Hide nipples

How to Hide Large Male Nipples With Your T-Shirt

Hide nipples

Having large male nipples can be an embarrassing thing when they show through the t-shirt and become obvious to everyone around. There are a number of ways to hide them from being seen when you are wearing a t-shirt in order to make them invisible through the shirt and to free you from embarrassment.

One of the easiest ways to disguise large make nipples is to wear something under the t-shirt to place more material between the nipples and the outside world. The type of t-shirt you choose should be as thick or thicker than the t-shirt that you wear on top. Some men choose to wear a thin, sleeveless shirt under a t-shirt to hide their nipples, but that is not a very effective method.  A thicker t-shirt will serve to hide them better. A ribbed shirt or a thick winter shirt, long john style, will make the most effective coverage to wear under a t-shirt. These create a much better shield beneath the t-shirt fabric.

Most crew neck cotton t-shirts are a good way to insulate the nipples from view. There are different thicknesses of crew neck t-shirt, but medium and thick crew neck shirts are easy to find and can be layered easily by pairing a white t-shirt with the over shirt. Another option is to pair an undershirt with an over shirt that is the same color. By doing this, it is less apparent that the wearer has on two t-shirts.

Another method of hiding large male nipples is to simply wear a t-shirt that is a size or two larger than the wearer would ordinarily wear. With a looser fit, the t-shirt will not be as clingy around the chest and will not show the nipples as easily.

If the weather isn’t too warm, another way to hide the nipples is to wear an over shirt above the t-shirt. The t-shirt and over shirt look is casual and comfortable, and no one ever has to know that the over shirt is there to hide the appearance of the nipples.

If you are going for a slightly dressier look, an alternative to the over shirt is a jacket or blazer. A simple, thin jacket can be worn during most of the year to dress up a t-shirt and to hide the nipples at the same time. A casual jacket in a neutral color will go with just about any t-shirt. For a fun look, choose a retro jacket in a plaid or striped pattern. For an eccentric look, wear a brown jacket with leather patches on the elbows over your t-shirt.

If the problem of nipples that show is something that defies an undershirt or a larger t-shirt, then both can be done. Pair a larger t-shirt with a smaller undershirt and you will find that your nipples are very well hidden by the layers of fabric. The larger shirt won’t cling to the smaller one, and the loser fit will keep plenty of space between the outer t-shirt and what is being hidden.

4 thoughts on “How to Hide Large Male Nipples With Your T-Shirt

  1. R. Allor

    Additional comment on hiding male nipples:
    Use a bandaid or similar product and tightly tape
    up the nipples. Mine are large and this reduces the countour very well.

  2. sam hand

    I too have large nipples (not areola’s), and they become even bigger and more erect when it’s cold outside. Very embarrassing for a male in public. I use cheap band-aids to hide them, they work very well. Don’t use the expensive ones, the higher quality adhesive will damage the surrounding skin over time…and you need to remove the band-aids every night. This is your best method, trust me, I’ve tried everything and this is the easiest and best solution.

  3. Brad

    I’ve had large nipples since I was about 13, I was told it was puberty and I am now 21 years old and they still stick out quite a lot. I went to my Doctors a while ago and I was told to lose weight and do incline bench press exercises to tighten the area.

    I too have used first aid bandages to tape down the majority of the nipple, however they do tend to come off quite a lot and don’t stick for long. I used to carry a couple of extras in my wallet in case I had to go to the toilet and replace them. It’s a very effective short term method. But as my Doctor has said. Do incline bench press exercises.

  4. Al chattywon

    As a male, don’t sweat and don’t fret, act cool like you are not aware. Also as a male, I never hide a “Bulge” when erected. Enough to catch the eye and for many years I was a walking hard-on so I brag a little. If you like them to be seen, feel free to “Accidentally” allow exposure. That is Life!

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