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What To Wear In The Summer


Summer brings to mind hot days, relaxing by the beach, cook-outs, vacations and more. There is music that reminds one of summer. There are summer books, summer meals and summer drinks. The favorite season of so many, summer takes on a life of its own. Even if we never really take a vacation away from home, summer brings a break from the ordinary routines of the rest of the year. We are more likely to get outside, socialize and have fun. Knowing what to wear in summer will help you get the most out of your favorite season.

Dressing for summer is always a matter of choosing the right outfit that will keep you cool, but will also keep you covered. Shorts and a T-shirt are always a great casual option, however the length of your shorts in something to keep in mind. If you have a great figure you may get away with wearing shorter shorts. However, for the most part, you should keep your short shorts for trips to the beach, hanging out with friends and doing things around your home. The same rule applies for halter tops and crop tops. If it reveals too much skin, you need to limit where you wear it. Long shorts like Bermuda shorts are a great compromise and can be worn in many places.

It is absolutely a necessity in the summer to have a great looking bathing suit. If you don’t wear it often, check it at the beginning of the season and periodically to make sure it is still in good shape and still in style. Invest in a matching cover-up for modesty’s sake.

For a casual but more dressed up look, Capri pants are essential to any summer wardrobe. Capri pants are even available in men’s versions now. Pair capris with a dressy T-shirt or shirt and a nice pair of sandals and you have an outfit that can take you to a restaurant, a party, the beach, church, shopping or just about anywhere.

Summer dresses are a fun addition to any woman’s wardrobe. Light in color and texture, a summer dress is usually flowing and exposes the shoulders. It makes the woman wearing it appear to embrace summer. Such dresses are great for just about anything from a lunch out with friends to a party to a casual summer wedding.

For work, many businesses have a summer dress code. As with business casual guidelines, it is different for each company. Sometimes it may mean that you are allowed to actually wear shorts to work. However more often it means that professional business dress is less important during the summer months.

For formal events in the summer, opt for dresses in light fabrics and light colors. Carry a cover-up in case of over-zealous air conditioning. Match your dress with high heeled strappy sandals and you’ll be ready for any event. For guys, light colored suits may be suitable for certain semi-formal events, while for others only the weight of the suit can lighten up.

Start working on your summer wardrobe today and let the possibilities unfold.

Pleats and cuffs

When to Wear Cuffs and Pleats

Pleats and cuffs

Perhaps there is nothing more traditionally formal looking than a pair of dress pants that are pleated and have cuffs. The style and elegance are ones that can be dated back for over one hundred years, if not more. Still today many men like to wear a classic looking pair of trousers that are pleated and cuffed, but when is it the appropriate time to wear cuffs and pleats?

Here are some times when cuffs and pleats are appropriate:

•    At the office: As previously mentioned, cuffs and pleats are for a formal setting and so they are perfect for an office type job that is more on the upscale side. Anyone from lawyers to stock brokers and even real estate agents can all be seen wearing a nice looking pair of pants that feature the classic pleats and cuffs.
•    A formal event: Let’s say you are attending a wedding and you are not actually in the wedding. You don’t want to go too formal and rent a tuxedo but you still want to dress in a formal fashion and avoid throwing on some Dockers. A sharp looking pair of pleated and cuffed pants is the perfect solution and will have you looking sharp without much effort. Pair the pants with a nice white button down shirt and add a nice tie and you will be one of the best dressed men to attend the wedding.
•    Presentations: If your job requires you to do presentations then a pair of pants with cuffs and pleats is perfect for you. The classic look gives the impression that the pants are fresh off the press and that type of attention to detail screams success. As wrong as it may be, many people judge you by what you wear long before they ever get to know you.

Here are some occasions not to wear cuffs and pleats:

•    Casual Friday: Cuffs and pleats are way too formal to allow you to get away with wearing them in a casual setting. If you were to wear your pleated and cuffed pants on a Casual Friday you risk looking like you are stuffy and you will definitely stick out like a sore thumb.
•    Boy’s night out: Unless you are trying to sell something to one of your friends, leave the cuffed and pleated pants at the house and opt for something a little more laid back. Hanging out is a casual thing and if you wear your cuffed and pleated pants out with the guys you will look out of place and have people thinking you are the attorney for your friends.
•    Alone: You shouldn’t wear cuffs alone or pleats alone. If you buy a pair of pants that are pleated but not cuffed, you will want to get them cuffed. One because it will look better and two because it will help the pants hang the right way. If you cuff your pants and there are no pleats you are screaming 70s so do yourself a favor and just get unpleated pants that are the proper length.

In a nut shell, when you want to look your best a nice classic pair of pants that feature cuffs and pleats will help you get the job done every single time.

Sexy legs

Sexy Alternatives to Showing Your Bare Legs

Sexy legs

Sometimes nothing is sexier than throwing on a cute skirt and showing your bare legs off. However, there are many women who just don’t feel comfortable showing their bare legs because of the paleness of their skin, or blemishes, or tattoos, you name it. If you are one of these women there are a number of alternatives you can go with that are just as sexy to showing off your bare legs.

