Sexy legs

Sexy Alternatives to Showing Your Bare Legs

Sexy legs

Sometimes nothing is sexier than throwing on a cute skirt and showing your bare legs off. However, there are many women who just don’t feel comfortable showing their bare legs because of the paleness of their skin, or blemishes, or tattoos, you name it. If you are one of these women there are a number of alternatives you can go with that are just as sexy to showing off your bare legs.

Here are several alternatives to simply going bare with your legs that still look great:

•    Boots: Wearing a pair of knee high or even thigh high boots can cover up most of your legs and still look ultra sexy. If you still feel that there is too much flesh showing you can always wear some hosiery underneath to keep the illusion of some skin being shown, but keeping everything covered for your comfort.
•    Sheer panty hose: These days they make panty hose in so many different colors and styles that your head will simply spin trying to pick out what you want. This is great news for those that want to show off their legs, but feel that they are too pale or have slight blemishes that they don’t necessarily want to show off. While you may not want to go with a dark color of panty hose, there are many color level of sheer panty hose that will make your skin tone look great and even cover up slight blemishes. This is a wonderful alternative that sill allows you to show off your stuff, just not the stuff that you don’t want to show off.
•    Dresses: If you still want to be casual without showing off your bare legs try going a little longer in material and wear a dress as opposed to a skirt. This will give you the coverage you want and in today’s fashion world there are just as many hot looking dresses as there are skirts.
•    Leggings: Don’t laugh; they are making a comeback in the fashion world. Today you can see a great number of women wearing these under tunics and even shorts. They offer great coverage like panty hose but don’t rip as easily and come in a wide variety of colors and designs. One word of warning though, they do tend to be much thicker than panty hose and as a result, much hotter.
•    Form fitting jeans: A nice pair of form fitting jeans is a wonderful alternative if you don’t want to show off any part of your skin. Form fitting jeans will still compliment your legs and show them off somewhat, but they will do so without showing off any flesh in the process. Avoid loose fit jeans here as this will deter you from your goal of showing the world that you have nice legs.

You don’t have to go bare to be beautiful these days. The fashion world in which we live has giving you many alternatives to simply going with bare legs, so take advantage of one of them and get out there and look great.

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