Skinny jeans

What to Wear With Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are one of the hottest trends of the past few years. Everyone is wearing skinny jeans, but not everyone knows what goes great with this trend. There are a number of great looks that can be worn with skinny jeans in order to make them a part of an interesting and fashionable outfit.

There are two ways to create balance in an outfit that includes skinny jeans. Some people believe that balance is best created by wearing a large top that flows well, giving some volume to the outfit and accentuating the skinny shape of the jeans. The larger shirt can be one that is simply a size larger than you would normally wear, giving it a larger overall size that creates some balance for your figure.

A loose top with an empire waist is a hot style that looks great with skinny jeans. Peasant tops have flowy shapes and create a good balance with the close fit of the jeans. Peasant tops come in a variety of shapes, but most are perfect for hiding any abdominal fat. A long peasant top can hide a thick middle as well as wide hips.

Another option for a larger top is to wear a long shirt that gives the outfit a retro 80s look. Some people pair these long shirts with a thin belt around the shirt to give it a more defined waistline. For an even more retro look, some young celebrities are following the 80s trend of wearing two long shirts layered over each other and pairing those with skinny jeans. A longer shirt also covers up large thighs for those who are self-conscious about them.

Another type of larger top is one that has a bell sleeves or raglan sleeves. This gives the top plenty of volume without adding too much volume on the torso. Some people prefer this look because it balances out any figure faults by calling attention to the sleeves instead.
Another way to create balance is to balance a skinny bottom half with a skinny top half. For those with great figures, this is often the best way to show off that figure and to keep continuity in the outfit. A form-fitting sleeveless shirt or a small t-shirt will go perfectly with skinny jeans.

To cover up large ankles or to create balance form the bottom side of the outfit instead of the top, wear a tall pair of boots with your skinny jeans. By tucking your jeans into your boots you can cover up figure flaws or wide hips by widening the lower portion of the outfit.
If you are keeping the entire outfit looking small, with a skinny top worn with your skinny jeans, try flip-flops or sandals. You can also pair heels or flats that have a pointy toe with your skinny jeans. The pointy toe and skinny jeans combination is one of the most fashionable looks right now, and it can be done in any color shoe to match your top.

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  1. Jessica

    Skinny jeans is a trendy piece to add in the wardrobe. I do wear this with korean style tops and shoes. Sometimes dress when I am in a funky mood. Colored and printed jeans never goes out of style.

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