Here are several alternatives to simply going bare with your legs that still look great:

•    Boots: Wearing a pair of knee high or even thigh high boots can cover up most of your legs and still look ultra sexy. If you still feel that there is too much flesh showing you can always wear some hosiery underneath to keep the illusion of some skin being shown, but keeping everything covered for your comfort.
•    Sheer panty hose: These days they make panty hose in so many different colors and styles that your head will simply spin trying to pick out what you want. This is great news for those that want to show off their legs, but feel that they are too pale or have slight blemishes that they don’t necessarily want to show off. While you may not want to go with a dark color of panty hose, there are many color level of sheer panty hose that will make your skin tone look great and even cover up slight blemishes. This is a wonderful alternative that sill allows you to show off your stuff, just not the stuff that you don’t want to show off.
•    Dresses: If you still want to be casual without showing off your bare legs try going a little longer in material and wear a dress as opposed to a skirt. This will give you the coverage you want and in today’s fashion world there are just as many hot looking dresses as there are skirts.
•    Leggings: Don’t laugh; they are making a comeback in the fashion world. Today you can see a great number of women wearing these under tunics and even shorts. They offer great coverage like panty hose but don’t rip as easily and come in a wide variety of colors and designs. One word of warning though, they do tend to be much thicker than panty hose and as a result, much hotter.
•    Form fitting jeans: A nice pair of form fitting jeans is a wonderful alternative if you don’t want to show off any part of your skin. Form fitting jeans will still compliment your legs and show them off somewhat, but they will do so without showing off any flesh in the process. Avoid loose fit jeans here as this will deter you from your goal of showing the world that you have nice legs.

You don’t have to go bare to be beautiful these days. The fashion world in which we live has giving you many alternatives to simply going with bare legs, so take advantage of one of them and get out there and look great.

Movie clothes

How Do You Find Clothes To Buy That You Saw In A Movie?

Movie clothes

When you watch a movie, often you see fantastic outfits that you immediately want to add to your very own wardrobe. They are often unique, cutting edge, stylish ensembles put together by professional stylists who have made a career from fashion. The looks we see in the movies are often things we would never think to put together or brand new styles for the coming season. When we leave the movie theatre, the problem is finding the clothes we fell in love with on the big screen.

In order to track down the movie clothes you want, your search should begin online. Do a Google search for the name of the movie and the word style or fashion. You will be amazed at how many celebrity watch sites exist to help provide you with the information you are looking for. They will tell you what designers were worn during the movie, where you can buy knock-offs to copy the look and more.

You will be surprised to learn that many of the styles you see in the movies can be found in many common mall stores, at consignment shops and from online retailers. Even though there are movies where the outfits are completely designer duds, these are by far the exception rather than the rule. Stylists charged with outfitting a crew of actors with multiple ensembles must do so, on a budget. Therefore they must scour every option for creating great looks at good prices. That means, you can do so too.

Another way to find out where to buy clothing you saw in a movie is to do a search for the actor or actress who wore the item. Often clothing worn during a movie becomes the property of the actor or actress who donned it. Finding buying information for clothing that a particular actor or actress wears is quite easy. There are numerous websites that are devoted to following the fashion styles of celebrities. Such sites will provide links to other sites where you can buy the item in question or you may even be able to buy directly from the fashion website.

When you see clothing in a movie that greatly appeals to you, make a note of exactly what it looked like or draw a picture of it, if you are gifted artistically. Then bring your description to stores that are likely to carry the style you are looking for. Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Banana Republic and many other stores are common places for stylists to visit in their search for wardrobes. Salespeople in such stores will be pleased to help you find the look you are seeking.

Armed with a good description of the outfit or item you are looking for, you may also do an online search. Don’t be too specific and keep key words short in your search. You may just be surprised at how many hits you will get for the item you are looking to buy.  If you have fallen in love with a certain movie look, take heart. There are numerous options you have available to you to help you find the articles of clothing you are looking for.

Leather jacket 1

Are T-Shirts With Leather Jackets Fashionable?

Leather jacket 1

A t-shirt worn with a leather jacket is one of the most classic looks that has ever come out of North America. The t-shirt and leather jacket combination is one that has always been a part of the wardrobe of young people. As far back as the 1930s, people were pairing their t-shirts with their leather jackets for a casual look that was effortless and that looked great.

The look was especially popular in the 1950s, as rock stars and actors like James Dean wore the look and gave it a reputation of being for rebels. Rebels of all types have loved the look ever since. Whether they are rebels against society, rebels against fashion or just those with rebellious hearts, leather jackets paired with a t-shirt will sum up that rebelliousness perfectly.

Modern stars like Shia LaBeouf and Jessica Biel continue to wear the t-shirt and leather jacket look as part of their own signature style. Jessica Biel wears it as an updated tomboy look, much like Amelia Earhart’s famous leather bomber jacket look. Jessica pairs her jacket with long-sleeved t-shirts of all colors and styles. Shia LaBeouf wears his leather jackets 50’s style, with a crew-neck t-shirt for that James Dean look.

To get any of the many retro or modern looks from this outfit is easy. Choose a t-shirt that has a color that will complement the leather jacket. If you are wearing a brown leather jacket, you can opt for a white t-shirt for a retro 50’s look, or you can pair it with a khaki t-shirt for a more updated look. Pairing the jacket with a green, blue or other bright color will transform the outfit into your own unique look.

The leather jacket you choose will also have a lot to do with how fashionable your look is. Thick, black leather jackets with plenty of zippers have come back into style recently. Many stars have been seen wearing these jackets, and they are easy to pair with a t-shirt of any style of color. Wearing a black t-shirt with one of these jackets is a quick way to get a fashionable rebellious look.

For a softer look, go for a light brown distressed leather bomber jacket. These have never gone out of style, and they look great with just about any color t-shirt. For an adventurous look, wear it with a khaki t-shirt. For a feminine look, choose a pink, yellow or pastel t-shirt to wear under the jacket. For a funky, unique look, through a t-shirt over a long dress and wear the leather jacket over them both.

One of the reasons that the t-shirt and leather jacket combo is so easy to wear is that it goes great with jeans of any style. The look will work with distressed jeans, intact jeans, light jeans, dark jeans- any color will do. Just throw on your most comfortable jeans, grab your favorite t-shirt and add a leather jacket and your fashionable look is complete.

Country concert

What to Wear to a Country Music Concert

Country concert

A country concert is a great place to enjoy the music of your favorite artist and have fun with lots of other people who share the same interest. Country music is all about love, trucks, God, family and havin’ a good ol’ time, so even if you are not an avid country fan, you’ll still enjoy the toe-tapping beats and friendly faces of the crowd. If you are headed to a country concert, be sure to dress the part.

