz

How to Dress Like Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz has a sought-after, indie style that many people in the music business try to emulate. When you see a musician wearing the latest trends in indie and scene fashion, Pete Wentz usually did it first. When you want to dress like Pete Wentz, think black. The basis of his entire wardrobe is black pieces and other pieces that are heavily accented with black.

Jeans and Pants

To get the Pete Wentz look, start with the jeans. He has many, many pairs of black jeans. Some are a lighter shade of black than others, allowing him to wear a deep pair of black jeans with dressier shirts and a more added pair of black jeans with a more casual shirt. The jeans are usually very tight fitting and have a tapered led. Many of his jeans have a low rise, but he also wears jeans that sit at the natural waist. To get his look, try a pair of jeans with a low rise that fit tightly all the way down to the ankles.

Other than black jeans, Pete Wentz also wears plain black pants. These pants fit tightly and are tapered, just like the jeans, And like the jeans, the top of the pants usually have a low rise. These modern-style pants can be dressed up or down, like the jeans. Occasionally he pairs a jacket with the black pants in order to dress them up for an event. This allows him to dress up without wearing a more traditional outfit such as a suit.


Pete Wentz wears a lot of t-shirts, usually long sleeved. The shirts are usually black, like most of his wardrobe. Sometimes he wears printed t-shirts in more than one color, but they usually incorporate some black in them. The t-shirt should fit tightly like the pants.

Some of Pete Wentz’s t-shirts are vintage or vintage-style t-shirts that have a printed location on them. These can be found at thrift stores on in vintage clothing shops. A t-shirt that advertises a small, local restaurant that no one has heard of or that is long gone is a perfect Pete Wentz look. Sometimes Pete Wentz will wear a dark vest over his t-shirts for a retro look that sets him apart.

Pete Wentz is also a big fan of hoodies. A black, long-sleeved hoodie is a must if you want to dress like Pete Wentz. Put on the hoodie over the t-shirt, leaving the top of the hoodie undone to show off the t-shirt underneath it. When you wear the hoodie, keep the hood over your head to get the same look as Pete Wentz.


A big part of the indie look is the shoes. Pete Wentz wears many different styles of old-style skater shoes that have plenty of wear. Look for Converse or Van’s shoes that are either black, another dark color or that have a pattern on them. Black and white checkered shoes are a perfect way to complete your Pete Wentz look.

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