How to Dress Like You are from the 90s

By the 1990s, the fashion crimes of the 80s had faded away. The teased hair and legwarmers were gone. But those who thought that the 1990s would mean a new, brighter dawn for fashion, they were sorely mistaken and no doubt disappointed. Fashion critics everywhere would be hard pressed to decide whether the styles of the 1990s were any better than those of the 80s. Most would say that they weren’t better or worse, they were just different.

For all of the high-wasted jeans and puff bangs, the styles of the 80s demanded cleanliness. It’s rather difficult to achieve that oh-so-desirable wavy frizz without fresh clean hair. However, the 1990s required no such ceremony. Fashion in the 1990s was a world in which anything goes. The slouch boots were out, but grunge reigned supreme. The 1990s gave fashion critics something entirely new to shudder about.
In a word, the 90s were the days in which people took casual dressing to a new level. Not only were baths optional, but most people looked like they had just rolled out of bed. Apparently, many folks had passed up pajamas and started hitting the sack in faded flannel button-ups and t-shirts. Baggy jeans were all the rage and the more you looked like you just didn’t care what you looked like, the more stylish you became.
Who’s to blame for all of this fashion debauchery? It’s hard to say, and because it’s not polite to point fingers, you would be hesitant to actually name a source of inspiration for the crumbling of hygiene and social formality. However, you can’t deny that the likes of Kurt Cobain, Kate Moss, and other such fashion and cultural icons took the reins on transforming 90s fashion into the no-frills, no-showers, no-hassle affair that it was.

With that, dressing like you’re from the 1990s is easier than almost any other decade. Not only is it the most recent of fashion fiascos, it’s also the most basic. All you need is a pair of old jeans and a crummy t-shirt.

However, therein lies the biggest myth about 1990s fashion. The truth is that those messy looking youngsters cared a great deal about what they wore and how they looked. Their attention to detail showed in the t-shirts they wore, however faded and dirty they may have been. The key to 1990s fashion is a studio of t-shirts that express who you really are.

What better way to express yourself through your t-shirts than to design them yourself? Designing your own t-shirts has never been easier than it is with custom t-shirt printing services. You can actually use your very own designs and have them professionally printed onto a t-shirt. Your friends will never know that you designed it yourself unless you tell them. They’ll think it’s a genuine souvenir from a rocking 90s grunge band concert.

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