How To Hang A T-Shirt On The Wall?

Hanging a T-shirt on a wall is a great way to show off a masterpiece, a souvenir T-shirt, an autographed one or one that was worn by someone special. Sports T-shirts, school T-shirts, reunion shirts and even baby’s first T-shirts are great ideas to hang up and show off. So, how exactly does one go about hanging a T-shirt on a wall?

The first thing to do before putting a T-shirt on display is to make sure it is clean. Even stains that are invisible to the eye know may show up over time and mar the appearance of the shirt. Therefore a fresh laundering is in order. The exception to this is when there is something special about the T-shirt that would be destroyed by washing it. For example if the autograph that makes a tee special were done in water-based markers, you should skip the laundry step.

The next step is to find a picture frame that is large enough to display the T-shirt full size. To have it folded often takes away from the look of it. Get a mat to fit the frame that is a contrasting color to the T-shirt to make it stand out even more. If a mat comes with the frame you can cover it with a different color or even a different print material to provide the needed contrast.

Make sure the T-shirt is well ironed and wrinkle-free before doing this next step. Using small pins, discreetly placed, pin the flat T-shit to the mat. Use enough pins on the top of the shirt to ensure that it does not slip, sag or fall once you hang it vertically. Pins on the sides and along the arms will also ensure that it stays in the shape you want it to.

A line of text about the T-shirt makes a great addition to the frame. This adds a touch of real memorabilia to your T-shirt on display. Remember to hang it in a prominent location away from direct sunlight to avoid fading.

Don’t have a T-shirt you’d consider hanging on a wall? Next time there is a special event in your life, a custom-made T-shirt is the perfect thing to wear. You can use it to say anything you want. You can get it autographed or simply wear it and hang it as a trophy of what you have accomplished. Custom-made T-shirts can do anything you want them to do and are perfect for framing.

If you happen to be torn over whether or not to permanently hang a tee on a wall, meaning you can no longer wear a favorite shirt, the problem can be fixed with a custom-made one. Create a duplicate of the shirt you are hanging, so you can wear it and preserve it at the same time. You might alternatively want to take a photo to have put on a new custom-made T-shirt honoring the one you retired or the event that made it special.

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