First off, denim is about as country as it gets, so jeans are a perfect choice for country concert wear. Wrangler® jeans are a classic country look, but just about anything goes. If the weather is too hot for jeans, go for a nice pair of jean shorts or a jean skirt. If you’re a lady, the jean shorts and the skirts can be as short as you care to wear (think Daisy Duke from “Dukes of Hazzard,” another classic country look).

Next, add a nice top. For the ladies, a tank top or layered tanks are a popular look, but anything cute will work. For the guys, a nice fitted t-shirt or a casual button down will do. If you’re a huge fan of the act that you’ll be seeing, you can wear a concert tee featuring that artist. Homemade designs are also a fun way to go, so if you don’t have an official concert shirt go ahead and make your own. These often turn out better than the real thing, and it might just get you a shout out from the stage!

Next, add a belt to your denim. Belts, especially leather ones, are another country trademark, so find one that coordinates nicely with your ensemble. Belt buckles are a welcome addition too, and the bigger the better.

Cowboy boots will always compliment a country outfit, and you’ll see tons of other people wearing them at a country concert. However, it is not a good idea to run out and buy a brand new pair of boots for a concert since it takes some time to break them in. A brand new pair could be a bit uncomfortable since you will be standing and walking a lot at the show. If you don’t own a pair of cowboy boots, don’t sweat it. Any casual shoe is acceptable at a country concert. High heels are not recommended however, especially if you will be dancing, standing or walking long distances to get to and from the show.

Top off your country concert outfit with the perfect accessory: a cowboy hat. Cowboy hats are optional however, so don’t feel like you have to wear one (see the above advice on boots). There will be lots of hatless cowboys and cowgirls there.

Another thing to consider when dressing for a country concert is the venue. If it’s outdoors, you may want to wear a shirt that offers more protection from the sun, as well as bring some sunscreen. An outdoor concert, especially during the daytime, makes a cowboy hat more a necessity than a fashion statement.


What to Wear and How to Dress at 60 Years Old


Once you enter your 60s, you may wonder what types of styles are appropriate for this age group. The answer today isn’t as simple as it once was. You are no longer relegated to cardigans and mid-calf skirts just because you’ve turned 60. The name of the fashion game at 60 is often personal style mixed with comfort. There are a few other considerations, however.

Flattering Your Skin

Because people in their 60s tend to have more wrinkles and skin that is less elastic, there are a few types of outfits that just don’t look as good at 60 as they did at 50. Anything low-cut often doesn’t look good on someone who is in their 60s. Instead, many women in their 60s choose to wear a scarf to bring attention to their face rather than to their necks.

A shirt or dress with short sleeves sometimes isn’t as flattering to someone in their 60s either. Anything with spaghetti straps are that is strapless is often not flattering to the skin of someone who is 60. Instead, opt for something with three-quarter sleeves to show off the lower part of your arm where your arm is the thinnest. This still allows you to reveal some skin without making an unflattering mistake. If you are in very good shape and have toned arms, choose something with cap sleeves.

For men, wearing shorts with short sleeves may not be very flattering. A thin pair of pants can be just as cool as a pair of shorts and it will keep too much from being revealed. If you are in good shape, a short-sleeved shirt may show off your muscles nicely, but stay away from “muscle shirts” that have no sleeves.


Strappy shoes often don’t look good on skin that is less elastic. Wearing straps across the top of your foot may not be the most flattering look either. Flats or shoes with chunky heels are perfect to wear in your 60s. For men, anything other than sandals is usually a good look. Just stay away from these socks and sandals look. It can make you look older and perhaps even a little bit confused.


People in their earlier decades are still experimenting with their own style. They are constantly trying new looks and new trends in an effort to find what looks best on them. However, by age 60 you’ll likely already know what looks good on you and what doesn’t. Wearing a lot of trendy clothes would then look out of place. Go for classic looks more than fads because you already know that they look best in most situations.


You may wonder whether jeans are appropriate for people 60 and older to wear. Jeans used to be something that was considered appropriate for younger people but not for older ones, but those days are gone. Jeans are perfectly appropriate at 60 and older. There are so many styles of jeans now that anyone can find a style that is perfect for their figure. They are also comfortable and are appropriate for an increasing number of occasions.


Making Your Boobs Look Bigger: Easy as 1-2-3


Most everyone has a certain feature of their body that they’re not happy with, and for many (if not most) women that feature centers – with a big fat crosshairs – on the chest area. Boob size is just one of those things that is hard for ladies to love; either they’re too small, too large, too saggy, too lopsided … and the list goes on. If only women could be more like men, who love boobs of every size!

Throughout the course of history, women have tried countless methods to make their boobs bigger, including but not limited to paint, corsets, acupuncture, odd potions, pills, chest exercises, massage and breast enhancement surgery. The “boob job” is the most drastic of modern techniques to achieve a bigger breast size, but this strategy is definitely not for everyone. If you’re not one to risk your life in search of perkier breasts, there is a simple way to create the illusion that your breasts are bigger than they are: the right clothes!

Before we discuss how to dress to enhance your cleavage, let’s first discuss the bra. Finding the right bra is essential to helping you maximize your breasts, no matter how big or small they are. If you’re not sure about your bra size, get a professional bra fitting so you can be properly supported. Then determine if you want to use padded inserts (foam or silicone) to plump things up, or go with a quality push-up style (i.e. the Wonderbra). When you are properly fitted with a great breast-enhancing bra, you will be amazed at the results.

Here are some ideas for choosing clothing that will make your boobs appear larger and fuller, without any hint of pain. The secret lies in selecting the right color, pattern and style.

1.    A foolproof way to make your chest appear larger is by choosing color correctly. Bold, solid colors (think fuchsia, turquoise, electric blue and red) will draw attention to your chest area – which is looking great thanks to that awesome bra underneath.

