How To Get Rid Of A Farmer’s Tan

Farmers tan

If you’re afraid to go to the beach and take your shirt off because of a few extra pounds or a spare tire it’s completely understandable. There are other reasons people might want to stay fully covered on a hot day and one is the dreaded farmer’s tan. We’ve all seen them and we’ve all had them, whether we’d like to admit it or not.

Farmers aren’t the only professionals subject to bad tan lines. A tan face and arms look great until the t-shirt comes off. It’s only then that the 2 opposing colors of your body scream out that you have a job outside that requires you wear a shirt. So how can someone look good without appearing that they’ve been doing yard work all day?

A farmer’s tan will not disappear overnight. But there are things that can be done to improve your look.

Exfoliation: This is the process of removing dead cells, particularly the dead cells that hold on to the coloration. Basically what’s going on here is that using a scrubber to get rid of the tanned cells so that the original skin tones come through and make your whole body more uniform in color. By soaking in a hot tub the cells are loosened and the scrubber removes them. Sometimes just soaking in and of itself is a great way to exfoliate.

Dry Baking Soda: Repeated exposure to the sun can cause the skin to appear blotchy. To get rid of blotchiness is to dampen the skin and rub it in a circular direction with baking soda. Baking soda is safe and is an item found in just about every home.
Self-Tanners: Of course, only apply to the areas that are white or you’ll get a farmer’s tan that’s more extreme in appearance. Self tanners are healthy and come in a variety of hues. There is certainly one available that will match your body color.

Lotions: Especially those with alpha hydroxy or hydrogen peroxide. By applying a small amount on a cotton ball and rubbing it over the tanned areas, these lotions can reduce a farmer’s tan. Be careful as some lotions can cause irritation if used in excess.

Sunscreens: Try to go with a very high SPF (above 50 if possible). Apply to areas exposed to the sun. You can also use an SPF in combination with one of the above methods to speed up the process if you’re unable to avoid working in the sun. Re-apply the sunscreen several times a day and purchase one that’s sweat proof.

The best way to get rid of a farmer’s tan is to stay out of the sun altogether and let your body come back to its original color. The more often you expose your body to the sun the stronger the tan becomes. Stay indoors and in shaded areas as much as you can or wear sun blocking hats and clothing.

Or you can simply wear your farmer’s tan with pride as a symbol of your hard work!

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