Hair dryer

How to Use Your Hair Dryer to Quickly Dry Your Clothes

Hair dryer

A hair dryer can be used to dry plenty of things besides just hair. A hair dryer is a very useful instrument for taking care of clothing of all types, and anyone who has experienced an inconvenient spill or has waited for an item of clothing to dry shouldn’t be without one.

Just about any fabric can be spot cleaned to remove a stain before it sets into the fabric. You may have experienced a spill on an outfit just before you were about to head out the door. To get the spill out of the fabric, it had to be spot cleaned right away, but you knew you wouldn’t have time to put the clothing into the dryer before leaving. It’s happened to everyone, and changing the outfit or walking out with a wet spot seem like the only options available. However, many people haven’t considered how handy their hair dryer can be at these times. A hair dryer can be used to spot dry the area that was spot cleaned, making a change or running out in wet clothing unnecessary.

Using a hair dryer to dry these items will allow you to concentrate the air on one area, taking far less time to dry the item and putting it in a dryer. Although it’s tempting to blow dry an item while you’re wearing it, it will dry faster if you take it off first. Hang the item up if possible and blow dry it so that the air flows through the fabric. This will dry the fabric far faster and you will be able to put on the item in just minutes.

There are plenty of other times when a hair dryer can come in handy to dry clothing as well. There are many delicate fabrics that were not supposed to be put through a dryer. Many people wash their delicates such as lacy underwear, bras and pantyhose and then hang them up to dry. Hanging them up to dry can take hours for them to dry enough to be worn. This can be an inconvenient waiting period for anyone who needs to put on these things but can’t risk putting them in the dryer.

Like other clothing, it’s best to hang up these items when using a hair dryer on them. You can hang them over a hanger or a shower rod to make things easier. Then, hold the hairdryer several inches away from the item to ensure that you don’t damage the fabric. For delicate items, it’s best to use a cool setting on your hairdryer if it has one. If not, move the hairdryer back and forth so that no one area gets too much heat. This will dry larger areas faster while not burning any of the delicate fabric. If you have a focusing tip that you can place on your hairdryer, this can be helpful as well for blow drying smaller items. However, a diffuser would take away the effectiveness of the hairdryer by limiting the amount of air that it puts out.

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