2.    Horizontal stripes are absolutely the best pattern for making your boobs look bigger, as they emphasize the chest area by making your curves appear wider. Lettering or patterns which run across the breast line will also add more emphasis. However, stay away from overall busy patterns and shiny, glittery fabrics. They will distract the eye and make your chest blend into the scenery.

3.    The style and cut of your clothes is also very important. Again, choose styles that emphasize and draw the eye to the chest. Button-up tops are great, as are square necklines. Fitted t-shirts also emphasize the boobs, but plunging necklines do not. While a low neckline would seem to show off what little you have, in reality it’s just going to draw attention to your lack thereof. Crewnecks and turtlenecks are a better choice since they make the chest appear bigger and broader. Another trick is to layer on a shawl collar vest (one that wraps around and ties underneath the breasts, making them appear fuller).

Utilize these tips, and you’ll soon be maximizing your assets with confidence!


What to Wear to Vegas to Dress Cool (and Hot)


So you’re on your way to Las Vegas, but you have no idea what to pack. In this legendary city, “cool” and “fun” are the only rules. You will have the opportunity to wear a variety of outfits, depending on the activities you will be enjoying. Many a tourist sports the shorts-and-tennis-shoes look, but for a true Vegas experience you will want to dress the part. Here are a few guidelines for planning a killer Vegas wardrobe.

•    The best part about Vegas is it gives you a chance to cut loose and shed your everyday image. What would be considered over-the-top anywhere else is typical in this town, so have fun channeling your inner fashion diva. Just about anything goes, and less is more (especially when it comes to clothing). It’s not called Sin City for nothing.

•    For casual daytime wear, pretty dresses and short skirts are what many ladies favor for strolling along the Strip. Men tend to go casual, with a clean but cool look. Remember that summers are hot and winters are mild to cold, so pack for the season.

•    If you plan to walk the Las Vegas Strip, don’t even think about wearing any footwear but comfortable shoes. And plenty of sunscreen. You don’t want to spend the majority of your trip in a hotel room with your aching feet or sunburned skin.

•    Jeans and shorts are acceptable attire inside a casino, so long as you are clean and presentable. Torn or baggy looks are frowned upon. In the evening, the dress code rises a notch or two, and business casual or suits and ties can be seen.

•    In Las Vegas, you’ll want to enjoy at least one of the many great shows. Daytime shows are always casual dress, while people tend to dress up more for the evening performances.

•    Every trip to Vegas should include at least one night of complete indulgence, so find that special outfit that blows everything else out of the closet. A classic Vegas night on the town includes a sexy dress for the ladies and a well-fitted suit for the men.

•    Before you leave to get your groove on in one of Vegas’ hot clubs, be mindful that nightclubs and lounges enforce strict dress codes. Leave your sneakers, flip-flops, shorts and t-shirts in the hotel room, or you’ll find yourself turned away at the door. A fashionable brimmed hat may be acceptable, but baseball caps are absolutely not. Dress to impress, and you’ll find yourself in good company.

•    Some upscale restaurants also have a dress code. Suit jackets may be required for men at these establishments, so call ahead if you are uncertain. For buffets and other casual dining, the shirt-and-short look will do fine.
If you can’t find the perfect look prior to your Vegas trip, never fear. There are tons of great boutiques to browse featuring the hottest styles.

•    Be comfortable, be you and have an unforgettable time!


The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Sweatpants


Despite their rather lackluster appearance, it’s hard not to love a good pair of sweatpants. Nothing is better for lounging around the house on a cold day, when you just want to be comfortable after an entire week of squeezing into tailored suits, trousers, pantyhose, polished shoes and other professional ensembles. Sweatpants were originally created for use with sports, but their loose fit and comfy materials have made them a casual staple. The elastic band at the ankles is what distinguishes classic sweatpants from other types of athletic pants. This keeps body heat in, but the fabric is also cooler than most so an athlete doesn’t get overly hot.

Windpants are a variation on sweatpants. They are made from lightweight nylon or polyester and shield the body from wind. Sometimes windpants are lined with a cotton liner, making them a bit warmer. The classic windpant makes a “swooshing” sound when the person walks.

In recent years, classic sweatpants and windpants have been replaced in popularity by “fashion pants.” The main difference between sweatpants and fashion pants is the elastic band at the ankle; sweatpants have them, while fashion pants don’t. Fashion pants are perfect for those who like the comfort of the athletic look but still want to appear fashionable. They often include a matching jacket or hoodie to complete the look (together referred to as a track suit). Designers such as Juicy Couture and Dolce & Gabbana have turned fashion pants into a hot ticket item lately, splashing their logos across pants and jackets of every color.

As with any wardrobe item, it’s important to know when to wear sweatpants and when to leave them in the drawer. There’s nothing worse than seeing sweatpants at a nice restaurant, or (even worse) at the office on Casual Friday. Follow these rules to ensure that this super-casual look doesn’t go super wrong.

1.    Wear sweatpants at the gym, or for a game. These are obvious places since that’s what they were made for. You’ll probably look a bit out-of-place on the basketball court without a pair of sweatpants.

2.    Wear them for sporting events. Similarly, if you’re a spectator at a sporting event where sweatpants would be worn by the athletes, it’s probably OK to don them. They’ll look even better if they’re worn in your team’s colors, or have a team logo.

3.    Wear the right size. Nothing looks worse than a too-baggy pair of sweatpants that makes you look four sizes bigger than you are. Conversely, sweatpants that are too tight will showcase every unattractive bump and lump on your body. Not a good thing.

4.    Never, never, NEVER wear sweatpants at the office. Did we mention never? Sweatpants are never appropriate for the office, no matter how neat they are. We don’t even advise wearing a fashionable track suit unless you work in a super-casual environment. If you’re uncertain, leave them in the closet until you see someone in management sporting the same style.

5.    Tracksuits for running errands. We would advise against ever wearing traditional sweatpants out of the gym, especially ones that are too baggy. Instead, go with a more flattering tailored track suit in a pretty velour fabric.


How To Choose A Belt. Your Guide To Finding A Belt Online


Belts, like all fashion accessories, change in popularity and style from season to season. While there are standards in belts that never change because they are simply classic, most belts come in styles that ebb and flow in popularity. What is hot one season may be totally out a year later. Buying belts is a complicated affair that requires much more than measuring your waist.

If you are in the market for a belt, it is vital to know which type of belt best matches your style and body type. If you have a thick waist a belt that droops a little will distract from your shape. If you have a tiny waist or an hourglass figure and want to show it off, a wide or intricate belt is a must. For anyone who is heavier but needs to wear a belt, thinner is better. Check the size of the belt buckle. If you are looking to draw attention to your waist, large, unusual or ornamental belt buckles are for you. However if you are like most people and don’t want the eye drawn automatically to your waist, opt for discrete, plain belt buckles that blend in well with the outfits you wear.

Choose a belt that is in a good color for you. In fact you may even want to opt for a two tone belt with a reversible buckle. These are good choices for both men and women because of their versatility. You should have belts that are the same colors as the shoes you wear most often and for women also the same color as their favorite purses. While it is not necessary to always match belts with shoes and purses, having belts in these colors is a good indicator that they will be regularly used.

You will also want to choose the right material for your belt. If you like noisy belts that draw attention, metal ones are the way to go. If you are looking for a good strong one that will last a long time leather is the best choice. If you want a light colored one that looks summery or tropical, a web belt will fit the bill. Vinyl belts are only a good choice if you want something to be worn very infrequently and something that is cheap. Elastic belts help to create trendy looks but are often specific to a certain outfit. You can find rhinestone belts and other jewelry belts that will definitely add bling to an outfit.

If you are looking to buy a belt online, you might consider Belts.com, Old Navy, Belt Master, Overstock.comMenswallet.com or Neiman Marcus.

These sites give you a great selection of both men’s and women’s belts in a variety of prices, colors and styles. While this is a great place to start, you can also do a more specific Internet search for the exact type of belt you want. Be as descriptive as possible and in no time you will find the belt of your dreams online.  Get outfitted with a new belt, one of the best accessories ever.


What to Wear to a Baseball Game


Going to a baseball game is an American tradition, especially in the summer months. In fact nothing seems more typical than enjoying a hot dog, popcorn and a cold drink at the ballpark. Baseball has long been a popular sport in the United States and it draws crowds. Songs are sung about going to baseball games. Movies are made about it. Going to a baseball game is a cultural event. So what do you wear to a cultural event?

What you wear to a baseball game largely depends on a variety of factors. If you are going to one of the few remaining indoor ballparks, weather does not play a factor but for regular parks that are open to the air, you must dress for the weather. That means if you are heading out to a daytime game, light clothing to reflect heat and to stay comfortable. A hat to keep the sun off your face is recommended also; in fact a baseball hat is a great choice. Avoid wearing clothing made from delicate fabric that might be irreparably stained from the sunscreen you will need to wear if you’re planning to sit in the sun for several hours.

If you are attending a night game, you will want to bring along an extra layer to throw on when the sun goes down. Inevitably you will become chilled after dark, especially if you’ve gotten a little sun exposure during the day too. Bringing a sweater, hoodie or cardigan to wear will make the end of the game much more enjoyable. If you are watching a game in unseasonably cold weather bring along a jacket or even a blanket for the evening.

A great choice of what to wear to any baseball game is a T-shirt and shorts or jeans. It is the perfect combination for comfort and a casual outdoor look. Remember to wear sneakers, shoes or sandals that are comfortable because you will inevitably have some walking to do to get to your seat and maybe even some climbing.

Comfort is a major factor in the choice of what to wear to a baseball game. Remember to wear clothing that fits comfortably. If you choose something that you can barely sit down in, you will be miserable for the entire game. You should also make sure that if you wear a skirt, it’s long enough to completely cover you while seated. Stadium style seating makes it easy for those sitting in front of you to get a glimpse of more than they should.

The things you should absolutely not wear to a baseball game include anything too formal or business like. You will look and feel out of place and uncomfortable in a business suit at a ball game. Wearing overly dressy clothes is also a no-no. If you’d wear it to a wedding, funeral or to church, leave it at home. Baseball is the ultimate in relaxation and you should dress accordingly.

Get yourself a fun T-shirt to wear when you go to a baseball game. You can even get one custom-printed with a note of support for your favorite team or with something funny about baseball. Whatever the choice you make, a T-shirt is a sure bet for the right thing to wear at a baseball game.

Work 1

Work Attire: Go with the Flow (with Style!)

Work 1

If you are trying to decide what items of clothing to include in your work wardrobe, this is a time when it’s OK to go with the crowd. While business attire is less about the person and more about business, just because you’re headed to the office doesn’t mean you have to leave your personal style behind, however. Here are a few tips to help you project a confident, professional image regardless of your career path.

•    In an office environment, you want to appear professional, not cute, sexy or trendy. The goal of work attire is not to capture attention, so any ensemble or accessory that does this is probably not appropriate. Choose well-made clothing, but steer away from heavily logoed designer items. While the flash may work at a nightclub, loud logos and gaudy bling will appear tasteless in an office environment.

•    Pay special attention to the colors you incorporate into your work wardrobe. Traditional colors such as black, navy blue, gray and red all function well for suits and shoes, and can be paired with shirts and accessories of softer pastel colors. Flashy colors and bold prints are probably less acceptable, depending on your corporate environment.

•    When it comes to work clothing, tailored is always the desired look. Pants and skirts should be fitted but not tight, with no visible panty lines. Jackets should button comfortably. Avoid open-toed shoes and heels that are too high, unless you work in a very casual environment.

•    Grooming should include neat hair, manicured nails and subtle makeup. Always strive for a polished appearance.

•    Avoid jangling jewelry that will be a distraction every time you move. One set of modest earrings, one bracelet or a simple necklace will do the trick.

If there are no hard-and-fast rules in your workplace about what to wear (many companies don’t have specific dress requirements), pay attention to what the higher-ups in the organization are sporting. Suits and ties or casual polos? Pantyhose or bare legs? Pumps or sneakers? Take cues for your own wardrobe from these looks. If you are meeting one-on-one with clients, it’s wise to dress as good or better than your client. If meeting dress tends to be more formal than your office environment, it’s a smart idea to keep a change of clothing on hand.

If your corporate culture is formal, there are still ways you can subtly exude personality in your dress. Try a few of these ideas to freshen up your work look.

•    Add a small splash of color with a bright tie or scarf.

•    Get regular haircuts at a trendy salon to ensure your hairstyle is up-to-date and polished.

•    Buy shoes and accessories with interesting patterns or finishes, such as patent leather pumps or a crocodile-print clutch.

•    Experiment with subtle ways to change your makeup to complement your look. A bit of gloss will add pizzazz to your lips, and coordinating eyeshadow will make your eyes pop. Save the sparkly cosmetics for a night on the town though.

Lauren Conrad

How To Dress Like Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is an American TV personality who has been on a variety of reality shows despite the fact that she is only 23. The blonde 5’6” actress has also endorsed several products. The TV show that made her most famous is called The Hills on which she appeared on for 5 seasons. She has also spent a chunk of her adult life studying fashion and is presently working with a company to get a line of products out.

Lauren Conrad has a very wider diversity of styles in her wardrobe. However, she seems to have a predominance of white in her wardrobe. She also tends to gravitate towards very short or very long skirts. Many of her outfits are solid colored, which makes it easy to recreate for those who want to mimic her style. For a casual look, Lauren tends to like shorts and T-shirts with fedoras to make a statement. Her T-shirts are often printed with something fun or clever. Flip flops are also a winner when the heat rises, as are oversized glasses.

Unusual tops are a hallmark of Lauren Conrad’s style. She enjoys fun and different necklines in order to draw attention to her upper body. She also likes to dress up a top if it does not have something different about it. She often wears scarves and other accessories. Her accessories are often interesting designs. Lauren also usually carries a medium-sized purse, though will occasionally go for a bigger one. Lauren also tends to choose over-sized sunglasses. These accessories and other little details are what makes the look so unique and in style.

When it comes to the red carpet Lauren is a study in contrast. She has been photographed wearing long flowing dresses with wild prints that touch the floor, short solid color dresses and exciting print dresses. Some of her dresses look very traditional, while others have a distinctly unusual. Much of the jewelry she wears, including red carpet jewelry is minimal. Lauren is a fan of high heels, especially flashy ones.

If you are fascinated with the Lauren Conrad fashion look and want to copy it, nothing could be easier. Since Lauren has her own line of clothing it is a great place to start in order to truly get the look you want. You can get her very own line from Designer Apparel or at Seen On. Another great online destination for anyone who wants to dress like her is .

If you are ready to start dressing like Lauren Conrad, get started checking out every photo you can find of her in order to get a good perception of what her style really is. Break down outfits that you ready like and start collecting the items you need to pull to it all together. Check out online sources as well as the above sites for more up to date on Lauren. In no time you’ll be ressembling Lauren Conrad and be nearly as famous as she is.

Pixie Geldof

How To Dress Like Pixie Geldof

Pixie Geldof

Pixie Geldof is the daughter of Bob Geldof, Irish singer and songwriter and younger sister to socialite Peaches Geldof. She lives in England and is still in school there. Pixie has been labeled a wild child in the press much like her sister. Her partying lifestyle is often documented, as is her sense of style. She is one of the darlings of the British press and is often referred to as an “It” girl. Pixie is famous for partying.

The tall thin blond looks like a model and can carry off practically any style. In fact she has begun a modeling career. Some of the outfits she is photographed in are very skimpy and resemble lingerie more so than an actual outfit that one would wear out. She favors prints, including animal prints and solid patterned tights. Her dresses are either very long, sweeping the floor or short to show off her great legs.

A true Pixie original look is faded jeans in a loose fitting style, rolled up at the hem and a white vest open at the sides showing a black bra underneath. Multiple layers of clothes predominantly black, with big black high heeled boots and a colorful scarf is another Pixie ensemble. Skinny black jeans with a strategically ripped knee, paired with a black leather jacket, a cute black top and shiny patent black heels is a sexy Pixie look for a premiere.

Pixie is very big on jewelry and accessories. She usually wears dangling earrings in geometric designs. Bracelets and large rings are also usual compliments to her ensembles, as are multiple long necklaces. She is also very much into big bags. High heels are almost always an important part of her look. She occasionally throws scarves and other accessories into the mix also.

Pixie likes to create visual interest with her hair. While her present look is a cute cropped blond do, she occasionally has a touch of pink in it. On a regular basis Pixie can be seen sporting a red wig. In addition, her signature look is heavily kohl rimmed eyes. She sometimes opts for an almost clear lipstick, while other times opts for something a little more shocking, however the eye makeup always remains the same.

If you want to dress like Pixie Geldof, the key is following her ever changing look. Some of the things you can focus on however are interesting, patterned leggings and tights, short skirts, revealing tops, multiple necklaces with pendants and outlandish hair and makeup. She often opts for lots of black with a bright color like hot pink to break it up and make herself stand out.

A great site to start accumulating those great Pixie look items is from Forever 21. This retailer specializes in the latest in everything and it is the perfect place to buy the wardrobe staples that you need to create a genuine Pixie Geldof look.
Get started today collecting those interesting pieces that will help you successfully put together a Pixie look.

Skinny jeans

What to Wear With Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are one of the hottest trends of the past few years. Everyone is wearing skinny jeans, but not everyone knows what goes great with this trend. There are a number of great looks that can be worn with skinny jeans in order to make them a part of an interesting and fashionable outfit.

There are two ways to create balance in an outfit that includes skinny jeans. Some people believe that balance is best created by wearing a large top that flows well, giving some volume to the outfit and accentuating the skinny shape of the jeans. The larger shirt can be one that is simply a size larger than you would normally wear, giving it a larger overall size that creates some balance for your figure.

A loose top with an empire waist is a hot style that looks great with skinny jeans. Peasant tops have flowy shapes and create a good balance with the close fit of the jeans. Peasant tops come in a variety of shapes, but most are perfect for hiding any abdominal fat. A long peasant top can hide a thick middle as well as wide hips.

Another option for a larger top is to wear a long shirt that gives the outfit a retro 80s look. Some people pair these long shirts with a thin belt around the shirt to give it a more defined waistline. For an even more retro look, some young celebrities are following the 80s trend of wearing two long shirts layered over each other and pairing those with skinny jeans. A longer shirt also covers up large thighs for those who are self-conscious about them.

Another type of larger top is one that has a bell sleeves or raglan sleeves. This gives the top plenty of volume without adding too much volume on the torso. Some people prefer this look because it balances out any figure faults by calling attention to the sleeves instead.
Another way to create balance is to balance a skinny bottom half with a skinny top half. For those with great figures, this is often the best way to show off that figure and to keep continuity in the outfit. A form-fitting sleeveless shirt or a small t-shirt will go perfectly with skinny jeans.

To cover up large ankles or to create balance form the bottom side of the outfit instead of the top, wear a tall pair of boots with your skinny jeans. By tucking your jeans into your boots you can cover up figure flaws or wide hips by widening the lower portion of the outfit.
If you are keeping the entire outfit looking small, with a skinny top worn with your skinny jeans, try flip-flops or sandals. You can also pair heels or flats that have a pointy toe with your skinny jeans. The pointy toe and skinny jeans combination is one of the most fashionable looks right now, and it can be done in any color shoe to match your top.

Cold weather

When It’s Cold Outside: What to Wear in 30-Degree Weather

Cold weather

Even in the most sun-drenched California locales, it’s only a matter of time before the thermometer takes a nose dive as temperatures dip into the 30’s. There’s something wonderful about winter weather though … maybe it’s the idea of sipping hot chocolate by a cozy fire, or burrowing into a blanket on a cold winter evening that makes winter alluring. And of course there’s always the magic of Christmas to look forward to.

Winter clothing should make you feel the same: warm and protected. There’s nothing worse than finding your winter wardrobe is ill-suited to cope with chilly, blustery winter weather. When winter really takes hold outside, here are a few ideas to help keep out the chill with smart winter fashion.

1.    Start with the most important cold weather basic: a warm winter coat. There are now many stylish winter coats to choose from (that don’t make you look like a shapeless blob), in a variety of styles and materials. Wool is a classic material for winter coats. Well-built trench coats that are cinched at the waist are a great way to keep in warmth. Check out this classic leather belted button-front trench coat by Overland. 1960’s-inspired swing coats (such as this long wool swing coat from Lands’ End) are also a great winter option, and flattering to nearly every body type. Both styles are available in a variety of patterns and colors, from plaid to neon green, so you can coordinate with your other winter pieces.

2.    Lots of layers are a necessity to keep the chill out of the bones during the winter months. Layers allow you to add and remove layers as your body temperature rises and falls. Start with a long sleeved undershirt in a soft cotton to keep the warmth near your body. Next, go for long, chunky sweaters that can be belted at the waist, a classic turtleneck in a heavy knit, or a button-down cardigan like this versatile grey v-neck cardigan from Urban Outfitters.

3.    Tights are very popular this season, but they tend to feel a bit thin in really cold weather. Instead, substitute a pair of black skinny jeans for more protection against the elements. You can pair them with a long sweater or flowy dress, staying warm and looking chic at the same time.

4.    A cold weather ensemble could never be complete without a pair of great boots. Boot styles
range from ankle booties to fur-trimmed, mountain-climbing, mid-calf boots, with a full array of accents including zippers, buckles, embroidery and seams. Heels are also hot, but impractical if you will be tromping through snow. Ice is another nemesis of the high heel, so don’t choose high-heeled boots unless you will be exclusively indoors. A flat or low-heeled boot is a great choice to carry you through the worst of winter.

5.    Top off your look with a fashionable pair of elbow-length gloves. These cozy accessories can be scrunched down or stretched out, depending on your outerwear.

Tall girl

How to Dress Well as a Tall Girl

Tall girlMany women have to go to great lengths to stand out in a crowd. For tall girls, this isn’t a problem — you stand out no matter where you are! Having the height of a Greek goddess can be a fabulous thing, but putting together a sophisticated look that communicates who you really are does require a bit of practice.

For taller women, advice on how to dress well depends on the image you are going for. Some ladies are looking to emphasize the drama and elegance of their height, while others want to use every trick possible to camouflage it! Here a few helpful tips for both scenarios.

Dressing to Make the Most of Your Height

Clothing generally lays better on taller women, which is why models tend to be taller than the average woman. If genetics has blessed you with a few extra inches, you will be able to wear a wide variety of styles with ease. Try the following tricks to make the most of your height.

•    Long, flowing dresses will emphasize height because the line extends from the shoulder to the floor. Wearing two separate pieces, such as a top and skirt, breaks that line.

•    When choosing the color of your outfit, remember that sticking to monochromatic garments (those of the same color) will make you appear taller than using pieces of different colors. A blue top and blue pants will be more lengthening than a white top and blue pants because the two colors provide a visual line. Multiple colors break up length as well.

•    Busy patterns and horizontal stripes make the body appear wider. If you prefer a pattern, stick to thin vertical stripes.

•    Accessories such as hats and long scarves go a long way toward accentuating height. High-heeled shoes will also enhance height.

Dressing to Deemphasize Your Height

If you aren’t comfortable with your extra height (or your partner is shorter than you), there are many ways to draw attention away from this feature.

•    Avoid long dresses that flow from head to toe. Instead, choose separates to divide up your height visually. Longer tops will take length off your legs, making you appear shorter. When wearing trousers, choose those with cuffs to make the overall leg length appear shorter.

•    While those who want to emphasize height should wear monochromatic clothing, girls who are trying to draw attention away from their height have more freedom with their choice of colors. Try mixing dark and light colors to break up your body lines, and experiment with bold patterns and detailing. Wearing a belt is another way to introduce a visual dividing line that draws your eye from the left to right, instead of up and down.

•    Depending on the occasion, select flats or low heels rather than tall shoes.

The art of dressing well requires much practice, no matter your size. For those lucky enough to be tall, learning to dress well will help you to embrace and enhance your beauty!

Uniform 1

Spice Up Your School Uniform with Accessories

Uniform 1

For more and more young people, back to school shopping is easy. Their school wardrobes don’t include jeans, t-shirts or sneakers because they have to wear a uniform. The upside to school uniforms is that you don’t have to worry much about what you’re going to wear, or keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Unfortunately, the purpose of the school uniform is to make everyone look alike, so it’s easy to lose your individuality amidst a sea of dark blazers and white blouses. There are ways to help you stand out and express your personality though. Try these tips for accessorizing your school uniform and using other variations to spice up your look.

Follow the rules. Know what is allowed and what is not. Get a copy of your school’s uniform policy, and ask an administrator to clarify anything that you don’t understand. Bending the rules might be OK at times, but breaking them is best left to actors in the movies.

Off the top. Hair is one of those traits that will make you stand out when you’re wearing a uniform, so work it for all it’s worth. Experiment with fun hair ornaments such as headbands, barrettes, clips, ribbons, scarves, sparkles and even hair glitter. Try different textures such as straight, wavy and curly, or wear a ponytail one day and your hair down the next. If allowed, you could also experiment with hair color to help you make a statement and keep people guessing. If your school doesn’t permit coloring, try subtle highlights or lowlights.

Good fit, good fashion. If you must wear a blouse or collared top, pay close attention to the fit. A fitted blouse or top will be much more flattering to your figure than one that is too large. Consider buying your shirts a size smaller to get a nice fit.

Walk this way. If you wear pants or trousers, find the right style for your shape. You can choose skinny, flared or a more baggy fit, depending on the look you like. Find shops that sell these styles in the color you need rather than ordering from a catalog.

Skirt the issue. Skirts are a great way to add variety and sex appeal to your uniform. Most schools have a length requirement for skirts, so don’t try to go for the super-mini. Instead, choose skirts with interesting details such as lace trim, pleats or buckles. Add socks or hosiery with patterns or cute details.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Wear earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets that are pretty but not too flashy. Mix them up from day to day, or find a signature piece that you wear every day. Watches are another fun way to add interest to your outfits.

Wrap it up. An interesting belt can add another element of variety to your school uniform. Look for studded, braided, metallic, patent and other stylish finishes.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. When you’re wearing a uniform, it will be your accessories that help differentiate you from the next face in the crowd. Items such as backpacks, purses and cell phones can be used to let the world know who you are and what makes you special.


What to Wear When In Hawaii


Going to Hawaii is a dream vacation. It’s not like New York City, Florida or California, where you can simply jump in a car and drive there. Hawaii requires planning, a true investment and a real vacation. Hawaii is a unique getaway because it is so far away from everything. The place is slower than on the mainland of the United States. You simply must slow down and relax. Hawaii is the place for that.

What to wear when in Hawaii is not a big question. While, of course, there are some places on the island that require a little extra attention to detail in the required dress and there may be some formal events throughout the year there, in general Hawaii is a very laid back destination. Casual outfits, resort wear and just about anything goes. Formal in Hawaii typically means a shirt and pants or a dress.

The number one thing to wear in Hawaii is a bathing suit. The island has some of the best beaches anywhere and you are sure to want to take them in. By wearing your suit daily you are ready for the beach and any adventure that comes your way. Be sure to bring sunscreen along too because you will end up sunbathing. Another very important piece of clothing for Hawaii is the cover-up. This will make your bathing suit respectable so you can wander into practically any establishment without feeling self-conscious. You can rest assured that you are dressed appropriately for restaurants, shopping and more.

Wear comfortable sandals. The islands are warm, despite the ocean breeze. Therefore it is important to bring along lightweight sandals to keep your feet cool and protected. Avoid overly high ones or sandals that are not comfortable for walking as you will want to explore and visit many of the exciting sites to see in Hawaii. Get a hat to wear in Hawaii. It will become your best friend.

Opt for light colors while in Hawaii. The heat of the sun will be reflected off light and white colors while dark colors will attract it. This tip will help to keep you cooler and more comfortable. Hawaiians love color and wear a lot of different colors as you will quickly notice. Relax and unwind with some exciting Hawaiian colors that brighten the mood and have that tropical feel so that you blend in with your surroundings. Get a genuine Hawaiian print shirt or muumuu to wear for special events on the island and for a great souvenir when you get home.

Pack away your dark and somber business clothes while in Hawaii. Seriousness can wait. Closed toed shoes should also never leave your hotel room. While you may occasionally need a cardigan or a throw in air-conditioned places, you can also leave your long sleeves behind when you visit this tropical paradise.

Get your bathing suit, sandals and a few other basics and catch a flight. Hawaii awaits you with fun, relaxation and an informal atmosphere that will put anyone at ease. If you have your casual fun clothes, you are ready for a visit to Hawaii.